Feed Me

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photo: The Life Erotic

I leaned against the post as he had instructed, waiting for him to enter the bedroom. I knew we were going to play and it was going to be long and intense. My pussy was curling inside itself with anticipation, my thighs trembling as I kneeled. He had been away for awhile and I craved his control again, for him to draw my crazy out like only he could.

He came in the room, pants still on, blindfold and bondage tape in hand. My face burned and I glanced down quickly, my heart pounding rapidly. Fuck! He was so hot, so intimidating standing over me. I looked up shyly.

“You look so sexy for me,” he said, approvingly. “I’m going to enjoy you tonight.” Casually he trailed his hand over my face, neck, arms — pausing at my breasts to brush my nipples. They crinkled up for him and he twitched in his pants, my gaze obviously riveted there. My mouth watered in response.

“Put your arms up,” he said, quietly, running his eyes over me as I did so. “Good girl.” He wrapped my hands securely to the bedpost, testing the security by rubbing my breasts, making me squirm. I couldn’t wriggle out of the bondage tape. He smiled. “Now this.” He put the blindfold on carefully, making sure it was tight in the back. “My sexy girl,” he whispered, touching my mouth. “You ok?”

“Yes, Sir,” I said, my voice trembling. My pussy was seeping already. I discreetly tried to rub my thighs together. I knew he saw.

“So I can’t see your sexy eyes and your little hands are bound. This means I expect you to work extra hard with your mouth, understand?” His voice was firmer now, he was standing closer. I could smell him.

“Yes, Sir,” I said again.

He grabbed the back of my head and rubbed my face all over his bulge, still hidden in his pants. Fuck! He was so hard already. I could almost sense the veins popping out through the fabric. I moaned against him and his breath caught. Rub, rub, rub all over my face. I was getting dizzy from his smell, the sensation of the fabric barely covering the treasure underneath. Suddenly he pulled away.

“Ask,” he commanded.

“Um, please, Sir, may I suck you?” I stumbled over the words, my lips trembling.

“Ask better,” he said, more quietly. I took a deep breath. “Please feed me, Sir?”

“Good girl,” he breathed, slowly undoing his zipper. My clit sizzled in response. “Of course I’ll feed my good girl.” I heard his pants push down and the whisper of his cock coming out of his underwear. I moaned.

“Hungry, aren’t you, baby?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Tell me what I’m doing with my cock right now.”

“You… you’re rubbing it, Sir.”

“Tell me what it looks like.”

“Um… it’s big and long. A thick delicious head and veins all over it. And… and it’s full of cum… Sir…” My voice trailed away, my bravery lost, arms trembling above me.

“You’re right, baby, it is full of cum. But you’re not going to get it for awhile, understand?” I nodded. My mouth watered again. It was going to happen…please… please…

“Open your mouth,” he whispered. “Show me how hungry you are.”

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