Eve’s Playthings

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“Don’t just stand there! Come and fuck me!”

First day back in Newport Beach for spring break and we were going to collect Nancy and go shopping, but Nancy isn’t home. Just her mom, sunbathing naked. Sunbathing and then some.

“She is so fucking hot,” Kirsty hisses, my sometime, on again, off again girlfriend.

“That’s Nancy’s mom?” Jack, taking a quick peek around the corner of the house, hand down the front of his shorts.

“Yes,” I say. “Eve Griffith.”

“You know her name?”

“Of course I do. Have you seen her?”

She’s hypnotic, the woman by the pool — back arched now, fingers that were a lazy presence at her pussy, now a rhythmic strumming across glistening lips, quiet sighs becoming loud moans; and watching her is affecting us all. I pull Kirsty back into me and she pushes her ass into my crotch, sighing as she feels how hard I am. Without really thinking, I slide a hand down over her bare shoulder, beneath the tight cotton of her strappy top to tease at one of her nipples, hardening under my touch. She sighs again and leans her head into my neck …

“Who’s that hiding behind the wall?” A shout unseen. “Come out where I can see you.”

We should have probably turned tail and run, but we don’t. I look at Jack and Kirsty, both trying hard not to laugh now, tense with stifled giggles, and step out from where I’m standing, partly concealed (though apparently not nearly well enough) by the side of the house and into the sunshine, squinting a little in the bright afternoon light.

The woman’s long, lean body is filmed with the oil we watched her smooth over her toned, tanned skin, and with the sweat we’ve seen building on her as she finger-fucked herself on the lounger by the pool. The only thing covering her is a pair of round, oversized sunglasses that she now pushes up onto her forehead with her free hand; the other hasn’t once left the creamy, pink lips of her pussy, even now idly rubbing her fingers back and forth across the tip of her clit. My cock is an obvious bulge against my trousers, but if she can’t be bothered to hide anything…

“How long have you been watching me?”

“I don’t know,” I say. “A while. Long enough.”

“You’re not the pool boy, which is a shame, so I assume you’re here for Nancy?”

“Yes,” I say. “I’m sorry, Mrs Griffith…”

“You can call me Eve,” she says.

“Sorry, Eve. She wanted to go shopping; her twenty-first… new outfit…”

“Well Nancy’s not here. Her father’s taken her down to Dana Point and they won’t be back for a while. Now come here and fuck me.”


“You heard: come here and fuck me.”

I glance over my shoulder towards the house and Nancy’s mom asks what I’m looking at.

“It’s not just me,” I say.

Her eyes widen and a smile breaks across her face.

“Oh,” she says, “this just got a lot more interesting. Call them out then, your friends.”

“Hey,” I shout. “Guys. You can stop hiding.”

Jack and Kirsty, my lurking partners in crime, step sheepishly from behind the wall.

“I’m so sorry,” says Kirsty, trying to somehow look at the woman and not stare at her glistening, sun-drenched nakedness at the same time. “We came to get Nancy. When no one answered the door we thought we’d check around the back and…”

“Like I told this one,” she points at me, “Nancy isn’t here.” That hand is still toying with her plump pink pussy. “You all had your fun watching me, now I think I should have some fun with you. You’re going to do everything I tell you…” There is something magnetic about her; a woman used to getting her way.

I know that Jack will fuck anything he can; girls, boys, he really doesn’t care. Kirsty too is little miss liberated, showing us her dorm room porno just the other night, and me? Well, I’ve wanted to fuck Nancy’s mom since the first time I met her. I catch Kirsty’s eye; she shrugs and smiles. What the hell. I decide that actions speak louder than words and pull my t-shirt over my head and kick off my flip-flops and push my trousers and briefs down over my ass to walk naked towards the reclining body of Eve Griffith. One hand goes to breasts that are clearly the pride of Orange County’s finest cosmetic surgeon, rising high above her ribcage — feeling the momentary shiver as my fingers drag across hard nipples, slippery with tanning oil — and my other joins hers at her shaved pussy.

Eve’s fingers slide between mine and together we rub against the smooth mound of her public bone and down across her glistening vulva, our fingers rolling over her oiled clit. A quiet moan escapes her lips and her free hand takes hold of my cock, squeezing it through greasy fingers.

I can hear my friends undressing and I take a quick look behind me: Jack has his famously big dick in his hand, pumping it to easy hardness as he walks towards Eve’s head, offering it to her ready mouth; Kirsty walks around the lounger and bends to kiss at Eve’s budding nipples and the indented curve of her stomach, the jutting hip bones. Eve slides her hand down to the base of my cock, squeezing hard, forcing fat veins to the surface, before dragging her hand up its length, and I gasp at the swelling tightness of its head, the tiny jewel that mounds at the tip. She dips her finger into the precum, just pushing slightly into the tip of my cock, sliding slick fingers around the glans, squeezing and rolling, twisting and massaging me, and I’m nearly cumming in moments.

Jack has a hand at Eve’s head, swaying his hips back and forth as she sucks noisily at his big dick, forcing it deeper and deeper into her mouth, saliva beginning to string from her lips and run across her cheek.

So here we are, the three of us, Eve’s playthings as she sucks Jack’s dick, strokes her oiled fingers up and down the length of mine with one hand, and with the other now pushes up into Kirsty’s tight pussy, squeezing little whimpers and moans from her with skillful fingers, until Kirsty’s legs start to tremble and, to be honest, mine do too.

Eve’s mouth must be working the same kind of miracles on Jack’s cock as her hand is on mine, because he moans suddenly and steps away from her, his dick slipping from her lips with a wet pop. His head is back and his eyes are half closed and I can see he’s struggling to relax and stop himself from cumming.

Eve wipes the saliva from her cheek and laughs, the two of us standing in front of her; priapic, distended cocks dripping from her handiwork.

“I hoped you’d have more stamina,” she says. “Young men like you.”

Neither of us say anything. She’s sexual in a way I’ve never known, and she hasn’t once stopped sliding her fingers in and out of the increasingly desperate looking Kirsty, whose moans and loud Oh’s are becoming more and more frantic, until with a sudden cry she climaxes, juices running down her inner thighs. Eve licks her fingers and sits up on the edge of the lounger and spreads her legs.

“You,” she points at Kirsty. “Let’s see what that little mouth of yours can do.”

She reclines again and spreads her legs wider and Kirsty is obediently on her knees, fingers stretching Eve’s pussy, the tip of her tongue flicking back and forth across her clit. A shiver ripples across Eve’s skin. She moans and sighs as Kirsty works away at her pussy, sucking greedily at Eve’s clit, while rubbing a finger up and down her own soaking lips. Both Jack and I are stroking our cocks as we enjoy the sight of Kirsty devouring Eve but we should have known better than to think she’d just let us jerk off over her.

“Mmmm,” she sighs, fingers tangled in Kirsty’s long platinum blonde hair. “That’s good, just there.” She looks at the two of us. “I want to see something more than that. One of you’d better start sucking cock.”

I look at Jack, he looks at me. “Okay,” he says. For some reason I have butterflies at the thought of Jack sucking my cock; a thrilling anticipation that’s come out of nowhere.

He kneels in front of me, takes hold of my balls with one hand, pulling at them, making me squirm, and slides my cock into his mouth, sucking hard against the head which swells between his tongue and the roof of his mouth. The look on Eve’s face is utter satisfaction; my cock buried in Jack’s mouth, Kirsty’s lips and tongue lashing her pussy. She pulls at Kirsty’s head, motioning her to stop, to turn and look at Jack and me. At first I have my hands on my hips, just rocking ever so slightly as Jack devours my cock, but before long my fingers are in his hair, damp with sweat and hot from the sun, pushing my dick as far as I can into his hungry mouth, my eyes closed in ecstasy, his hands on my ass, pulling me into him. When I finally open them Kirsty and Eve are rubbing themselves, each other, as they stare at us, enjoying the show, and the pressure in my cock and balls is suddenly too much; contracting and spurting scalding cum into Jack’s mouth, and I cry out as he pulls me into him, hard against the back of his throat, his tongue writhing against the bulging underside of my cock.

“Oh, god,” I moan. “Jesus. Enough, please Jack.”

But he continues sucking hard, swallowing everything, pushing a hand between my legs and thrusting his fingers into my anus, forcing a couple of final, shuddering spasms from me before letting go.

I stand shakily before the three of them, my sweat-sheened chest heaving, my dick a semi-hard mess of cum and spit.

“No prizes for cumming first,” says Eve with a wicked smile. “But don’t worry, you’ll be hard again soon enough, won’t he?” And she strokes her long fingers down between Kirsty’s breasts, down her abdomen to her pussy, and Kirsty shivers and nods, looking up at me.

“Now you,” she beckons to Jack, “come here.”

She lies back onto the lounger and raises her legs, holding them wide apart, gripping her ankles, and Jack walks over to her, dick swinging in front of him. He first bends to kiss her pussy, reverentially it feels, pushing his tongue into her, before straddling the chaise and rubbing his huge dick up and down her slit, parting her swollen lips with the glistening head. Eve moans loudly as he starts to push down, easing himself inside, until his balls are pressed against her asshole. I watch as he begins to fuck her with long, deep strokes, watching her pussy stretch around his thick shaft, her cream ringing his cock, stroking my own at the sight of it. Kirsty comes up to stand beside me and we watch Jack fucking Eve for a moment, my hand tracing Kirsty’s smooth skin, the curve of her spine down to her ass, and we begin to kiss; her tongue pushing into my mouth, running along my teeth, while her hands reach for my cock, delicate fingers running up and down its sticky length, drawing the blood back into it like a magnet to iron filings. Her hands never leaving my cock, she walks me backwards towards a second sun lounger and I sit down and she guides me into her, her tongue thrusting into my mouth as she sinks slowly onto my solid cock.

My back is pressed against the lounger and Kirsty is sliding her tight, velvet pussy up and down my cock, her small breasts cupped in my hands, fingers squeezing her puffy nipples, staring up at her face, enshadowed against the overhead sun. As I look to my left, I see Jack now slamming his cock into Eve, really going for it, hard and fast, and she’s screaming at him to fuck her harder, fuck her faster, make her feel it. Their rhythm is contagious and I find myself thrusting harder and faster up into Kirsty’s soft wet flesh, and she mirrors me, sitting upright to push her full weight hard down onto my cock, her hands up in her hair, or rolling her nipples through her fingers. She looks amazing bouncing up and down on my cock and I lie back and just enjoy her face, her breasts, her stomach, her cries as she builds to a climax. I rest a palm flat on her belly, my thumb against her clit and she responds to my touch, leaning backwards, my dick now bumping firmly against her g-spot while my thumb grinds against her clit.

Then Jack is behind her and I look over to the other lounger and see Eve lying there, tanned flesh shining with oil and beaded with sweat, legs wide, fingers playing with her pussy again. She looks at Jack. “Go on,” she says.

He starts to kiss at Kirsty’s neck, one of his hands runs from her shoulders to her breasts and then round to her back, pushing her forwards onto me until her breasts are flat against my sweat-covered chest. In his other hand he has a bottle of oil and he’s squeezing it onto Kirsty’s back and over her ass, massaging it into her skin. I continue to thrust up into her, feeling her pussy tightening around my cock, her sugar walls contracting hard around my dick. I’m not sure what Jack’s doing but I feel the oil dripping onto my balls and Kirsty begins to moan loudly, breath coming faster, shallower and I know then that he’s playing with her ass. He stills her hips with firm hands and begins to push his cock into her and the three of us begin a slow rocking, rhythmic fucking; my cock sliding out of Kirsty’s pussy while Jack’s dick sinks into her ass and she’s losing it; cumming uncontrollably, over and over again, sweating face just inches above mine. I can feel Jack’s big cock through the walls of her pussy, pushing hard against mine and look over again at Eve, her hand a blur as she frigs her clit, her eyes behind glasses locked on the three of us fucking for her.

Jack is first to cum, pulling his dick from Kirsty’s ass and with a roar splashing his jizz across her back. I’m not too far behind him, my dick swelling inside Kirsty’s orgasming pussy, and she stands up off me just as my dick explodes, her hands quickly upon it, squeezing and stroking its fountaining length, hot cum stringing from its tip across my stomach and chest, while I lie there gasping and shaking at her relentless touch.

From somewhere a long way away, like sound through water, I hear clapping, and I sit up to see Eve looking at us, glasses again pushed into her hair, blue eyes sparkling, full red lips parted in that wicked smile.

“Bravo,” she says, “bravo. My little playthings; what a show! Now get dressed and get out of here. I’ll tell Nancy you came.”

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