Confession Night

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Alice pushed her way past the revolving doors of the building and stopped when she heard a buzzing noise coming from inside her handbag. A gust of wind blew at her, ruffling her shoulder-length ash-blonde hair as she stood there on the sidewalk absorbing the evening bedlam of vehicle and pedestrian traffic on the street. She turned away from the uproar while simultaneously reaching into her handbag for her phone. She swept her hair back into place and smiled when she saw who the caller was.

It was her lover, Ron.

Alice was married; so far her husband was clueless about her affair. She intended on keeping it that way.

“Hi babe,” she murmured into her phone.

“How’s my girl doing?”

“I’m doing great,” she blushed; something about the masculinity of her lover’s voice always seemed to get to her whenever she heard him talk. That along with the way he handled her in bed. Ron knew how to fuck, and he always knew how to fuck her good. “I was expecting you to call yesterday.”

“Sorry. I was out of town on a job. Did I catch you at a bad time?”

“Actually I just got off work and I’m about to catch a cab home,” she said, then thought for a second and added coquettishly, “but I can come over to your place if you want.”

“Thought you said your man was around?”

“He is,” she frowned, not liking the idea that Ron was attempting to spoil the mood by reminding her of Jeremy. “But his work gets him traveling at a moment’s notice. I know it’s only a matter of time before he leaves on another business trip. So, do you want me to come over?”

“I’m still out of town, babe. Sorry. Let’s leave it till Tuesday.”

That hit her like a punch in the gut. “Tuesday? That’s four days from now,” she moaned.

“I know. But that’s when I’ll be back home.”

“But it’s so far away, and I need you so bad.”

“You’ve still got that dildo, right? Play with that until I return.”

“Awhhh, I don’t want to fuck my dildo,” Alice looked around to make sure she was alone on the sidewalk and nobody was eavesdropping. She waved goodnight to several of her colleagues who were getting into waiting taxis. “It’s you I want to fuck. Only you.”

“Keep your pussy on lockdown till I come back for it, babe. Gotta go now; I’ll talk to you again soon.”

The line went dead before Alice could voice further complaint. She looked at her phone and groaned before returning it to her handbag. She wasn’t looking forward to spending an agonising weekend with Jeremy puttering about the house, pestering her with dour tales about his company trips here and there, with nothing fun to do. It was so aggravating just to breathe in the same room as him.

Ron had always been there for her. He understood her needs and knew just what buttons to touch to awaken her pleasures. Always, she went to him when her pussy needed to be fed. It mattered little to her the number of times she had called Jeremy to let him know she had much work to clear on her desk and won’t be home for another hour or two . . . if the traffic allowed. Jeremy, so far, was seldom suspicious of her activities. There had been times when she’d expected him to raise an eyebrow or at least ask a question. At no time since she began her cheating escapades with Ron had he bothered to inquire what might be keeping her at odd hours at work.

It was too bad today wasn’t going to end up as one of such nights, not with her lover being out of town.

Alice sighed with resignation, then went searching for a cab.

The taxi deposited her in front of her driveway and she got out, paid and walked towards her front door while the cabbie drove off into the night. Jeremy’s car was parked in their driveway. Alice did have a car of her own, but it was being checked out at a repair shop across town and wouldn’t be ready for another two days, was the summary she had received when she called earlier in the afternoon.

Alice got out her house key and let herself in. The TV was on in the living room; Jeremy was likely there too. She dropped her handbag and keys on the table by the stairs, then went searching for her husband.

“Honey, I’m ho — ”

That was as far as Alice got before her feet brought her to a halt as she saw it wasn’t her husband seated in the living room after all. The man she saw seated on her husband’s favourite couch was the last person she expected to find occupying it at that hour. Yet there he sat casually with one foot crossed over his leg, staring at her like he had every right to be there . . .

“Ron?” she gasped.

“Surprised to see me, babe?”

Alice’s mouth hung open. She was indeed surprised, and seconds passed before she realised she was holding her breath. She let it out in a rush, then looked around for any sight of Jeremy. Yet it didn’t take away the fact that she was suddenly nervous and confused by her lover’s presence in her home.

“I thought you . . . but you said you were out of town?”

“I know. I lied.”

“What are you doing here? Where’s Jeremy?”

“He’s in the kitchen getting me something to drink. Why don’t you take your jacket off and come sit by me. We’ve got plenty to discuss.”

Alice did take off her jacket and threw it on the couch, then went searching for her husband.

She heard a humming noise coming from the kitchen and knew it was Jeremy; he just loved humming a pop tune, especially when he was in a good mood. She almost ran into him as he was stepping out of the kitchen holding two bottles of Bud Light. If Alice was startled to see him, he gave no hint aside from the welcoming smile that lit his face that he was surprised by her presence.

“Hi darling,” he kissed her cheek. “Was wondering when you were going to be home.”

“Uh, yeah . . . Uummm, who’re the drinks for?”

Jeremy gave her a funny look. “One’s for me, and the other’s for Ron, your lover. Didn’t you meet him in the living room?”

“Uhh yeah, I just did . . .” she blushed at having been caught. Her face felt sweaty; nothing came to mind about how best to comprehend the way things were going.

“Here, be a darling and give this to him,” Jeremy gave her one of the bottles. “Let me go back and get you one; you look like you could use one.”

Alice watched him return to the kitchen but stood there at the doorway lost for words, fighting her nerves to remain calm. She returned to the living room and gave Ron his beer then sat across from him; she didn’t seem to want to be near him at all. Ron picked up the TV remote and put the volume on mute.

Jeremy returned with another bottle, which he gave to Alice, then sat beside her. Alice was so discomfited she couldn’t make herself keep a straight face. The silence in the room felt heavy. Ron took another sip of his drink before getting down to business.

“I did lie to you, Alice, about being out of town. I was here when I made that call to you. The truth is Jeremy and I have gotten to know each other over the past week, and we both concluded that this was for the best for both of you.”

“What are you talking about?” She looked at Jeremy who now was avoiding her stare and then back at Ron, more baffled than ever.

“Your husband has a secret he’s been keeping from you all this time,” Ron continued. “And apparently you’ve got a secret you’ve been hiding from him. So this is how this evening is going to go: you’re both going to open up about your secrets right here and now. No more hiding. Are we clear?”

He looked at Alice then at Jeremy, who reluctantly replied by nodding his head.

“Yeah, sure,” Alice said, still worried about what direction things were going.

“Jeremy, since you’re the man of the house, I think it’s best if you go first.”

Jeremy nodded. He took a sip of his beer then turned to face Alice. She caught the look of anguish in his eyes and assumed that whatever he was about to share with her was going to be just as painful as her secret.

“I love you, Alice,” Jeremy began. “I just want to get that out the way. I’ve loved you for all the years we’ve been married and I still do. There’s some parts of me though that I’ve been unable to share with you out of fear that you might despise me for it. Ron convinced me to come clean tonight, and if you feel disgusted after I’m done telling you, I want you to know that I totally understand. Even though it’s sure going to hurt.”

Alice took his hand in hers. His hand was sweaty and shaking; so was hers.

“I’ve been living a double life, Alice,” he said. “I’m not a heterosexual dominant male like your friend Ron here; I’m actually bisexual and a submissive.” He stopped to wipe a tear from his eye before continuing. “You could say I actually lean more towards the gay side. All through my business trips, I make time to visit adult stores. I visit glory hole spots in various towns to suck other men’s cocks. I let them whore me out; they dress me in women’s clothing and do whatever they want with me in bedrooms, airport rest rooms and parking lots, in cars . . . some have my number and I go to visit them at late hours, usually when you call to say you’re busy and won’t be home early.”

He gave her a knowing look that seemed to explain more to her than words.

“Yes, I knew about you and Ron,” he added. “I was mad at first, but then realised it was for the best. I haven’t attended to your needs in a long while. I figured Ron would be a better lover to you than I ever will, and I used that whole time to enjoy my own fun while you had yours. I know it sounds foolish and selfish, but I want you to know that I’ve always wanted what’s best for you. Just that I too have urges I cannot hold back, and I never knew how to come clean about it. At least not until today.”

He drained his beer as if signalling he was done with his confession.

Silence reigned for a moment, then Ron looked at Alice: “It’s your turn, babe. Go ahead and tell him about us.”

A sense of relief seemed to wash over Alice as she turned to face Jeremy and began her own confession with tears welling in her eyes.

“I met Ron six months ago. We’ve been steady lovers ever since. Whenever I called to let you know I was staying at work late, it was because I was going over to his place to have sex. He gives me such pleasure than I can’t ever get from you, and I do to him whatever it is he wants. I do love you, darling. I’m sorry I lied and cheated on you, and I’m sorry I never knew what you were going through.”

They shared a deep kiss amidst their tears.

“I know. And I’m so sorry you had to find out this way. But none of this would have happened if your lover hadn’t approached me about it.” Jeremy turned to Ron. “I’m indebted to you for this, Ron. Just so you know, if you two want to still carry on with each other, it’s totally fine by me.”

“But what about you?”

Jeremy shrugged his shoulders. “I wouldn’t mind if you both allowed me now and then to watch. Also if I can remain as submissive as I know I already am. I don’t know if you’d be willing for us to work something out on that.”

“I think we can,” Alice kissed her husband. “As long as we’ve got each other, and with Ron here, I definitely think we can work things out. Don’t you think so, Ron?”

“Most definitely I do,” Ron replied, and rose to his feet.

This is past my one hundredth story published here on Medium. I’d like to thank all of you for having followed me through this journey. Hopefully this won’t be the end of it. This is more of a romantic tale. Do clap if you enjoy it.

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