Coming as One

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Leaving for the conference, I am restless beyond the details of packing and remembering and to-do lists. Finally, as my flight crosses the long empty space between us I am thinking of you. Imagination and anticipation like spices in a dish deepening and blending. I look out the window and see the city approach, feel the earth beneath the wheels once more, move a little stiffly through the formal lines that mark today’s travel, and then I am out and through and blinking in the morning light and scanning the waiting crowd and there like a flower is your smiling face.

It is odd to suddenly be beside someone who has shared so much but is still new, still unknown, still waiting to be explored and discovered. We stand before one another and wanting to break the tension I reach out and brush back your hair, letting my hand lie on your cheek for a moment, brushing your lips with my thumb. There is an electric tingle, a rush of feeling and heat runs through me and I see from the light in your eyes that you feel it too. I take your hand and we walk out together into the winter sun. In the car I hold your eyes with mine, let my fingers trace secret letters along your legs and slowly along the soft skin of your thighs. The check in at the hotel passes like a dream. In the elevator ride we are pressed together with a rush of conference goers wearing name tags and forced smiles. Your back is against me and I know you can feel me, feel me hard against you. Feel the length of my cock reaching for you, straining against my jeans. My jacket is open and you lean back so it envelops us both and the warmth of your ass is in my hand. My other hand holds your hip and I whisper low and urgently how beautiful you are, how glad I am to be with you, to have this be real, and I feel you sink into me, an invitation of softness and warmth.

We leave the elevator and walk down the hall, away from the crowd and the chatter. In the room, I drop my bags and take you in my arms, my lips in your hair, along your neck, nibbling, kissing, catching the lobe of your ear in my teeth, breathing in the scent of your perfume and shampoo, lavender and musk and through it all the warm and heady smell of desire.

Your turn your back against me like when we rode the elevator and my hands are on your breasts, teasing your nipples and feeling them rise hard and proud in my fingers; then I am reaching down, pulling your hips in to me, raising your skirt, unbuttoning your shirt, freeing your breasts, biting your neck and touching your lips, feeling your teeth reaching for my fingers. I have no idea where I end and you begin, it is all one rush of sensation, one rush of rustling clothing falling away. A dance of touch and counter touch, soft moans and laughter. My hand cups your pussy and rubs the lips together, fingers slipping in the wetness, sliding into you then riding up to feel your clit, feel you catch me with your thighs, your hand reaching down to press me against you, your other hand reaching back for my neck.

I won’t let you turn, I want you to be desperate for me, I want you so hot and wet and frantic with desire that you will be anything and everything for me. I undo my pants, thankful they are loose enough to slide down without your help. You reach for my cock and I am throbbing in your grasp. I feel your fingernail slide the length of my shaft, feel your smile against my mouth as you feel my wetness echoing yours. You lean forward against the bed and in a long rush I take you from behind. My cock slides deep into you and we both gasp at the heat and the luscious wetness. You press your ass against me and I take your hips in my hands and pull me into you, press forward until my balls are tight against you and I reach forward for your breasts and pull you even closer.

Then slowly, slowly I back out until just the head of my cock is in you, and move lightly, quickly slipping the thick head of my cock into you and almost out, in and almost out, I feel you panting, hear myself growling and laughing with desire and need and the sheer joy of moving inside you and with you. The motion builds and you start to slide forward and back so that the full length of my cock slides into you and your ass grinds against me and then all the way out and then rushing back in. The rhythm carries us as sure and strong and rushing as the waves on the shore.

Suddenly I have to see you, have to look into your eyes as you come. I pull out and roll you over and it is as if you knew what I was thinking because we have barely missed a stroke and now we are facing one another and your legs are around my hips pulling me in and your arms are around me and I can hear your moans and sweet whispers loud in my ears and I whisper in my turn that you are so good, so wet, so hot, so beautiful. But I don’t want it to end, I want to build this feeling, to carry it further and beyond where either of us has been. I slide out and move down your body, taking your nipples one at a time in my mouth, feeling your back arch against me and your hands in my hair and the racing beat of your heart against my cheek. Then further down, kissing the warmth of your belly and on to the heat and wet between your thighs.

My tongue finds the lips of your pussy and parts them, sliding in and up, feeling you move against me, feeling your hips and hands hold me and pull me in. I taste and smell and feel you all at once. My tongue stretches and points and you slide against me, slide against my face, nose and lips and tongue all in turn in you. I feel the tight bud of your clit and the swollen lips around it, feel the pulse in your thighs beat loud and fast and strong. The sound of our bodies meeting builds and I feel you tense in my arms, feel your nails in my back and the muscles in your legs and belly tighten and I hear you cry out and you pull me up so our mouths meet now and your hand guides me into you again so deep, and we hold us other as tight as if we were drowning, clinging to one another. My hips slap against you again and again and then I am exploding, coming in a blinding rush in you and with you and with you and with you.

In the early morning I woke and in the moment between sleep and waking I thought of you and I. On the plane through the long hours of the flight I imagined and dreamed and dared to hope and all the while I worried, what if you saw me and instead of desire I read disappointment in your eyes, what if instead of excitement and daring and response there was only awkwardness and hesitation. And I plagued myself with doubt and then thought back to all we shared and thought how could this not be perfect, how could this not fit, how could this be anything but exhilaration and exploration and wonder and delight, this had to be, was meant to be. But doubt creeps in the smallest cracks and like a plague spreads.

And then the touch and the glance and the feel of your face against my hand and all the doubt evaporated, all the anxiety vanished and left only the intense and wild need to be with you, to hold you, to show you my desire and need and to bring you up and up and closer to me.

And now in the morning light as I watch you sleep beside me I am filled with lust and glorious desire anew and I know that I will taste you and touch you and reach deep into you and you to me and as you stir and your eyes open I want my gaze to be what fills your eyes and my body aches for your touch.

Your hand on my cock, your mouth around me, the taste of your pussy, the firm jut of your nipples in my hand, in my mouth, your tongue so hot and eager and restless on me. I want all of you, every inch, every secret place to be mine and mine again.

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