Bye Sweetie

I love a good party. I love to look in my closet filled with beautiful outfits of black and red and cream, so pretty...
ID Clare
6 min read

Gigi and Dali were lovers: coated

"Okay. I need you to lie on your back, spread yourself like an eagle, and stay very still." I do as Gigi instructs and watch...
ID Clare
9 min read

Shopgirl Confessions

The chime on the door rang and I looked up from the pile of donated furs I was sorting. Summer is a quiet time...
Violet Storm
6 min read

Parlez Vous Fuck You?

Photo credit Oui. And that is the extent of my conversational French, although I can sing along to Lady Marmalade. However that doesn’t count,...
ID Clare
12 min read

Met her in the morning, fucked her in the…

She is the only woman I've ever slept with, the only woman I've ever brought to orgasm besides myself, the only woman I've ever felt...
ID Clare
16 min read

Blue Eyes Tell

Demetrius Washington via Unsplash Tell me when you said that you don’t love me,breathing out, in between the kisses,biting my lower lip, you didn’t mean it....
55 sec read

Wine Tasting

It was a slow day. A few customers, no one of particular interest. The hands of the clock seemed static. Dressed for success, she...
Lubricious Mac
12 min read

6. Fleeting

what you looking at? (06.20.17) I recently realized that I might be non-binary-romantic. That’s the term I’m currently using to describe my disinterest in...
Matt Ford
4 min read

On my knees

The keys makes all their familiar noises unlocking the door and my heart starts fluttering. People might think seven years of being side by...
3 min read

Pretty Woman: the beginning

“I saw you, you know,” she says, “rifling through my closet. Found anything you like?” I had taken advantage of her being gone for the...
3 min read