This dude fucked me so good, I was literally begging for more. From the hotel to the Greyhound bus station. He was irresistible. It...
Matt Ford
4 min read

Podcast: Samantha’s Diary Chapter Two

My first girlfriend… Yes, I have been with another girl before. Her name is Monica. We met through a mutual friend at a...
Samantha's Diary
3 min read

Crowd Surfing, part two

Image Source Warm-Up Act #2 I come to the end of my walk of shamelessness and stop quietly in front of the pair Scott had...
ID Clare
5 min read

The End to an Era

Secrets and desires recalled… Art by Isabella Chen The simple passing of one day into the next had become the event of the century, filled...
Isabella Chen
12 min read

The Great Tijuana Tongue Bath

We were like twisted Siamese twins joined at the libido. I’ll tell you how I met her. It’s complicated. When I crossed the border into Mexico...
J.O. Manning
17 min read

Creep: my stolen panties

They were alone in my flat getting nasty on my bed. Rubbing my satin panties all over their dicks as they frotted, they came...
Between The Lines
7 min read

Twinkle Lights: a festive encounter

It’s that time of year again: time to muster some holiday spirit along with the rest of society… right? So here I am, trying to...
Queen Autumn
12 min read

Naughty Girl

What is it about perfectly positioned rope and exquisitely tied knots that is so appealing? If executed correctly the design and placement can be...
ID Clare
8 min read

Tuxedo Princess

Tuxedo trousers bursting at eye level. This was the best seat in the house. Exactly where she wanted to be… Her red satin backless dress...
Between The Lines
6 min read

Crowd Surfing, part one

PostImage Tonight I tell Richard no stories, I tell him not one little lie, I never blow a kiss on the wind, and I never say goodbye. Tonight...
ID Clare
8 min read