Burpees or Bust

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photo: SexArt

I pull up in the parking lot, getting front row parking, and sigh. I am not in the mood for this today, I am tired, hungover and just plain lazy. I grab my shoes and begrudging my “New Year, New Me” motto walk into the gym to meet my trainer. I get to the front desk and this too-perky girl asks how she can help. I explain that I am here to train with Josh, and it is my first session.

“I’ll be with you in 5 minutes,” a deep raspy voice behind me says, and I turn around and my hungover skull just about falls off my shoulders. Standing there with a clipboard is the hottest man I think I have ever laid my eyes on. I hear myself cough a little and try to recover my brain cells to say hello, but he smirks at me and turns around to finish talking to Betty White’s doppelgänger.

I stalk over to the chairs and plunk down…god my head, I rest it in my hands due to the fact that it feels like a damn bowling ball. What am I doing here? I think to myself, I am a yogi, I do not lift — I zen. I should just go and get out while I’m ahead. I’m gathering the courage to get up and skedaddle out the door when Hot Josh appears in front of me.

“Ya ready?” he asks.

Fucccckkkkkkkkk me, this man is not just hot he is HOT. Long tan calves that run fluidly into the most muscular quads I have ever seen. I suddenly find myself imagining what it would feel like to trail my fingers up and around those muscles.

“Jane?” That deep raspy voice breaks into my thoughts and I shake my head to clear my dirty mind.

“Oh, yes, yes I am.” I pull myself up and follow him to his office.

I. Am. Dead. Either that or I am on the brink of death. Whoever invented the HIIT workout philosophy was either a) A masochist or b) A certifiable psycho. I am dripping sweat everywhere, and the worst part is that my sweat smells like gin AND vodka. Who the hell knew you could smell like both, not me, that’s for damn sure. Everything hurts, but like hell am I going to show Hot Josh that I am one more burpee away from needing to be hospitalized.

Finally, he says, “I think that about wraps up today, let’s stretch you out.” I gingerly settle myself down onto the floor and get into child’s pose. I feel rather than see him come up behind me and say, “I’m going to push your stretch, okay?”

The only thing I can do is nod. I’m out of breath for some reason, and it is not because of the extra plank he made me hold at the end. I have butterflies in my stomach, what the hell, I think to myself. This is not supposed to happen with Hot Josh. He’s the coach of death, the guy who’s going to help me increase my yogi presence. What he is not, is a guy giving me butterflies. UGH. How upsetting, that I now have to contend with Hot Josh the butterfly giver.

He really is deepening my stretch though. “That feels nice,” I hear myself say and he chuckles, his breath tickling my neck and in that deep raspy voice responds, “You’re quite flexible.” Damn, you could shatter the sexual tension in here with a dead lift drop (now that I know what a dead lift drop is). I need to get out of here.

“Yoga instructor…comes with the job,” I mutter, and I scramble up and continue some sort of “thanks, see ya next week.” And I’m gone.

I get into the locker room and collapse onto the bench. This is way too many emotions for a Sunday morning, I am exhausted. I grab my bikini out of my locker and strip off my sweaty gym clothes and put it on. I slip on my slides and grab a towel and make my way out to the hot tub.

I settle down into the bubbles and lean back and close my eyes as the jets start to massage out my shoulders and lower back. This might be worth those workouts with the Coach of Death, I’m just thinking to myself, when I hear “Blue is definitely your color,” in that deep raspy voice that can only be Hot Josh’s.

I open one eye and find him stepping into the bubbles across from me, and he’s not just looking at me… He seems to be drinking in the sight of me. I’m suddenly sort of nervous but again, like hell I’m going to let him know.

“You are most certainly right about that,” I retort. To hell with this, I think, I’m going to flirt because I can, because it’s 2019 and because blue is most definitely my fucking color. His eyes twinkle with laughter as he smiles and moves to sit next to me. We end up talking for the next hour about life, love, the pursuit of happiness. It is a perfectly scintillating conversation with a stranger, which is oddly refreshing.

I look around to see that we are alone in the hot tub area, and a quick glance at the clock brings me to my feet.

“The gym’s closing,” I say, and Josh answers, “Yes, about 30 minutes ago,” and then he winks at me and says, “but it’s cool, I know the owner.”

I sigh, damn I like flirting with him. “I should go,” I say, and I start up out of the bubbles.

“A workout is never truly finished until one has sat in the steam room,” Josh says, and I glance back at him and smile.

“Deal, then I’m gone.”

We walk into the empty mist and sit down next to each other; his leg brushes mine as we settle in and I turn to look at him. His eyes have gone dark with lust and my lips part in surprise. What an unexpected turn of events. Josh’s fingers trail up my wet thigh, from the tub or the steam I can no longer be sure, but I shiver as goose bumps go down my spine. His other hand comes up and cradles my neck as he moves his lips to mine. He brushes them gently and I open my mouth to let to him in, his tongue exploring my mouth as his large hands, rough with calluses from lifting weights, travel to the ties of my bikini and gently pulls them loose, so my blue top falls to the ground and my boobs are exposed.

His lips leave mine as he lays me back on the bench and somehow manages to travel his mouth down my neck to my clavicle where he nips and I hear myself gasp at the sensation. I can feel him smile as his mouth travels to my right nipple and his tongue shoots out and he flicks it. I moan, damn I’m wet for him already and he hasn’t even used his fingers. How is this possible? His lips travel to my other nipple and he sucks on it, his teeth lightly grazing me for a crippling sensation. I feel myself arch up and his cock is hard in his suit. Good to know I’m not alone in this. His mouth continues to travel down my torso, and I lose myself in the sensation. The steam circling us, his mouth reaches my hip bones and as he nips again, I moan his name.

I expect him to untie my bikini but he doesn’t, he trails his tongue along the edge, along my bikini line, and I’m pulsating for him. His lips are on my cunt through my bikini as he kisses and I’m aching even higher for him. Not being able to handle the wait, I look at him and say, “Josh, I want you to fuck me.”

He smirks and his eyes go a shade darker as sits back on his haunches, cock rock hard against the line of his suit, and says, “Untie your bikini and turn around.”

I let my suit fall to the ground as I stand and turn around; the excitement of what might happen next has my pussy lips pulsing and my cunt aching for attention. I feel him come up behind me and his hands trail down the sides of my ass over my hip bones and down onto my clit. He flicks it at first and I gasp, finally getting the attention I was so desperately craving… Wanting more, I arch my ass back into him, against his rock hard erection and his fingers slide inside me, slowly at first but as I pump my hips to meet him, he slides another finger in and brings his other hand around to rub my clit.

While his mouth is on my neck ravaging it, the words “cum for me,” in that raspy voice float into my ear and I flood onto his fingers but am nowhere near finished. He reaches around and pushes my torso down onto the bench, grabs my hips and expertly slides himself into me. I’m so wet with cum and steam that his entire shaft is in me first time. I squeeze my sugar walls around him as the spectacular sensation of him sliding in and out of me takes over my senses, hitting my G-spot with perfection. He grabs my ponytail and pulls it back, arching my back and furthering his thrust with each turn.

“Cum for me, Jane, I want to you feel cum on me.” With that command, I’m over the edge again, my body shivering and shaking as my orgasm travels the full length of my body and tingles my toes. He slowly pulls out of me and turns me to face him, he picks me up and sets me down on top of him and as I slide down onto his fully erect cock he looks me dead in the eyes and says, “Ride me, Jane.” Fuck, I love these commands.

I lift one leg up and lean back and slowly start to ride him. His hands come up around my hips and he lets me guide the way to euphoria. He leans his head back and groans and I start to increase my rocking, taking him deeper and deeper inside me. Hitting my G-spot just like how I like it. I feel another orgasm gaining momentum inside me but I want it to be his turn. I run my hands up his chiseled stomach to his pecs and onto his traps where I dig my nails in and start to ride him like the world is ending.

He opens his eyes and looks into my soul and now it’s my turn to command. “Cum for me Josh, I want to feel you cum for me.” With that, he explodes inside me, I feel his cum filling me up and as I ride his wave I make myself cum one third and final time…

The only sound is our ragged breathing as I slowly slide off of him and put my bikini back on. I walk to the door with steam twirling around me, turn to look at him, “Same time next week?” and all I hear is his laughter as I walk out the door.

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