Broken Bed

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photo: SexArt

It was a slow yet fun night at work. I was in a horny, playful mood. There were a handful of single patrons keeping me company. They kept my playlist random, exuding a vibe in the air that told a story in itself. That sometimes we’re alone and other times, we don’t have to be. That it’s possible for strangers to find love or something like it, in the strangest of places. Music tells that story better than words.

That’s one of the best things about being a DJ, getting to feel every bit of joy music brings to people. Getting to smile from afar, watching them dance and being a part of their story throughout the night. In the meantime, I had thoughts of my own racing through my head. I enjoy my work, but tonight, I wanted to leave as soon as possible. My aim was to have all my patrons leave together, and quickly, because there happened to be a man who caught my eye across the room.

His name was Andy. His charming smile lit up the whole bar, and also made me feel that little thump in my pants when he walked by. He picked up on my little game, as it grew later. Noticing the singles turn into couples, then disappearing into the night. He also noticed that I could barely keep my eyes off him. It made him request those particular songs that sealed the deal in the bedroom, just to see if he had a chance with me. There was a strong attraction between us, which made him stay until he was the last man standing at closing time.

Andy was very sexy and rugged. His arms had just the perfect amount of muscle to them, with a few scars and tattoos that said he was a bad boy. But his hands were so smooth and polished, like the kind of hands you see in a watch catalog. I found that very attractive.

I could almost feel those smooth hands of his on me, and in me. I could taste them in my mouth as I imagined being pinned beneath him. I couldn’t wait until we closed so I could go play.

I stepped outside for a smoke and Andy followed. I smelled the sweet cloud from his vape pen as I blew my actual cigarette smoke in the wind.

“You should try mine,” he said, “it tastes better.”

I smiled my yes. His pretty brown eyes caught my attention, along with his dimples. And my yes turned into a come here. Andy came closer and took a deep drag from his vape, then leaned into my lips. I took in the sweet flavor and brushed my lips lightly over his. He leaned even closer to kiss me, letting the smoke rise from our mouths as if our kisses were on fire.

He pulled me closer and wrapped his arms around me as I held his handsome scruffy face, rising up to the tips of my toes to taste him deeper. I felt his cock jump in his jeans when our tongues touched.

“Do you have to stay here to close?” he asked, licking his lips.

“Yes…unfortunately,” I sighed.

“Breakfast?” he suggested.

“…in bed? Sure!” I replied slyly.

His ankles jittered up and down excitedly as he smiled, which I found adorable. We exchanged numbers and parted ways. Just as I was about to close the doors for the night, he came back.

“One more kiss?”

I smiled and leaned in to give him another fiery press. Then locked the bolts quickly. I couldn’t help but blush, exhaling the tension building inside me.

I turned around and saw my bartenders looking at me strangely. Mainly because they’ve never seen me act like this over a guy. I’m always like this with women. I didn’t care. I was in the mood to fuck and found Andy very attractive. Why not get my dose of Vitamin D? Heaven knows I’m deprived of it. I needed something else inside me that could fill me all the way. Something rougher. Something different.

As soon as I got to my car, I checked my phone and saw a few messages from Andy. One asking if I wanted Taco Bell and another with his address. I shook my head and smiled, then headed to his place.

I slowly pulled into his dimly lit neighborhood and could spot where he was from the thick cloud of smoke from his vape pen. I pulled into his driveway and rolled the window down, admiring the view of him with no shirt on, walking next to me. His abs glistened in the moonlight, with that sexy V-line flexing right above his sweatpants.

He opened my door and extended his hand as I took it to exit the driver’s side. Then suddenly, he lifted me up and wrapped my legs around his waist, kissing me ferociously. It was so unexpected, it made me gasp. I could feel his erection right under my ass, while he walked us both through the door and straight to the bedroom.

He stopped for a moment and gave me a serious look. “I’m sorry. I forgot. Did you still want those tacos?”

I laughed, then kissed him softly. “No, thank you,” I replied, “I’m kind of burned out on tacos.”

Andy laughed, “I heard… I asked your coworkers if I had a chance, and they told me you don’t like guys.”

I lowered his pants with my feet as he laid me down on the bed. “Well, I like you.”

Andy smiled and undressed me quickly, then pinned my arms above my head, licking and sucking my nipples until they hardened.

“Are you sure you don’t want any tacos before I continue?” he asked. “They might be the last ones you’ll ever eat after I’m done with you?”

I laughed, but didn’t respond because I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. I just pulled him close and kissed him again. His scruffy face tickled, but in a good way. The strength of his arms held me down as he licked and sucked my neck. I rocked my hips up and down, slowly sliding my pussy on his marble hard shaft.

He leaned down to look at what I was doing, mesmerized by my movements. His cock was so stiff, I could probably feed it inside me without using my hands. I circled my pussy around the tip, letting my wetness build gradually on it. His thick head felt incredible on my clit. I knew that every little movement drove him wild, but I liked that he waited for me to take his cock when I was ready. Although, his hips shook as if he wanted to ram it into me.

I lifted my hips and pressed the small of his back, letting his cock slowly slide inside me. He thrust in me hard, just once, waking my G-spot. Then, he stayed in me just like that, letting me fuck his cock from underneath. I gripped under his arms and kissed his quivering lips as I fucked his cock slowly. Each steady stroke made me swell inside, building this long aching climax to come bursting out like a monster in a dream.

Andy reached down and gripped my bottom tight, then began to thrust harder. Then, faster. My body stiffened beneath him with each blow. I moaned in his ear and bit the tender skin beneath it, telling him in sexy whispers how his cock felt inside me, and that he better not cum yet. He groaned back a helpless yet masculine sound as a response, that he’d do his best. Then, he hit that magic spot inside me that tipped my lingering climax over like shattered glass, filled to the brim with lust, now spilled and irretrievable.

He kept his cock inside me until every pulse died down. And what a good boy he was to still be rock hard while I came. I kissed him passionately and held his wet sticky cock in my hand, thumbing the head of his swollen girth. I pushed him back, then handed him my long hair. He wasted no time, winding the length of it around his wrist as I tasted my wetness off his cock. I relaxed my throat and took in his length, letting him fuck up into my mouth until I was breathless. Until I could taste his cum burst like hot lava down my throat. Andy screamed as I sneakily entered my middle finger in his ass, making more cum spurt out of nowhere. I could feel his pulse from the inside, kind of like a woman.

His grip grew stronger around my hair. His cock didn’t even have the chance to soften, with my lips and tongue still in motion. I could feel his cock heat up in my mouth like it was fevered.

Then, he lifted my face and kissed me hard, swapping his cum back and forth between my mouth and his until his seed spilt down his chest. I guided his cock back inside me and thrust my hips firmly. Building my speed gradually until I felt like I was riding a racehorse.

His beautiful hands wrapped around my neck as I gripped his chest tight and fucked him fiercely, making his headboard clank and bang the wall. I heard a few things drop off the bed and crash to the floor, but didn’t stop until we both came again. Andy’s bed literally came apart, as I did on his fountaining cock.

We continued fucking like this until the sun revealed our glistening bodies in the morning light. What was left of his bed was soaked in our sweat. Nuts and bolts scattered everywhere, with his headboard leaning over the side.

We even fell asleep a few times, then awoke again to continue fucking. When I thought I couldn’t take anymore, he insisted on making me cum one more time. Even when all he could physically do was lay lazily on his side with his cock inside me, gripping my hips as I gripped his ass. Our thighs locked together, sidewinding like we were dirty dancing. I was shaking and screaming, cumming again and again until he burst inside me. After that, we were both done for.

Andy passed out with one leg over the floor, and the other over me. I had to go. So, I pushed him off and immediately started to pick up my scattered clothes from around the room, piece by piece.

I took one last look at him, sprawled out among wood chips, with a peaceful smile on his face. It made me feel good to see it. He made my night, as I did his. He didn’t have to be the one to complete me. And I didn’t have to be anything but a fond memory to him. Sometimes, it’s good enough for two halves to make a whole over a broken bed, and still part ways as equals.

Before leaving, of course, I did take the time to eat the taco he got for me. It was cold and disgusting, but strangely delicious after fucking all night. I couldn’t help but smile while I ate it because of the cute joke. But, if I’m being honest, it’s not going to be the last one I ever put in my mouth.

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