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My friend Keri called and asked me to come over. I hadn’t seen her since our last naughty playdate in the Spring and was happy to be in her company. We’ve only hooked up one other time, and were long overdue for a second date. As my birthday twin, it seemed she was just as elusive as me. I was thirsty with anticipation to see her again. The memory of that night still had my little Pisces pussy melting.

She greeted me at the door with a tight embrace and a kiss that instantly warmed me. We talked and laughed over wine as if no time had passed at all. It was nice to see those startling blue eyes looking at me with the same eager gaze, those perfectly pink lips curved in a seductive grin as we spoke of absolutely nothing. I was feeling the wine kick in and wanted to start the evening off right on the couch. Then, out of the blue, just as I set down my glass in the hope of stealing a kiss, all the power went out!

We both gasped, startled in the instant darkness. I managed to find my phone in the crevice of her couch and turned on the tiny flashlight. I pointed it towards her as she giggled, covering her face.

“Damn man, seriously?” I whined, “I was just about to kiss you, too.”

She laughed, gripping my arm. “Can you follow me to the window? I think the whole neighborhood is out.”

I walked carefully behind her and held her waist as we peeped through the blinds. Sure enough, the whole street had lost power.

“What happened, did you and your neighbors not pay your light bill this month?” I asked jokingly.

“Shut up,” she laughed, swatting my arm, “It’s probably this heat. Maybe a car hit one of the light poles? I don’t know.”

I nestled my chin on her shoulder, deliberately pressing up on her as she looked out the window. “Do you want me to… help you find some candles?” I asked as my hands reached for her breasts, making it obvious I wasn’t trying to be helpful.

“No, it should pass soon,” she whispered, brushing her ass up on my pelvis. “Let’s just play in the dark. It’ll be fun!”

“I’m already having fun,” I whispered flirtatiously, giving her bottom a nice pat and a firm squeeze.

We played this unspoken game for a while, testing the waters of who would give in first as we groped each other’s body. Then, Keri finally gave in, turned around, and pulled me into her arms. Our lips met in the pitch black room. Her soft moans seemed louder in the sudden silence. Her body warmed to my touch as our passion lit each other up in the dark.

I lifted her blouse while kissing down her neck. My hands roamed from her luscious breasts to her firm juicy ass. Keri’s ass was like no other. Just having it in my grasp instantly turned me on. I sneaked my hands under her pants and rounded my palms to the base of her apple bottom, sucking her neck like I was deliberately trying to give her a hickey. I pressed my pussy to hers, pinning her body to the window, revving her up and driving her wild.

“You want me?” she whispered sexily.

“Yes,” I whispered back.

“You have to catch me first…”

Keri was in quite a playful mood tonight. Just as I was about to undress her completely, she sneaked away. Her lighthearted laughter was the only thing that led the path back into her pants, and I was eager to chase her.

I was already horny as hell. I undressed quickly while I looked for her. I heard footsteps go up the staircase, so I followed. I turned the flashlight on my phone on again and saw a trail of clothes on the floor leading to her bedroom. I grinned, knowing I was close.

Then, I saw her beautiful form in the distance, lighting a candlestick. She beckoned her finger at me to come get her, wearing nothing but a seductive smile on her face. She wasn’t running anymore, just stepping slowly back, lifting up onto the bed.

I climbed on top of her and straddled her waist. I took the candle from her and pressed her body down. I kissed her breasts softly. Then, I pinned her arms above her head and carefully dripped candle wax on her chest. She moaned as I licked softly where the wax had dripped. She gasped loudly as I let more hot drops fall on her stomach. As the flame grew, I could see her sexy pink lips pressed together, her tongue licking them to get them even wetter.

I licked her tongue playfully, then kissed down her neck. I made my way back down her body, soothing the hot trail on her skin with my mouth. Then, I blew the candle out and rolled it carefully down her thigh. She spread her legs to lead me in between, as I gently rolled it back and forth across her pussy like I was kneading dough. I could hear her juices squishing each time I rolled the candle.

She moaned softly as her hips thrust up and down. I took my time, teasing her pussy with the candle until I felt her body shiver. I licked slowly up her slit, then rolled the candle left. I licked slowly down her lips, as I rolled the candle right. The pattern I made just kept building her up until she was screaming, begging me to put it inside her.

I spit on her pussy and spread her lips apart with my fingers. Then, I eased the candle into her, wick out. I slurped her pussy, keeping the candle still, being careful to not go too deeply.

“You feel so good!” Keri moaned, “I wish I could see what you’re doing to me.”

“Do you want me to light the candle?” I asked jokingly.

And I was joking, but she actually said yes, that was a great idea.

She quickly reached for the lighter on her nightstand and lit the candle while it was still inside her. I bit my lip, absolutely enthralled, watching her fuck herself with it. I wet my fingers and softly massaged her clit, taking care to avoid the flame.

Wax dripped all over the sheets. Her wetness dripped down her pussy as the candle went in and out faster. The flame began to flicker wildly as she thrust it harder. I kept my fingers circling at her clit as her hips shivered all over, chasing her awaiting climax.

Then, suddenly, all the lights in the house came back on. Keri was in a pool of sweat, her thighs wet and quivering. Her gorgeous blonde hair was all over the place, like scattered gold necklaces. Her fair skin was reddened with heat.

I blew the candle out and carefully slid it out of her pretty pink pussy. Her clit was engorged, absolutely ready to explode. The moment I’d been waiting for all night had finally arrived.

I pulled her thighs close and snaked my tongue up and down her pussy in firm smooth swerves. Her moans heightened to cute little squeals as I closed my lips around her clit, whirling my tongue slowly around it. She gripped the back of my head, fingers tangled in my sweat-drenched hair, thrusting her hips, fucking my mouth. I sucked her clit just hard enough to tip her over the edge and felt her immense pounding climax on my tongue. Keri screamed in a shrill groan of satisfaction, grinding her throbbing pussy on my face to ride out every last throb.

In the heat of the moment, she sat up, took my face in her hands and licked her cum off my chin, sucking my lips clean of her juices. We kissed ardently, pulling each other close enough for our pussies to touch.

The lights went out again, but this time we didn’t care. I just wanted to cum all over her. I wanted her pussy sliding all over mine until it burst again.

I gripped her lucious ass tightly, grinding my pussy on hers as she held on tight to my upper back. In this position, it’s torturous trying to cum. Our pussies were pressed closely, but I had to keep my hips still to not move away from my orgasmic zone. She sensed this and fucked me as slowly as humanly possible, making me helpless. My abs were burning, pressing my pussy to hers. Every slide of her juiced up cunt threw me down a well of inescapable teasing pleasure.

“Please, fuck me harder,” I begged. My voice had lost all power in its tone. I sounded like I was on the verge of tears.

“Yes, baby,” she whispered softly.

Keri pushed me back and wrapped my legs around her waist, grinding hard on my pussy. We were cheek to cheek. Her hands gripped under my back, hips dug deeply into me, mercifully giving me what I wanted. I moaned desperately, gripping her ass close to feel every single wet slide. I was at my peak for so long that when I finally came, it felt like my whole body was throbbing. I was shaking hard, screaming like a petulant child in a fit.

I came so hard, I lost all of my motor skills. It was the closest thing to losing to Muhammad Ali that I could possibly relate to. My sense of time was also done for, since it was late afternoon before I regained my senses. The last image I recalled of that evening was the lights coming back on, and Keri smiling at me, leaning in to kiss me one last time before I blacked out completely.

I can’t quite explain how strange it is to wake up after a night like that. It’s like being in a lucid dream, a passion-filled montage where you can feel everything, but control nothing. Losing control is half the fun. And I suppose, the other half is chasing our dreams, naked in the dark.

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