Bearded… for my pleasure!

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I met him at my friend’s birthday party. He was one of her boyfriend’s good friends. We chatted throughout the party, lost in our own private world. I was mesmerized by his intelligence and captivated by his deep voice; however, it was his eyes that fascinated me, because they were the only gentle thing about him. The beard that covered his face gave him a rugged, dangerous edge.

I couldn’t stay away from him even if I wanted to.

We continued to hang out long after the party was over. We didn’t know where we going with it, but each of us wanted to sail in this current together.

He invited me over to his house after a number of dates. At this point I was comfortable with him, so I went there eagerly, secretly hoping to gauge the kind of man he was in his own domain. His apartment took me by surprise; modest but very homely, decorated with masculine decor that illuminated the sweet nature that I had come to care about deeply.

We sat on the couch enjoying some movie he had put on in the background. Neither of us paid any attention to it as we sipped our drinks and talked. Our conversation was random. We talked about anything, trying to defuse the sexual tension between us.

I stole glances at him, hoping he wouldn’t catch me ogling him. He looked so sexy in his ripped jeans and t-shirt, his masculinity and confidence making my resolve weaken as the minutes ticked by.

I asked to use the bathroom, and he showed me which door, adding, “I will go get us another bottle.”

In the bathroom, I urged myself to stay calm, and tried to collect myself. I returned to find him sitting on the couch, our glasses refilled with wine.

“I think I have had enough to drink tonight,” I said, smiling.

He stared at me, not averting his gaze. I subconsciously drew my hand to my neck, nervously. He moved towards me slowly, and my breath caught in my throat. Then he kissed me gently, expertly, sweetly. I melted into the kiss, drawing him close, enjoying his soft lips on mine as his scent engulfed me and made me dizzy with desire.

He pulled me close and kissed me deeper and harder. As I came up for air, he moved his lips to my neck. I gasped, pulling away from him as a jolt of electricity passed through my body, making every part of me shiver in ecstasy.

“Did I do something wrong?” he asked, alarmed.

“No, no. Your beard is ticklish and I am very sensitive,” I replied breathlessly.

Smiling confidently, he pulled me to him again, raining kisses on me and holding me close.

I wrapped my legs around his waist, and he carried me to his bedroom. I bit his neck, making him shiver with desire, dropping me onto my feet and pushing me against the wall. He kissed me with hunger and passion and I responded with desperation and desire to be owned by him.

He tore my shirt off and unclasped my bra, his hand grabbing one breast while his mouth devoured the other. I moaned and gripped his hair as sensations overloaded me. He removed his shirt and grabbed my ass, pulling me up against him. I buckled in his arms as my sensitive nipples rubbed on his hairy chest. My God, he knows how to use his chest hair! I pulled away from him.

“What now?” he asked teasingly.

“My nipples are sensitive and your chest hair is really, really rubbing me the right way.”

As punishment, he pulled me close again, rubbing his chest hair on my nipples some more. I arched my back, enjoying the tiny sensations that electrified my whole body.

“Baby, you will have to get used to my beard and chest hair, because I will pleasure you in a torturous way that you will crave every single time,” he promised.

We moved to the bed, him on top, kissing me everywhere, making me wetter by the minute. I need him inside me, I thought. As I grew more wanton in his arms, he moved his hand to my pussy, finding my clit and rubbing small circles around it, making me crave his cock even more.

“I need you. Please!”

“Let me eat you first, and then I will fuck you long and hard. I need to be sure you are taken care of and very wet before I get to have my way with you.”

He continued to rub my clit as he devoured my breasts. I was a shivering mess as his beard drew goosebumps all over my body as he tickled his way down to my pussy. Then he was there and I combusted.

I jumped on the first lick, closing my legs in an attempt to soothe the sensations, resulting in a tighter fit for his head and his beard rubbing my thighs in a delicious way. I tried to squirm away from him but he stifled my attempts by holding my legs apart.

“If you continue to squirm and push me away, I will tie you to my bed and eat you all night long without giving you the reprieve of enjoying my cock.”

“Jesus, it’s so… oh God!” I moaned as I failed to put into words the fire building inside me.

He looked at me and demanded that I meet his gaze. I stared into his eyes as he lowered his bearded chin to my clit and ground on it lightly, creating circles around it without using his tongue. I screamed, tightening my legs reflexively, noticing his gaze was dark with raw need as he focused on the pleasure evident in my eyes.

“Holy shit… fuck!” I moaned.

Then he got down to serious business and licked my clit, eating me out like a man possessed, consuming me with desire. I came apart on his tongue in under two minutes, a first for me.

That beard!’ is the last coherent thought I had as I disintegrated into my climax.

He impaled me with his cock mere minutes after my orgasm, making me choke my scream as I adjusted to his size. Then he angled his chin to my neck, rubbing his beard on my sensitive spot and biting me gently. I scratched his back, holding on to him as he set a rhythm that blew my mind with desire, kissing me hungrily as he continued to drive inside me.

I am almost there.

“I need… I need…” What did I need?

Then he pinched my clit while rubbing his chest on my nipples. I let go. I came, hard, on his cock.

It took several minutes for me to regain my composure. He held me close to his chest while I played with his chest hairs. I had no words to say.

“Will my beard and chest hair be a problem for you?” he asked me sweetly after several heart beats had passed. “I can shave them. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.”

My thoughts drifted back to the sensations that I felt as his beard rubbed my neck, nipples and pussy. I clenched my legs tightly. I was so wet, and I needed him again.

“Don’t shave the beard or the chest hair. They are for my pleasure now.”

Smiling, I moved on top of him and grabbed his dick, letting my hand move up and down to awaken his semi-hard cock. I saluted it with gusto, licking the tip with my tongue and cupping his balls with my hands.

My last thought as I sucked him vigorously was how much I loved his beard and the pleasure it could bring.

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