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4 Stories by Ena Dahl

Dinner With A Vibe

She talks louder than what feels natural to disguise the dull buzzing sounds emerging from under the table. The pizzeria seems especially quiet and...
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Do You Squirt?

I don’t know, but let’s find out… He asks her the question as they work their way down what resembles a comprehensive checklist...
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A night of firsts Left: Alexander Krivitskiy / Right: Emiliano Vittoriosi both via Unsplash Floored, she fights her way out of the booming whirlpool of black-clad...
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2.0 (How I reached ‘next level’)

Moving on from vanilla monogamy. Collage and images by the author (Originally written as a response to the storytelling competition Smut Slam Berlin’s prompt ‘Next...
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