A Naughty Nocturne

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photo: SexArt

I grip her ass and kiss her sensuously with her legs spread over my arms. I give her a few light teasing licks to her neck and slide down her chest. I give each lovely breast its fair share of attention, then kiss all the way down her stomach. Gentle nibbles to her skin. Slow concentric circles around her pussy, closing in on my bull’s eye.

I have seductive music playing, soft white candles burning. I’ve just given her a long soothing massage and now, she’s absolutely dripping for me. The song changes and I hear the first few beats to 4 And 20 by Joss Stone.

She starts singing while I kiss her pussy softly. I taste her wetness drip into my mouth as I part her delicious folds with my tongue. Her clit is throbbing between my lips like a timekeeper as I get lost in her sultry serenade.

She really gets into the chorus as I ease two fingers inside her and flick my tongue up her slit like a kitten drinking milk. She starts dancing slowly on my face, drenching my mouth with her juices. I grind my pussy on the bed, following her intricate flow.

By the second verse, her thighs are shaking fiercely across my face. My lips tightly clamped to her sex, sucking the life out of her. Her voice breaks a little as she slips closer to release. I push my fingers deeper inward and press her G-spot firmly, my tongue whirling in a sinuous pattern. I taste her clit erect on my tongue as her inner muscles flex.

She doesn’t make it to the end of the song before her falsetto turns into moans. The switch is enchanting. Lyrics breaking into primal sounds as her pussy melts on my tongue like candy. Her fingers weave through my hair and grip tight, keeping my mouth where she wants it.

I slurp her clit gently like a soft serve dessert. Her body shivers madly as I swivel my head in torturously slow circles. Then, I ease my tongue deep inside her and widen it drastically as I lick up her clit, spreading her wetness like melted butter over a muffin.

Once I reach the top, I taste her aching pulses rumble on my tongue. I savor every beat and kiss her pussy softly. I lift my face and see what I’ve done to her. I smile, then hold her thighs close and slowly lick down again with the back of my tongue.

“Mmmm…ffffuck!” she gasps as she convulses.

Another climax breaks wave as I lick up again. I suck her pussy with the softest pressure. Each time I kiss it, I whirl my tongue rapidly, making her hips shake like a rattle.

My fingers stay curved inside her. Then, I hold her hip firmly as I twist them, her G-spot getting hammered twice by my knuckles and fingertips. She grips my wrist as I inch deeper, rotating harder until her walls narrow. Then, I lean down and slurp her clit again.

Suddenly, I feel a hot splash to my neck. A wild torrent of liquid sex streams to my breasts. My fingers are being swallowed whole while my mouth fills with her juices. Her aching pussy pounds hard on my face. Her shaky arms hoist around my neck with her nails digging into my skin.

Her back arches madly, as I softly lick every wave to a gentle calm. Her cum drips down my chin and I spread it all over her pelvis.

I lean up and straddle her lap, pressing my pussy to her slick groove. Then, I slide back and forth with my hands at a fist right by her hips. She licks up my neck and wraps her arms around me, bringing me closer.

Lips to each other’s ear. We moan in harmony, creating a beautiful melody of our own as I grind slowly on her pussy. An original composition that needs no lyrics, but expresses the powerful lust between us. My body tenses, lost in the devilish loop.

She grabs my ass firmly, keeping me in position. My engorged lips spread over her tender flesh. The exquisite pressure zooms us both into climax and our moans turn to cries of passion, resonating in the night air like a naughty nocturne. Our dripping bodies clash in wet sexy slides until every aching beat subsides.

She moves my drenched hair back and our lips meet in a soft breathless kiss. Her fingers reach between my thighs to feel how wet I am. I gasp in her mouth when her hand touches my sensitive clit. I am within mere moments of my climactic aftershock when she plunges three fingers into me. My slick walls holding no resistance.

She sits up quickly, keeping my legs wrapped around her waist as her fingers hook to my G-spot. She reaches up my back and grips my neck tight, fucking me harder each time. Her thumb swivels around my clit with her fingers flicking inside me. Gripping my insides until I explode on her hand.

I collapse back and revel in the sight of her licking her fingers clean. She lifts my legs apart and plunges them back into me. She leans down and sucks my pussy with her tongue firmly pressed to my clit. Her fingers go knuckle deep inside me, driving in and up, like she’s gesturing my orgasm to come to her.

My body goes into a feverish lock, my hips shivering as I cry out in pleasure. I’m pushed past the border to a spine tingling release. I can barely take the sensations. My entire body trembles along with my fluttering walls.

She moans into my skin as she carefully releases her inner grip. Her kisses like tender mercy to my aching flesh. I pull her up to lie on top of me. My body feels soothed with her weight pressed on mine.

We lie in silence and drift into the land of dreams. The last drips of wax fall and the flames cool to sweet smoke, reaching the double bar of the blissful night’s song.

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