A Lesson I’ll Never Forget

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I’m not built like other women, she told me nervously…

Halima and I got acquainted in class just last month and joined a study group together for an upcoming anatomy exam. It’s pretty rigorous. It’s been a long time since I’ve been back in school and I am absolutely drowning in homework. I have trouble with long term concentration as it is. I asked Halima if she would be able to help me study in private, considering she was one of the top students in my class. She agreed and I was more than grateful for her assistance.

At first, it was very productive. We studied hard for three weeks straight and we both worked. So, I expected a plateau sooner or later. But I did not expect to enjoy her company so much. Halima was usually very quiet and standoffish. All this time we’ve been spending together gave me a chance to get to know her. Turns out, we had a lot more in common than I thought.

A spark ignited somewhere between studying the human body and talking about our lives. Then, of course, sex. The experiences I’ve shared with her made her ask even deeper questions about what I knew in the bedroom, rather than the classroom. When I asked her the same questions, however, I got blank responses.

We began to play an extremely flirtatious game of cat and mouse. When I stared a little too long or tried to touch her, she withdrew. But she would make every effort to touch me. It was cute, in a way, but also a bit vexing.

Exam day was nearing, and all this talk about sex had me thinking more about her anatomy than the actual requisite. She had the most beautiful brown skin I’d ever seen, sparkling emerald eyes, and gorgeous curls that she had yet to let out of that ponytail. I wanted to see her with her hair down, in all the ways the statement represented.

Halima is from Mauritania, one of the most elusive and brutal regions in all the world. She was adopted by her aunt and uncle here in the south east when she was young and has blossomed academically under their care. She has also blossomed physically. Her exotic features are a wonder. I’ve never met anyone with dark skin and light green eyes. That combination added to those dangerous curves of hers turns heads everywhere she goes. She is also fascinating and very poised. Not too much into crude humour but I can tell, spending time with me has put a kinky little pep in her step. Her walls slowly toppled down each day we spent together. She constantly licked her lips when I bent over and she grew comfortable with patting my bottom at every corny joke that came out of my mouth.

This little game we played eventually turned into something more. Our last study session, I coaxed her into being the model and subject for our female anatomy diagram. She was hesitant at first, but eased up a bit when I also agreed to be naked. She insisted only from the waist up, which triggered my imagination to run rampant while we studied.

We started with the head, neck, and breasts. I let her use me for a few parts, then featured her parts, discussing the similarities and differences of our upper bodies. This gave me the chance to really study her and admire her beauty closely. Every chance I could, I brushed up against her. At times, I deliberately placed her hands on me to show her something on the diagram. I didn’t want to resort to these games, but this girl was just so shy. Her mesmerizing beauty had me try every sly trick I could think of to push this study session just a few feet back to where her bed was.

Moment by moment, I could feel that I was wearing her down. Even with her steel reserve, I noticed her nipples harden when she caught my gaze. I gently pressed them with my fingers, hoping to jumpstart her arousal. She’d gasp and hold her breath, then blush and turn away again. After a while, she gave in to me kissing her cheeks and neck. I began using my lips as pointers instead of my fingers, involving our study as my enticement to touch her.

I turned her around and covered all the parts on her back, gently running my fingertips down her spine as she filled in the rest of the diagram. I brushed my hand lightly over her bottom. Then, turned her around again, to face me. I leaned in close to kiss her lips as I held the worksheet on the vaginal region.

She took the paper from me and set it aside. Then, she kissed me back ever so gently. Her tongue still too bashful to go past my lips. I sneaked my hand between her thighs and smiled.

“Are you ready for me to explore this area?”

“I’m sorry,” she whispered, pushing my hand away. “I need to tell you something.”

“No, I’m sorry,” I whispered back. I withdrew, thinking I’d overstepped.

“I’m not built like other women,” she said nervously.

I wasn’t sure what that meant, but I asked carefully if she could show me. Halima slowly pulled down her pants, half masted right at her hips. Then, she looked at me as if she was terrified to reveal anything else beneath.

“If you have a penis, I’m totally cool with that,” I smiled.

“No, I don’t,” she giggled, “I’m just…different.”

“It’s okay,” I assured her, “if you’re comfortable, I would like to see you… All of you!”

She nodded, lips pressed, and took her bottoms completely off. She laid herself down on the bed and spread her legs slowly. I was in shock at what I saw. Halima was circumcised. Better known to us as FGM. I’d never seen this up close before. I am still a little stunned. Not because there was anything truly awful between her legs. She expressed it more perfectly. It’s just different. Different and beautiful, but also different and disheartening.

There was only a pad-like scar where her clitoris used to be. Her labia minora was completely gone. There was nothing but skin and the vaginal entrance. There was a possibility that there was nothing left to get her to feel pleasure, which is the point of the practice.

Halima took the time to educate me about her experience with it, and the details broke my heart. For the first time in my life, I didn’t know what to do to give another woman pleasure. I didn’t know if oral sex was even suitable. But I was willing to try. Even if I didn’t have the basic signals of the trusty clitoris as my guide, I would give it my best effort to please her. Besides, I am no stranger to challenge.

“What does it feel like,” I asked curiously, “when you have sex?”

“Painful,” she replied quickly, “I don’t even feel like a real woman sometimes. That part of me has been missing my whole life.”

I paused for a moment. It took a long while for me to really absorb this information. I was angry about what had been done to her. Yet, somehow, a small glimmer of hope came to me.

“Let me try,” I suggested softly.

I leaned in slowly and took her gorgeous face in my hands. Then, I kissed her with every ounce of emotion I had inside me. Gentle presses until our tongues crossed paths. Eyes shut tight, lost in a surreal moment of passion and empathy. I pressed my body close, easing her thighs open around my waist.

I lay her back and kissed down her neck, getting high off her sweet perfume and soft skin. I gently massaged her breasts and soothed my palms down her waist. I felt her wetness touch my stomach as I kissed and licked down her body. Taking my time, touching every inch of her with tenderness and care.

Her body shuddered. I felt her heat rise. More wetness dripped. Could it be? Maybe there was a way to make her cum after all. I was willing to try anything.

Before crossing the border past her navel, I looked up at her to make sure she was okay. “Do I have your permission to do this?”

“Yes,” she answered excitedly. Those dazzling green eyes twinkling again with a soft sexy smile.

I caressed her waist with my lips and trailed my tongue over her stomach. Her thighs spread over my arms. She glistened in between. I kissed her wetness, pressing my lips gently in circles.

She moaned and squirmed as I fed on her wetness. Licking and sucking her flesh, swirling my tongue lightly where her clit was supposed to be, hoping for a miracle. A chance that she could experience the pleasure that was naturally made for us women to feel. The ordained right to release those blissful pulses with no pain, no shame.

Suddenly, her thighs began to tremble. Her body jolting as she moaned in a beautiful sexy tune. I felt the familiar tremors of pre-orgasmic pulses. I could almost taste it. The approaching victory to her sexual finish line. She was breathless and wet, thrusting her hips fiercely up and down my mouth.

I sucked her tight little hole until she exploded from the inside out. Watching her grip the sheets with quivering fingers embellished me with pride and warmth. Her convulsion, my crown.

She sat up quickly and pulled me close. Our lips met again as we shared her wetness. This time, she wasn’t too shy to lick the inside of my mouth. I sucked and licked her lips, kissing her wildly. Passion forged into burning lust between two human beings, more than worthy to feel pleasure.

That evening, we explored each other in ways I’d never imagined. Every strand of hair down to the soles of our feet, revealed. Every dimple and every scar, explained elaborately. All of our strange and all of our beautiful, uncovered. My experience with her has given me an even deeper understanding of life and passion, as well as anatomy. It was a lesson I’ll never forget.

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