A Husband Returned Home

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Another tense morning at work.

I was going through the company’s stock estimates when my phone beeped, letting me know a text message had arrived. I usually ignore my phone as I’m much too busy to be bothered about anything else whenever I’m behind my desk. I glanced at it but returned to my work. Another ‘Beep-Beep’ occurred seconds later.

This time I chose to pick up my phone. The first message was from my wife, Myra. What it contained stunned me beyond belief. It contained a photo of Myra’s butt (I recognised the stripe of fishtail tattoo that dotted her backside) and she was getting fucked by a black man. I knew who the man was. Robbie, my wife’s lover for the past two weeks. How she hooked up with him, I have no idea. But since then he had become a staple in our lives, coming into our home whenever he cared to, fucking Myra however he wanted. Whether I was there to watch or not, their sexual proclivity was one I dared not disturb.

I opened the second message, which he had sent and it said:

I’m in your home fucking your whore right now.

The kick I got from reading that sentence was immense. I left my chair and hurried into the rest room beside my office. I locked the door and groaned as I struggled to unzip my pants. They fell down my thighs as I whipped out my penis and holding my phone in my hand and staring at Myra’s thick butt, I jerked my erection as hard and as fast as I could. I was breathing so hard I felt my knees buckle when I came.

My phone nearly fell out of my hand when that moment happened. I looked down my legs and saw I’d sprayed cum down my pants. It took me a while to wipe it clean and wash my hands before returning to the office.

An hour later I received another text. This one was from Myra:

Had an amazing time with Robbie.

He says he’s bringing a friend over later.

How soon are you home?

I wrote her a reply.

Evening arrived and I scrambled with shutting off my computer and putting everything into my briefcase. I noted the time on my Rolex. I had a half-hour drive to get home. I said goodbye to my secretary as I left.

I got into my car in the parking lot and decided to call Myra. Her phone rang and rang and I was about to give up when she answered. I caught her breathing into my ear. Gasping and moaning. I wanted to say something but I was tongue-tied; besides, my penis was starting to grow hard once more.

“Awwwhhhh Rob… Robbie… Awwhhhuuhhh… fuck me, honey…”

Damn, I was so fucking late! I killed the phone, started my car and hauled ass out of the parking lot. I drove like a hell hound and it was amazing I never got stopped by a traffic cop.

I got home in record time and almost bumped into my steering wheel when I stepped down hard on the brake. Robbie’s car was parked in my driveway. I dashed out of my car and almost fell on my lawn as I cut through my driveway to get to my front door.

Myra’s voice floated from downstairs as if she sensed I was home. I was gasping for breath when I shut the door behind me. I threw my jacket in the living room and ran up the stairs as fast as I could.

Our bedroom was at the end of the hallway. The house was just Myra and myself. We were in our late-thirties with no kids; at least not yet. I walked into my bedroom to find Myra on her knees getting fucked by her lover while she fed her mouth over his friend’s cock as he lay in front of her. The friend was unfamiliar to me and he looked in my direction while Robbie went on pounding my wife.

For a moment I couldn’t move. I stood by the doorway watching them fuck. Then Robbie turned and looked at me and smiled.

“What’s up, white boi,” he grunted. “Good thing you made it back to watch me breed your bitch.”

He returned to doing what he was doing. He gripped Myra by her waist and now and then smacked her butt as he drove into her harder. Myra had a mouthful of black cock jammed down her throat but I could still hear her squeal with pleasure. I whipped out my penis and got busy masturbating to the action.

Myra made like I wasn’t even in the room as her lover and his friend took turns fucking her every which way. Robbie came around to her mouth and held up her legs for his friend who then rested on top of her fucking her hard while she pulled Robbie’s cock with her mouth. Afterwards Robbie lay on the bed and she rode him for what seemed like a long time. Then his friend came at her from behind and introduced himself into her rectum. Myra screamed and gasped and squealed all through everything.

I watched them take turns ejaculating inside her pussy; this was a first because Robbie usually sprayed his seed over her butt or down her throat.

That was the night my wife got pregnant. And it happened right before my eyes.

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