Not just watching: Angela can’t keep her hands to herself (and neither can I…)

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“Sophie was on her knees, with Marie eating her from behind. By this point Sophie had her face between my legs, licking my pussy. I know I was only supposed to be watching, but how could I resist…”

It’s rare for Angela to talk about her sex life, but I’ve been plying her with liquor for the past couple of hours, and it seems to have loosened her tongue. We’re at her private club — who knew this kind of stuffy old establishment even existed these days? — and she’s in an expansive mood, telling me about one of her past exploits.

“Marie had started out sucking Sophie’s nipples, kissing her gently, then licking her right through her panties, while I watched. That was Sophie’s fantasy, for me to watch her getting seduced by another woman. I think subconsciously she hoped it would make me jealous, but then she was surprised by how much it turned her on, having me watch her being taken like a common slut by someone she barely even knew…”

I enjoy listening to Angela talk dirty in that cut-glass accent. She’s always so composed, but I can see her nipples getting hard through her fine silk shirt, and the flush in her cheeks is due to more than just the liquor. I’m stone cold sober, having slipped the steward a twenty to serve me water instead of the vodka I ordered. Angela likes to play her control games, and sometimes I enjoy letting her do it — but let’s see who gets the upper hand today.

“You never met Sophie, did you?” she asks, interrupting my musing. I shake my head. Sophie was Angela’s submissive partner a while back, before her gorgeous current slave-girlfriend Isla came along. I was the rebellious failure in the middle [you can read about our recent fun together here].

“When we first met, Sophie didn’t have much experience, but I taught her how to eat pussy and she could always make me orgasm like that, just with her tongue. She had this way of spreading my lips apart and rubbing the flat of her tongue against my clit and then rolling the tip up, flicking it over my clit…”

I know precisely what she means; she’d taught the same trick to me. I close my eyes briefly as a memory of Angela sitting on my face, kneeling on my arms to pin me to the bed as she hovered her sticky pussy over my mouth, flashes though my mind. Angela looks at me sharply, peering over her spectacles; she never misses a trick when it comes to subtle signs of arousal.

“So what happened next?” I ask to distract her.

“Marie started licking all the way up to Sophie’s asshole, and Sophie went crazy, each time she gasped her breath was so hot on my pussy. She couldn’t really concentrate on licking me, she was squirming around, pushing her hips back against Marie’s face. So I reached over and grabbed her ass cheek, trying to hold her steady, and Marie took my hand and guided it to Sophie’s asshole, and said, ‘Stick your finger in there, she really wants it.’ I’d never done this with Sophie before, but she was so hot for it. Her asshole was slippery with Marie’s saliva. I rubbed it and felt it yield, letting my fingertip dip inside. She was so tight and hot…”

Damn, she’s turning me on with this. My pussy’s getting wet. She’s lost in her memory now though, expression turning dreamy as she recalls it. “I pressed my finger deeper into Sophie’s ass, and Marie licked all around it. Then she said, ‘I think she needs it in both holes.’ I felt it, as Marie pushed her fingers into Sophie’s pussy. I felt it with my finger in her ass, just separated from Marie’s fingers by that thin wall. The way Sophie started wailing and thrusting herself back onto our hands, you’d have thought we’d put an electrical current through her! She was a quiet girl, I’d never seen her go wild like that. She had the loudest orgasm…”

Angela suddenly snaps out of her trance and gives me a very direct look. “I seem to recall you can be quite the squealer at times, Rose. I wonder how loud you’d get if I stuck a finger in your hot little ass while I was diddling your pussy. Could I make you beg for it, do you think?”

I’m slightly irritated, because I told Angela I was done with letting her dominate me whenever she feels like it. I’m only submissive when it suits me to play that way, and I don’t think the lounge of a private club that’s stuck in a 1940s time warp is really an appropriate place for her to try and enforce her tenuous control over me. But I’m mostly really aroused. And Angela knows it.

I see her catch the eye of one of the ancient stewards, and some kind of unspoken communication passes between them. A moment later he approaches with a silver tray, onto which he places our drinks.

Angela stands, holding out her hand imperiously to me. I fully intend to say no. The next moment, I’m on my feet. To quote the great poet R. Kelly: my mind’s telling me no, but my body, my body’s telling me yes… and apparently telling Angela yes, too.

The steward leads us to a small, cosy, dimly lit study. He takes the key from the lock, hands it to Angela with a slight bow, and leaves. Evidently this place isn’t quite as stuffy as I’d supposed.

Angela locks the door, opens her purse and extracts a slim vibrator, a bottle of lube, and a silk scarf. She’s planned ahead.

She looks at me expectantly. This is the moment when I’m supposed to assume the position, bent over, letting her lick and finger and fuck me until she’s got me begging her to stop, or don’t stop, whichever comes soonest.

Considering how horny I feel right now, my mind is remarkably clear.

We’ll be doing things my way today, Angela,” I say matter-of-factly. She freezes. “I’m glad to see you’ve come prepared. Now, on your knees.”

Her expression is quizzical; part amused, part uncertain. It must be a long time since anyone told her what to do. She hesitates for a moment, then complies, kneeling and leaning over the low coffee table docilely.

“Skirt up, panties down please,” I say briskly. The crotch of her panties is shining with her cream as she peels it away from her pussy. “Spread your ass cheeks for me. Since you were thoughtful enough to bring a toy, I’d like to see how it looks sliding in and out of your tight asshole.”

I hold my breath, wondering if she’s really going to let me do this.

She does.

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