Your Slave to Lust

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photo: The Life Erotic

I felt your breath getting close to me. I could vaguely see you move your hand away from me to lock the door behind us… Was it so that I wouldn’t escape? I was too intoxicated by lust to do that, no matter what your inner sadist was planning to do to me next.

I had booked a hotel room earlier that day because the snow was not letting up. And I wanted to see you. I was craving your touch, your whips, your mouth, your dick. I was not going to let Mother Nature stop me.

You arrived at the club a little later than me. I had time to calm my butterflies and enjoy some social time before seeing you. As always though, the minute you walked in, I could feel you, even before I could get a visual of your shape. Your energy was always looking to meet mine, and in the presence of no walls in that studio loft in the heart of the city, it traveled at the speed of light to collide and burn as one with mine, shining as a powerful light that surrounded us.

Your popularity had me waiting as you said hello to your many friends and acquaintances, since I was standing in a corner at the very end of the big room, that was dressed as a BDSM club that night. My breathing was fast and anxious, and my heart skipped a beat or two. You didn’t have to come all the way to where I was. Your presence, close enough to mine, was simply magnetic, and my eyes were drawn to you, meeting your dark eyes, slightly hidden under your fedora, looking at me. Those dark eyes were so powerful they could physically pull my whole being towards you.

We said hello and not much else was needed. You took a short walk around me and admired every inch. My body felt your eyes in every spot where you chose to stop to worship it. And in an instant, I was yours. Mind, body and soul. I was already yours with every text I received daily, or the sound of your voice if we talked on the phone. But being in your presence was different. At that moment, I was yours in submission. My mind shut off the switch of reality and daily life, to be yours. My body stopped responding to my actions and commands, and was simply owned by you, as if I were a part of you and you of me.

The chosen spot for the night was a small leather couch. You liked couches… I remembered that from our last scene a few months back. I left some of my clothes on, but they were very revealing, giving you access to anything you wanted. After all, I knew you’d own me that night when I picked my attire.

At first, your command was to sit facing you. You stood in front of me, contemplating with evil desire. I could feel the invisible veil being lifted and your inner sadist coming to life. He had a special way of being with me. Not the way I had read about in your writings. He had a freedom that gave him a life of his own. You’ve always kept him hidden from the world, afraid of his actions, his uncontrollable desire to possess and consume his prey. But I had met him a few times before. Yet, you never let him be completely alone with me. He was too dangerous. Every time he’d come to life with me, it’d be like a flash, a moment, until you’d catch him out and would immediately tuck him back in. Over time though, that proved to be a difficult task. You knew that with me, it was not as controllable. You knew that well. You knew that just as well as I knew the slave inside me would flourish and pin herself down at his feet, ready to please his every whim.

Your eyes shot darts at my thighs while my eyes could not hold back the tears as the fear creeped up on me. I knew what you could do. I knew what you were capable of. I knew what you were ready to do. Your lips instantly got a rubbing by your tongue as you looked at me intently. You bent over and with your hands on my knees and your eyes locked on mine, took pity on me, and gaining an ounce of compassion, you murmured, “Turn around.” I started breathing again as I placed myself on my knees, facing the wall, ass on display as my skirt rode up, partially because of my moving but mostly as a result of your impatient hands. I was glad you still had some control over your inner sadist.

I don’t remember the exact number of toys you used that night. I don’t remember the order in which you pulled them out or the intensity and volume of each stroke. I simply remember how it, once more, felt like a dance of sorts. You leading the steps, and my body simply following you and the tune each implement played on my bare skin and my wrinkled leather and lace. I remember how my primal slave, the salve to the lust you created, contorted to escape the pain, only to swiftly come back to it to find the pleasure.

Every stroke, every crack, every hit, every smack felt like your erotic kisses and caresses. Some would be soft, quick, almost imperceptible. They’d leave my mind wondering, “Where did it go?”, feeling it again before it finished asking the question. They landed unpredictably, in a different spot each time, making my mind bounce around at the same speed. Then, there were the painful ones. More predictable. More precise. They would land purposefully in the same spot. And when both were combined, they’d create the lasting bliss that followed and intensified desire, sending me into deep subspace… that world where all that exists is pleasure, quiet, where everything stops and all that remains is me, in my core form. The slave, submerged in a world of lust. Your slave to lust.

As the scene went on, my positions also changed. The pain made me want to fight and escape, and the pleasure would make me twirl and come back. I remember lying down at one point, the crop spanking my pussy and making it wetter each time it landed. You had always wanted to see me orgasm from the pain, as you whipped my pussy, your pussy to do with as you wished. The energy between us, that energy your sadism fed me, would bring me alive in more than one way. I’d beg you, “Please.”

“Please what?” you’d replied. Did I want to be fucked? Did I want to be whipped again? Did I want to be touched? Kissed? All of the above.

As the scene wound down, you sat down and said, “Did you enjoy yourself?”

I was drowning in lust, with so much sexual energy to spare that I did not hesitate to beg for more in my usual sarcastic way. “Is that all you got?” I said. I had learned in the past that nothing you say to a sadist ever works in your favor, not even being silent, so you might as well speak the truth.

You did not hesitate to pull me towards you, and pushing me down, over your knee, delivered a well deserved spanking on my already red and marked bottom. By the time you were done, you could almost feel the fire coming out of it. I stretched my arms and pulled myself up, to find your lips, and kissed you with all my passion. Your lips and tongue met mine, and the desire to devour each other’s soul consumed us and made us one.

I spent some time lying down and stayed with the sensations that were still very much alive, partially reminded of it by a very bruised and marked ass. It took me a while to recover and get up from the couch that was witness to our passion. Some chocolate, some conversation, hugs from others that saw me walking like a zombie when I thought I was all fine and good did the trick. I was finally ready to leave and looked for you in the crowd. As I approached you, I looked for your arms and your goodbye embrace, but found myself blacking out again and losing balance, as the power of your eyes and the way they looked at me instantly ate me alive. You didn’t have to use anything… it was simply done with your energy. You had that special way of stealing mine like a vampire that found new blood. Weak on my feet, you decided it was appropriate to escort me back to my room to make sure I made it ok. I was somewhat your responsibility at that point.

The hotel was only a few steps away, just across the street. After you locked the door, you kissed me again, and helped me remove my hooker boots and my winter jacket. I lay on the bed, wondering why you were there. You had sworn you didn’t play in private. Yet there you were. I was confused, afraid, thrilled, and simply drunk in lust. I crawled on the bed towards the little one seater where you had placed yourself. Your dark eyes were looking at me again, but your dick was the one that was pulling me to you this time. Thick and tall in his luscious erection, so inviting.

You helped me remove the rest of my clothes, and there I was, completely naked, bare and raw in front of you, for the first time. Your hands traveled through my body, fondling my breasts, pulling my hair and pushing my head, to go deep in my throat. You sent me back to the bed, and had me lay down. In an instant, your lips found my greedy pussy and your tongue landed on my clit, teaching me about parts of it I didn’t even know I had. You managed to control my whole body with such ease, as if it had been shackled to the bed, immobile. The lust that was consuming me with your every move was also feeding my desire for more.

Yet I was not the only one. I knew you had other plans and weren’t done with me. There was one more thing you had threatened to do, to truly own me. In the clumsiness of my moves, I managed to follow your lead, get up and turn around, bending my elbows on the mattress, face on the pillow, with my ass facing you. You entered me slowly and asked if I could feel you. Oh, my, could I feel you… Your erection deep inside, as I welcomed your thickness and your every move was certainly felt. I was fucked like a porn star, orgasm after orgasm as you thrust into me with animalistic roughness. Your dick covered in my white juices was the tangible manifestation of the carnal acts that shook my body time after time that night.

I lay dead-ish on the bed as I heard you walk away. I was too floaty to ask where to, and it was too painful to realize it was time for you to leave. In a spur of energy that got me back on all fours, I crawled towards you as you straightened yourself up. I wanted dick. My slave to lust was ready to show you her gratitude and have you explode all over her. But you like to keep your orgasms to yourself, and this time was no different. You knew I wanted it, you liked my begging for it, but a sadist doesn’t please, just takes. It leaves its prey wanting.

You kissed me goodnight, made sure I locked the door behind you, and silence then entered my room. I lay back down on the bed, and quickly fell asleep.

I don’t think I slept much that night. I woke up the next morning, rather confused, but still intoxicated by lust. My body was sore from the intense scene, and the amazing fuck, but I was refreshed and full of energy, in a blissful state that still felt much like subspace. I ate some breakfast and headed home. As I sat on the train I couldn’t help but re-play the sequence of events of the prior night, whatever I could remember.

I was forever his in submission. My body belonged and reacted to him without a doubt. His mere presence allowed my inner slave to come alive, and his talents helped her relish the lust created. And I felt empowered and freed by being his.

Consent is sexy. Learn before you engage in any sexual act, more-so in BDSM.

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