Weekend at Charles’s place, part four

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I never expected my sudden climax to be so… what’s the word? Monumental — as the one I had when I fell off the chair. I know it had to do with watching Juliet getting she-kebabed by two mean Black goddesses. They went at her with no hint of mercy.

I was still on the floor gasping, recuperating from the enormous pleasure I’d just had, when Sis came and stood beside my head gazing down at me. She looked at me like you’d look at a bug before stepping on it. I remained on the floor, too weak to get up.

She kicked me with her stiletto heel. “The fuck you doing down there, white boy? You done soiled Charles’s floor. Get up and lick up all that rotten cum!”

I howled as she kicked me again, prodding me to rise to my knees quicker than I should. I bent down and started licking up the streaks of cum I’d spilled on the floor. Sis kicked my behind and I yelped from the hurt.

“Quit stalling and clean that shit up, white boy!” she growled.

I hurried with my task. When I was done, she inspected my face to see if there were any traces left.

“Wait, you forgot something else.” She pointed at the toe of her shoe. “You soiled my shoes letting me kick you when I did. Go ahead and lick it clean, fucking pathetic rat you are. Go on!” she snapped.

I licked the tip of her shoe clean and then she offered me the other to do the same. She was holding a dog collar in her hand. She gestured at me to get back on my knees, which I did, and then she locked the collar around my neck, holding onto the leather leash.

“Come over here, white boy,” she said.

Sis pulled me forward towards the bed and I came on my hands and knees. Queen Bee had stopped fucking Juliet and had adorned her neck with a similar dog collar to mine.

“You love to eat pussy, bitch?” Queen Bee addressed my wife, yanking hard at her dog collar. “Answer me, dirty bitch. Do you love to eat pussy?”

“Yes!” Juliet shouted her answer. “Yes… I think so. I’ve never done it before.”

“That’s what you’re gonna do today.” She looked at me. “What about you, white boy? Ever enjoyed black pussy before in your life?”

“No, ma’am,” I replied.

“Alright, get over here. Let’s see what you bitches are made of.”

Queen Bee pulled Juliet off the bed and made her kneel beside me. She and Sis sat on the edge of the bed, then lay on their backs and threw their feet into the air. They simultaneously spread their labia folds for us; I stared at Sis’s pink wet gash and licked my lips. I wanted to motorboat that cunt like no black cock ever had before.

“Well what are you dumb bitches waiting for, a salute?” Queen Bee barked. “GET TO WORK!

“Yes, ma’am!” Juliet and I spoke simultaneously.

I buried my nose, lips and tongue into Sis’s pussy like a mutt hungry for a bone. I glanced out the corner of my eye at Juliet and saw she was performing a similar service on Queen Bee. Her lips smacked and slurped as loudly as mine. I listened to the murmurs and squeals of delight coming from Sis and Queen Bee. Sis’s thighs jerked and her pelvis squirmed against my face.

“Uuuuhhhhh yeah… Awwhhhh fuck yeah, white boy. You got you some nasty tongue on you.”

I couldn’t barely speak except to murmur my happiness that I was pleasing her. I heard Queen Bee making similar whimpers. She grabbed a fistful of Juliet’s hair and pushed her down on her cunt.

“Ohhhh fucking bitch, go on, eat that pussy,” Queen Bee groaned. “Awwhhh yeah, eat that nasty black pussy. You’re gonna love it more than black dick, y’ hear?”

I lifted Sis’s butt onto my face as I pursed my lips and sucked on her clit. I heard her mutter gibberish. Her body broke into a paroxysm and her moans went a higher octave. It wasn’t long before she squirted at my face. I wasn’t prepared for it and almost fell backward on my haunches. Sis grabbed the end of the leash which tugged at my collar and pulled me back to her. She smacked the side of my head and glared at me.

“The fuck told you to pull away, white boy? Next time I squirt, I want your mouth drinking every taste, y’hear!”

I apologized and resumed where I’d left off. Queen Bee was groaning feverishly, her body shaking like she was break-dancing. I watched out the corner of my eye as she sprayed Juliet’s face with her pussy juice. Juliet stuck her lips to it and lapped up every squirt. Queen Bee was gasping harder, and still Juliet kept on eating her pussy like her lips were glued to her cunt.

I rose to the challenge and applied every effort to making Sis get off the same way. Sis bucked and jerked under me. I slipped my finger into her cunt and sucked her clitoris simultaneously. I was hungry. I wanted her to cum harder than ever before.


Her moment arrived and she squirted over my face like before. This time I didn’t move a muscle, gulping her cum spray down my throat and loving it.

I was really fucking loving it!

To all my esteemed readers and followers, especially those in the U.S., here’s me wishing you a Happy Independence Day! Come back when you’re sober to read the concluding Part 5.

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