Up against the window: our impromptu sex show

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You have been giving me that look all night; that carnal gaze across the room that nobody notices but me. Our new home is filled with guests, yet I see only you. That skintight dress is begging to be ripped to shreds. I see you go up the stairs, your firm calves slowly flexing, always within my line of sight. I follow you.

When I’m close behind you, I feel your hand clutch my blouse. You lead me upstairs and feel around the dark, narrow hallway for the nearest door. Now, we are in our bathroom, still new to us. The only light I see is the crescent moon and stars twinkling through the windowpane.

I lift you up on the window ledge, making your dress ride up to your waist. Your long legs wrap around me. My fingers cross over yours. I kiss your lush, wet lips as I grind on you. Our hips tightly pressed together. I kneel, kissing your neck and chest on the way down. I lift your thighs over my shoulders and lick right through your panties.

I pull the drenched fabric to the side and kiss your sodden flesh. The taste of you, my elixir. I part your lips with my tongue and suck your pussy. Your hands grasp the ledge as your back presses against the window.

I can see a crowd form outside when I lick up into you. Our guests watch you dance on my face. Some in their cars, others just standing on the sidewalk. Their eager faces watch and they point, looking at us pressed against the glass. I shut my eyes and lick faster. My concentration stays on you. I want to feel your flesh explode on my lips. I suck your clit, then whirl my tongue around your pussy just the way you like.

Your thighs shake around my face as you moan louder. I grip your waist and press my mouth tighter over your pussy. My tongue goes in and out of your juiced slit. Then, finally, you grab my head and rock your hips on my face. I swirl my tongue faster until you come powerfully on my mouth. My lips are soaked with your sweetness. I lick up every drop.

You plant your heels on the ground and pull me up to kiss you. I feel your pussy wet against my thigh and I wrap my hand around your neck, letting you know I am not done. I slide my fingers inside you. I can feel your tight slick walls still throbbing. I want to feel you come again. I press my palm over your clit and fuck you with my fingers, starting gently then increasing the pressure.

I let go of your neck to grab your hair, pushing up into you as I pull you down. You wrap your arms around me, and grip my ass as my fingers go deeper still. I nibble your neck and breathe into your ear, telling you to come for me again. You moan louder, your hips trembling. I suck a bruise on the side of your neck. I flick my fingers in you faster, pounding at your G-spot. I make you come even harder than before. You scream out as you release your thunderous climax all over my hand.

We are soaked in sweat as we kiss again. The window has formed a halo of heat around the outlines of our bodies. I press your hand on it with mine, making wet squeaking streaks. I can feel your lips curve to a smile on my cheek. We have blessed every room in the house with our sexual presence and we only moved in a few days ago. I am not sure now if the house is full or empty. When I’m with you, the world suddenly disappears.

We go back downstairs and politely escort our remaining guests out the door. There are some knowing smiles and awkward expressions. The hem of your dress is still rumpled up. As soon as you close the door, my finger wraps around the side of your panties, pulling them down to your ankles. I kiss the backs of your thighs, and then up your back while I finally get your dress above your head. You turn around and kick off your heels, your soaked panties flung aside.

You push me down to the carpet and rip my blouse open. You undo my belt and keep it wrapped around your hand. The other tugs down my pants, throwing them behind you. I lift up to kiss your lips. You press the belt over my neck to keep me down. You bind my wrists with the belt and buckle it around the leg of the couch. I am trapped beneath you, unable to touch you. I feel helpless and horny. You pin me to the floor and kiss my chest. Your tongue roams around my breasts and you bite my nipples lightly. The slight sting sends jolts of pleasure down my body.

You kiss lower to my hips and wave your tongue over my mound. You ease your fingers inside me and suction your lips around my clit. I am so wet, I can hear your fingers squishing in and out of me. I spread my legs wide while you suck my clit harder. The perfect pressure of your mouth edges me closer to climax. You wrap your arm around my thigh and drive your tongue in and out of me. Your fingers fuck me again while you suck my clit. I can no longer keep still. I shake violently, letting my orgasm take me over. You make me come so hard, I scream out as my pussy pulses on your lips.

I look up as you kiss me softly. When you rest your head on my chest, I see a few of our guests with their faces pressed against the window. They have been watching us the entire time. I look to you and laugh. One of our guests has left her purse inside. You grab it, open the door naked, and toss it to her. Then, you finally slam the door and come back to me.

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