The Secret Visitor

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An erotic game of “don’t scream” behind the checkout counter

The scent of sex intermingled with the aroma of dusty old tomes and worn paperbacks in Angeline’s cramped little bookstore. She stood trembling behind the register counter, fingers fumbling clumsily over dollars and coins as she tried to focus on giving the customer in front of her their change. This was the second time it happened to be David, a polite and handsome regular, who walked in just as Jess had decided to stop by and“play.”

Fuck you, Jess and your stupid fucking games.

Jess was beneath the counter, her face at the V of Angeline’s thighs and her tongue doing a tantalizing dance around her clit. Angeline shot her an inconspicuous glare as she bagged David’s book selection. In response, Jess simply tilted her head to one side and winked up at her. Angeline’s legs nearly gave out when Jess used her hands to gently part her wet slit and lick indulgently over the little bundle of nerves at the center.

“Are you alright, Angeline?” David asked, concern creasing his brow. “Are you getting sick again?”

Angeline nodded, face flushed and sweat forming on her skin. Jess’s talented mouth was making it hard for her to focus. “Probably. I’m feeling a bit shaky and, ah…” she bit back a moan as Jess pressed something against her pussy opening and began slowly working the thick, blunt object into her. It felt amazing as it slid in easily, slick with her juices. I can smell how wet my pussy is...Jesus, I hope David doesn’t! “Yeah, a bit feverish. I’ll…ah…probably close up early.”

“Probably a good idea,” David agreed. His eyes dropped to her chest for only a second, but Angeline caught it. She couldn’t blame the poor man; Jess had already managed to get her bra off and had made Angeline stand at the counter with her huge tits hanging loose. Her nipples had hardened to swollen points and stood out taut and sensitive against the thick cotton weave of her sleeveless blouse. She might as well have flashed him. “I can give you a ride later if you aren’t well enough to drive.”

“Thanks, but I think I’m good,” she said, almost too quickly. “I-I mean thank…” the object — almost certainly a dildo — slid home and began slowly fucking into her, “thank you very much for offering. But I don’t want to trouble you.”

She started panicking when she heard an embarrassing, soft slurp emanate from beneath her. Jess was clearly getting there too; she always got reckless when she was into it. Angeline snuck a peak down at the other woman. Jess had closed her eyes, tongue working Angeline’s clit mercilessly as she fucked up into her pussy with a long, thick dildo. Jess’s other hand had long since snaked down her own body to begin chasing her orgasm.

Shit — just leave, David!

David frowned. “It wouldn’t be any trouble at all.” He was making longer, more lingering glances at her chest. They made eye contact as Jess let out a high, soft moan. Oh, fuck. One of his eyebrows lifted in question as his gaze slid down Angeline’s chest slowly and landed on her hands desperately gripping the edge of the counter. “Oh…I…” he trailed off as her breathing quickened and her back arched slightly.

Fuck. He knows. He didn’t say anything, but now was staring openly at her breasts. He looked…intrigued. Meanwhile, Jess’s tongue flicking over her clit was making undeniably loud, wet slopping sounds, as were the slick smacks of the dildo driving into her as Jess increased the tempo. Now the dildo was fucking Angeline in earnest, and it didn’t seem that her secret visitor cared that David could hear everything. Her pussy getting pounded from below made her breasts sway a little every time the toy slid home. And the entire time, David watched, completely bespelled.

“You’ll probably feel better soon, then,” he said softly.

Just then, Jess floated a single hand up towards Angeline’s tits. David watched intently as she tugged on Angeline’s right nipple through her blouse, eliciting a moan. She flicked the nub a bit, tugged again, and let go, causing Angeline’s giant, braless breasts to jiggle and quiver as Jess’s hand retreated back below the counter.

“Christ, Angeline,” David breathed. Angeline felt her orgasm building between Jess’ mouth on her clit, the merciless stretch of the dildo, and David’s intense gaze on her chest. She tried to keep her voice down, but her soft pants quickly grew to passionate moans.

David still didn’t move when Angeline shamelessly spread her legs wider and arched her back further to allow the dildo to drive home deeper. She was lost to pleasure at this point. If David wanted to watch, he was welcome to. The idea even excited her.

Jess increased the pressure of her tongue on Angeline’s clit. David’s eyes burned now, and he was adjusting his pants as he grew a sizeable hard-on. His gaze tracked the swaying of Angeline’s beautiful breasts and the slight humiliation of it sent electric sparks dancing through her body.

“You look so beautiful like that, Angeline,” David muttered, stroking himself slowly through his pants.

And that’s what threw her over the top. She screamed her release, back arched and both hands gripping the counter until her knuckles turned white. It took everything she had not to crumple to the ground as she squirted down the front of Jess’s face and tank top. Jess came with her, moaning into Angeline’s pussy as she did so. The two girls had to pause from the strength of their orgasms, and the silence stretched between Angeline and David as she tried to catch her breath.

“I’ll see you around, Angeline,” he said finally in an even, neutral tone. And with that, he pocketed his change, picked up his shopping bag, and walked out.

It was the ringing of the front door’s bell that signaled his departure and finally snapped Angeline out of her post-orgasm bliss. She felt herself turn the brightest shade of red as shame and anger rolled through her. She glared down at Jess.

“Now look what you’ve done!” Angeline said, gesturing toward the door. “You just made me come in front of one of my best customers!”

Jess giggled as she pulled the dildo from Angeline’s pussy in a slow, deliberate motion. Angeline groaned a little, her oversensitive body lighting up all over as one giant erogenous zone. A fresh wave of embarrassment washed over her when she realized that her own juices had dripped all the way down her thighs and even pooled a little on the wood floor.

“Oh please — he’ll be in here all the time now,” Jess said as she began gathering herself up. Once she was out of the way and up off the floor, Angeline snatched up a box of tissues and began cleaning herself up as best she could.

“Just get out of my store,” Angeline sighed. She swept her red hair up into a loose bun and tried to fix her makeup in a small compact mirror in her purse. Then, she straightened her skirt and threw her bra and panties into a plastic bag to take home with her. She was too sensitive to put them back on.

“Yeah, yeah — I’m going,” Jess laughed as she slung her bag over one shoulder. “But I’ll be back to play soon.”

“Nope, you’re banned.”

That made Jess laugh even louder and she didn’t even bother turning around as she exited the shop. Angeline’s head sunk into her hands as the bell on the door rang again, telling her she was finally alone. It was then she noticed a business card had been left on the counter. She picked it up to examine it.

Angeline groaned when she realized it was David’s. What a mess. I’ll deal with this later…I’m closing early.

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