The knowing look

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Until we met I did not know of loving, then you took the reins of my rioting mind and bridled my emotions.

Now you have only to look into my eyes, and I sense that you are privy to every thought that used to be my secret. You feel what I feel, knowing what I know before I know it myself. Before you, I thought that sex was just the entwining of bodies, an excitement of the moment; you have shown me that the passion of it is unending. Now I climax when you tell me to, because you are in my head, forcing me to do all that you know I need to do.

Such awareness should not be. Although your power scares me, it has become a fear I cannot live without. It drives me to you. You have no need to command, I beg in subjection to get what I need from you. By some convoluted way I have become what you are; you show me, control me, dominate me while at the same time making love to me as I would love myself, fusing us into a whole where each forces the insatiability of the other, opposing swings of the same pendulum in perfect balance and harmony.

No man should know so much, and make me want so much from you. You have become the focus of everything I am, and everything I need.

You make no demands, merely look at me to draw me to you. The force of you makes me helpless, I can do nothing other than offer myself to you to do with as you will. I want you to use me, where I have no existence but that which you allow me to have. You make me use my own will to give myself to you, in ways I have not done before.

Your eyes alone hold me in thrall. In our times of loving, you make me come to you with a raging desperation to be taken; but you have shown me that that is not a weakness, but a strength within myself, that lets me become a willing prisoner of my emotions as they rise to meet you. It is that need of your touch, to take your body into me that makes me the woman I am, the woman you have made me.

You hold back, and that leads me on a little further, each time using the intensity of your desire to increase the maelstrom of my raging need, playing with my mind, bringing me to screaming pitch by wanting what you have.

We do not need words. You can feel the heat of the fires you have lit, sense the moist and flowing desire that my body has for you. This is perhaps our most intimate time. A loving that so few can know, where your control of me is now so complete that you own me in the absolute sense.

You torture me this way because you know you can, and because you know I want to suffer for you. This awakens who I am, the woman I did not know existed until you set me free to recognise the power of the throbbing pulse that rises deep inside, slow starting, then faster and faster until my body begins to quake with wanting, driven to find the hard erect desire and impale myself on all that you are. I hit you with that first orgasm before we touch. The climax that I take from you is no longer a single sensation, but wave after wave of all consuming intensity, each time a new experience that binds me tighter to you.

Your gentle smile is one of invitation as my entire body begins to quake with need of you. You take me beyond endurance as climax begins to explode itself from me with sounds that are not of woman, but of the animal that you have unleashed.

I want more, and you know I must have more. You are the drug I am addicted to.

You watch my desire go out of control, and I climb onto your waiting hardness and drive myself down to have you deep inside me. This is my acknowledgement of the control you have over me, forcing me to fuck myself as each climax tears me apart with lust for you.

If I did not need you so much I could almost hate you for the power you have over me, to make me fuck myself again and again, never enough, always wanting more, always another climax that you force from me until they blur into a haze of ecstatic suffering where I can take no more and I collapse on you in exhaustion, then feel your arms tight around me, and soft sweet kisses on my neck before I drift into that blackness of sleep, feeling you still inside me, waiting until I wake.

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