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photo: Viv Thomas

I am strapped with an eight-inch dildo under my tights, driving home from a kinky party. It’s almost 4am but I’m wired from my night. Good! Because I have two hours to go before I make it to my own bed.

The interstate is empty. Peaceful and dark. Up ahead, I see flares lit on the shoulder. I usually don’t stop for such things, but I have a strong urge that this person needs help.

I park a few feet behind this dark green mustang and see a girl with a long ponytail bent over the trunk, looking for something. I find it strange that her hood isn’t up to signal distress, which is usually why people pull over.

“Hey, do you need to call somebody?” I ask. “I have a phone if you need one.”

She looks back and smiles at me. “Thanks, but I’m okay.”

“Alright,” I reply. “I’ll get going then.”

“No. Wait!” the girl interjects. “Please, stay a while. I don’t want to be alone while I’m doing this.”

“What is it that you’re doing exactly?” I ask, slowly stepping closer.

“I am looking for my toy. It’s in this trunk, I know it is.” Her voice muffles as she digs deeper through some luggage.

I laugh, shaking my head. It would make me a hypocrite if I dared ask her any questions, considering how I just spent my evening. Although my night is already over, and hers has yet to begin. I swear, we girls do some strange things when we’re in the mood.

I walk a little closer to see what it is that she’s really looking for. Then suddenly, she pulls out a gun and aims it right at my forehead.

“Guess you found your toy?” I ask with a half grin.

“I did,” she replies, breathing heavily. “Now, you’re gonna hand me your purse and keys, and I swear I won’t hurt you.”

I almost laugh this time. And it’s starting to piss her off. “I can’t do that, sweetheart. Well, actually if you need money, I have some. But you’re not taking my truck.”

She pulls me close and aims the pistol at my temple. “This isn’t your first time being robbed, huh?” she smiles.

“No, it is,” I smile back, “but your cheap ass gun isn’t the first I’ve had aimed at me. And trust me, I’m trained to defend myself.”

I should be nervous, but I’m not. Something in those pretty brown eyes of hers is sending waves of lust through me. She feels it, too.

I quickly grab her pistol from her and take out the magazine. I throw both pieces in a dark ditch, far from her reach. She doesn’t bother looking for it, but remains in eye contact.

I turn around and walk to my truck to grab a few hundred dollars out of my bag. I walk back calmly to the girl and hand it to her. I see tears well up in her eyes as I gently place the wad in her hand.

I turn to walk away, then suddenly she puts her hand on my shoulder. The touch startles me, making me push her up against her car. There’s a psychotic spark of arousal between us. The money I gave her flies away in the wind.

She kisses me. The feel of her lips has my nerves shooting in every direction as if I have a gun to my head again. Strangely, her kiss moves me more than her weapon.

I kiss her back. I keep her hands in mine and firmly press them against her car because I still don’t trust her. She grinds her body on mine. Her eyes snap open when she feels my mock cock between her legs.

Her body is telling me she wants it, the way her leg raises around mine. I pull my tights down as she pulls her pants down. I spit on my hand to lube the head, then I insert it slowly inside her.

She moans softly at the first fill. Her body warms instantly as I thrust it deeply inside her. Our fear and mistrust mingle with the jolt of getting exposed by a quickly rising sun. The thrill is exhilarating! Burning lust between strangers. Both dangerous. Both vulnerable. This fuck on the highway, maybe the only memory we will have.

I turn her around and bend her over the hood. Her arms are spread out, her pretty ass high in the air. I wind her ponytail around my hand and keep her head down while I fuck her hard from behind.

I can feel her pussy tighten around the dildo, making me work harder to stay deep. Her wetness is loud, her moans spectacular. I admire her lithe frame squeaking over the metal hood, as I pump in and out of her as fast as I can. There’s so much friction between us, I’m surprised we’re not on fire. If it wasn’t for the chill morning breeze, we would be.

I reach around her hips and rub her clit firmly. I massage it in circles as I fuck her deeper, really squeezing my ass cheeks together to get every inch inside her tight wet slot. She gasps, then shivers over the hood, cumming hard all over my cock. Her sexy quivering body sends me overboard. The inside of the dildo rubbing my clit just right. I climax as I press my body close to her ass, as if I’m nutting inside her.

I lift her up to grab her breasts and kiss her neck softly. We breathe in unison, erratic yet calm. I carefully slip the cock out of her and our lips meet again as she turns her head. I turn her whole body over to face me and she embraces me with a lover’s warmth. Making me forget she just tried to rob me, moments ago.

The sun is completely out. The first of many cars pass us on the road. We dress quickly to make sure no other cars stop. I kiss her softly as if I truly knew her.

“I have to go now,” I smile. “You stay out of trouble.”

“I will,” she smiles back. “Thank you!”

I speed off quickly. My blood rushing through my veins as if I’m running home. It takes over an hour and a few hundred miles before my nerves calm completely. I have a quiet reflection on my crazy evening, then fall into a deep restful sleep. My dreams are filled with normal boring things that would never happen in real life.

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