Pierced: her tongue gave me the most overwhelming orgasm I’ve ever experienced…

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This girl is different in every sense of the word. She is definitely not my usual type, outwardly clean-cut but with a secret life. She’s always the same; always herself. I admire that. She’s the type of girl that ignorant people judge at first glance. Her unapologetic attitude mixed with her unique style makes her seem unapproachable. Her look is Gothic and sexy; inverted French tips, jet-black hair, deep blue eyes, and milky white skin blanketed in ink. Her body is a work of art. Every inch of her back is covered in renditions of her favorite films, maps of countries she has visited, and soul searching quotes in different languages. She also has a thing for piercings. Both of her nipples are pierced, as well as her tongue, belly button, and clitoral hood.

We were out shopping and stopped by a grunge store. A new shipment of vibrating piercings had just arrived. She picked up a few in different gauges that suited her style. When we got to her place she decided to place one on her tongue and one on her hood. I’ve never felt vibrating piercings before. I couldn’t wait to discover how they would feel. I watched through the bathroom door as she screwed and unscrewed them with precision and care. I sat patiently on the bed with my legs crossed, sipping my wine. We were both already naked and comfortable. Her eyes kept meeting mine through the bathroom mirror. I was trying to distract her by making funny faces just to see if she would drop something and come over faster. That, and I loved making her smile.

She beckoned to me. I walked up behind her with my glass in hand, giving her shoulder a soft kiss. I felt the murmur of vibration through her cheeks as our lips met and she kissed me deeply. The little ball in her mouth purred over my lips as she tasted the wine from my mouth. She was such a good kisser. This new sensation added to the excitement. We made out like lovers on a first date.

She grabbed my face and tilted my head to the side to bare my neck. She gave me a few playful bites and soft kisses down the side. I bit my lip, aroused, feeling the little ball vibrate over my flesh. It was a pleasurable addition to the soft, wet suction of her mouth. She took my glass and trickled wine over my chest, licking it up from between my breasts and letting it run down to my nipples. She set the glass down and pulled me closer. I nearly lost my footing feeling her flick her pierced tongue over my nipples until they were rock hard and throbbing. I didn’t even notice my feet stepping back, trying to move away from the sensation when it became almost too much to handle.

Ultimately, I landed right back on the bed where I started. She hovered her face over mine and licked my lips, letting the piercing vibrate over them. I licked her back playfully and kissed her again. I played with her hair as she kissed slowly down my stomach. She teased my hips with her teeth and ran her purring tongue over my mound. She lifted my legs apart and turned the ball in her mouth a little tighter. The vibration became louder. I could hear it chatter over her teeth as she smiled up at me from between my thighs.

She stuck her tongue out and darted it in and out of my pussy. The vibration made my pussy tingle. I gripped the sheets tightly as her mouth nudged at my clit. Moisture trickled down my inner thighs. She spread my lips wider apart with her fingers and surrounded my clit with her mouth, resting the vibrating ball right over it.

My knees were shaking, the sensations coursing through me. The vibration was enough to tease me, but not enough to get me off quickly. I started to whimper impatiently, as I always do when I’m close to climax but need more stimulation to get me there. She knows it, and she kept right on teasing, keeping me on the edge. I began pressing my pussy harder against her mouth, and she held her tongue steady over my clit. The vibration was driving me crazy. I started bucking my hips into her face, begging for her to suck me. She wasn’t going to give in yet, though. Instead she straddled my face to shut me up.

Her pussy was soaked! Her juices ran down my chin as soon as she sat on my face. I gave both her ass cheeks a slap for her naughtiness, making them glow. I could feel her giggle over my pelvis as I spanked her harder, squeezing her ass firmly right after. The little ball over her hood vibrated between my lips. I caught it with my teeth and pressed it down over her clit with my tongue. Her thighs gripped against my face as I wriggled the ball over her flesh.

I spread her cheeks apart and squeezed my juice-slick middle finger into her ass. She started moaning over my pussy, adding even more sensation to my tingling clit. I sucked her pussy harder, pressing the vibrator tightly over her clit as I circled my tongue over her flesh. I pushed my finger deeper in her ass and held it there. She began shaking over my face, her moans going up a register as they reverberated through my pussy. My other hand squeezed her ass as I came closer. I lifted my hips off the bed, chasing my orgasm until I exploded over her mouth, the longed-for climax finally released.

Her pussy trembled over my face as she came shortly after, her nails digging into my inner thighs as she quivered with each blast of orgasm. I played with the sticky sweet nectar from her pussy and grazed my lips over her trembling flesh. The little ball was still vibrating over my tongue as I played with it. This was just the foreplay…

She clambered off me and started digging in the drawers for more toys. She lit some candles and set them around the bedroom, her shadow dancing on the wall. The butterfly tattoos on her arm seemed to flutter in the warm glow. She came back to the bed with a strapless dildo and a long black candle. I watched in delight as she wet the short end of the dildo by whirling her tongue around it. She inserted it inside her pussy, then lit the candle.

She edged closer and lifted my legs over her thighs and around her waist. My pussy was still wet from the thrill of her mouth. The thick rubber cock slipped smoothly inside me. I moaned in delight feeling it stretch me open. The little ball on her hood purred over my clit as she went deeper. She held the candle flame over my chest and wound her hips slowly, making the dildo stir around my G-spot. The first few drops of wax were painful. The instant rush of heat made me gasp.

The slow, steady pace of her thrusts had my drenched pussy yearning for more. She dripped some wax onto my stomach and fucked me harder and deeper. I was slowly losing my senses, caught in the mix of pleasure and pain. I was about to explode any moment now. She could feel it, too. She wrapped her hand around my neck and pressed her pussy close, making the little ball tremble over my clit. My legs gripped tightly around her waist, my toes curling. I was unsteady. My sight blurred. Blood rushed to my head as she choked me harder. My breath momentarily faded. She dripped more wax on my chest as the vibrating ball pressed my clit. I dug my nails into her waist, shaking wildly as I exploded from the inside out. She finally let go of my throat, letting me release the gasps and moans that had been restrained by her hand. My heavy life-seeking breaths blew out the candle.

I slid the dildo out of us both and switched the ends around. I flipped her onto her front and pushed it inside her soaked slot, holding her legs together so her pussy squeezed it tight. I could hear the faint purring of her hood piercing. I grazed my nails over her beautiful ornate back tattoos, tracing the lines. I thrust deep. She moaned, her face buried in the pillows. She bit down harder as I fucked her faster. My sweat dripped over the designs on her spine.

Her pussy tightened around the thick end of the dildo. The grip was so strong the short end slipped out of me. I knew she was close. Her whole body was shaking. I grabbed a fistful of her hair right above her nape and held her head still. My other hand began thrusting the dildo in and out of her pussy. Every stroke made her moan even louder. I fucked her harder and harder, until my arm ached. She was screaming and cursing into the pillow. She came so hard I could feel her pussy clenching, the vibrations traveling up the dildo.

The little ball was still murmuring beneath her. I turned her over again. She was a wet, sweaty, beautiful mess. I straddled her soaked body and kissed her softly. The wax on my chest was slowly peeling off and sticking to her breasts. She gripped my hair in her hands and kissed me again. The little ball whirled around my tongue. Her legs wrapped around me, pulling me closer.

I didn’t think I could take any more. The sensations were just too intense. But I didn’t want her to stop. This was only round one…

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