Hot Night

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You offer me the whip,
to draw across my lips,
a hotly eager tongue
that makes the leather wet
with anticipation and desire
wanting it to trace the lines
of blazing pain across my flesh.

There is such searing want
driven by Your touch
and incandescent need of You.
Your endless skill in finding me,
using the furnace of my body
to forge the links of chains
that hold me for eternity.

Feeling the burning cords
that hold me for Your lash
hurting in ways I want to hurt
a hurt that is my gift to You
a hurt that becomes a part
of my heated love for You
that is part of what we are.

You open up my mind
to make me beg for every
burning line across my body,
helpless as I wait for hot pain
that will reveal my warmly
flowing juices to Your hand
as you explore my heated need.

I begin the count and listen as the whip
cuts through the air
to brand me with Your marks
that I want to wear forever
and cause hot juices to flow
from me when I touch
your fiery lines of torment.

My flowing juices invite your hand
to know my urgent need of more
making me squirm and writhe
letting the glowing embers of my pain
subside a little to Your
fingers as they take their
soothing pleasure of me.

Offered to my lips
I drink my juices eagerly
wanting You to know
Your wet fingers are sucked
with the joy of where we are
a soft bite driving You
to flog me until I leave our now.

Hard and relentless
my body rises to meet all
the lashes that fall upon my count.
Something I cannot contain within me
to have such searing pain
to bring me to a climax
such as this.

The cross that holds me bound
shudders as my being takes release
in ways that You have intended.
Too much, pain and pleasure mixed into
this boiling cauldron of insanity
so that I know not where I am
or care not if I return.

I feel You are gently untying me
and carrying me to our loving bed
where I can be held by You
and find your breast to lay my head
to feel You stroke my hair
in gentle tenderness until I can return
from where You sent me for this time of bliss.

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