My Lesson in Submission: a week in the House of Pleasure

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The estate was in the countryside, the land filled with maze gardens, thick beds of flowers neatly arranged by color to make the patterns of the house crest. My host escorted me through the garden gates and gave me a quick tour of the house. I smiled cordially at each passing unfamiliar face, as we went along a long narrow hall and through elegant double doors. My head swam in anticipation and apprehension of the eager bodies waiting to meet me, devouring me with their eyes.

I was taken to a steam room to be cleansed. Every inch of me was stroked and scraped clean of any smear of dirt from the outside world. My hair was washed and tied tight in a bun. Male and female hands washed and scrubbed me down from my neck and chest, stomach and buttocks, legs and thighs, and the tops and bottoms of my feet. Not one morsel of me was left untouched.

They took a moment to drain the large tub and then the men held my arms above my head and the women held my ankles, my legs wide apart. A tall, curvaceous blonde inserted a nozzle inside me. I shivered a little from the entrance, my sex wet and welcoming. She turned on the hose and unleashed a powerful jet of warm liquid, flushing me from the inside out. They sat me up on my knees and she took out the nozzle. The excess liquid inside me came gushing out between my thighs.

The men poured lukewarm water over me and scrubbed me down again. Then a chair was brought inside. It was unusual in shape. There was a hole in the middle of the seat and a concave piece cut away at the front. They had me sit on it and held me down again, this time the ladies at my arms and the men at my feet. A handsome groomsman with muscular hands knelt on the floor in front of me.

He had an intricate razor and a bowl of shaving cream, which he applied right on my pussy and started shaving off every hair. He spread my sex, stretching the lips open. He grazed the razor across my flesh until it was as smooth as silk.

The women rinsed away the foam and applied warm oil to my pussy, making it tingle. I closed my eyes and gasped when the woman on my right sneaked her fingers inside me. She looked at me with a naughty expression and ran her fingers across her tongue, as if to sample my taste. She gestured to the men that I was ready.

They stood me up on my feet and wrapped me in soft towels, then oiled and scented my neck and arms. I felt thoroughly purified, my skin infused with the sweet scent of jasmine.

I was escorted to a bedroom where more staff were waiting for me. Different arrangements of costumes were laid out, all black lace and leather, all tight and revealing.

The first chosen was a tight bodice that squeezed my breasts together, making the curves of my bosom swell. They had me step carefully into a simple black silk thong that barely covered the lips of my pussy. I felt even more exposed with the outfit on than when I was fresh out of the bath. A diamond studded collar was wrapped around my neck, with a little silver ring in the front. The staff departed quickly, as if there was an urgent schedule of which I was unaware.

The double doors swung open. Two masked figures entered, a man and a woman, each as beautiful as the other. I held my breath. The gentleman was in a crisp black linen tux with a white bow tie. His bright green eyes gleamed through his mask, piercing right through me like a dagger. His black hair was slicked back neatly, not one strand out of place. The lady was adorned from head to toe with soft metal. Her neck was gilded with golden spiral chains. Her eyebrows and eyelids were painted in lush amber. Her hair was like freshly spun gold, combed straight back, amplifying her luscious curves. I could see her deep sea blue eyes through her eye mask, lips red and juicy, skin fair and smooth; a timeless beauty.

She walked over to me and clasped the end of a leash to my collar, then began to walk swiftly. I hurried behind her, almost losing balance. We followed the gentleman to a door which led us down a different passage, where the light receded. By the time we got to the end of the passage it was pitch black. I had no idea what was to become of me. For a moment, all I could feel was the tugging of the leash and soft breath on the back of my neck. They had me pinned between them, ensuring I could not turn back.

I heard a loud clanking sound as the bolted door in front of us was opened. Then, I saw the fiery light of torches, gleaming in the mysterious room beyond. It was a dungeon of sorts. I saw cages and harnesses, straps and whips draped all over the wall. The smell of sweat, sex, and pain hovered all around me, overwhelming the fresh jasmine on my skin.

“Kneel, slave,” they said in unison. I could tell they were strict and ill-tempered.

I dropped to my knees, eyes cast to the floor, my body trembling. The floor was dry and cold, smoothly polished; granite maybe, or marble. I couldn’t tell in such dim lighting. The gentleman walked around me and began to speak.

“Before you even wonder, there is no safe word here. We are your Master and Mistress and will only be addressed as such. You are at our will and command at all times. If you disobey in any way, you will be punished. If you comply in your training, you will be rewarded for your good behavior.”

His words hit me, as if I were already being flogged. No safe word? I must have missed that in the brochure. I had signed up for a week of submission training, not actual slavery. I grew nervous. I felt my heartbeat rise to my throat but no sound came out except, “Yes, Master.” As if my lips spoke for me without my brain telling them to. I was naturally succumbing to my role, as if I was born for it.

The lady tugged at my leash again, making me stand straight up. She examined me. Her thumb and forefinger pinched my chin, moving my head about, studying my features. “What a pretty little face,” she said proudly. Then, I looked at her, accidentally making eye contact. Before I knew it, the back of her hand struck my face, her knuckles making my cheekbone sting. I felt the rush of humiliation coursing through me. I kept my head down, concentrating on her breasts, heaving angrily.

“You’re fucking up already,” she hissed. “Do not look me in the eye unless I say so.”

“Yes, Mistress. I’m sorry, Mistress,” I replied quickly. I could feel tears rise. Deep down I knew this wasn’t a game. I was afraid. I already had a feeling that by the week’s end, I would not be the same person.

My Mistress snapped her fingers and a leather-clad gent carried me across the room. I felt like a potato sack over his shoulder. He set me down and undressed me roughly, the gorgeous bodice now like a crumpled rag on the dark floor. He bound my arms above my head and attached them to cuffs on the wall. He spread my legs apart and bound them in chains as well. My bare breasts heaved, my pussy open and exposed. My body tensed, sweat trickled down my stomach, slowly dripping down my perfectly shaved pussy. I looked forward and kept my face stern. My Master and Mistress were whispering to each other, then the gentleman departed. My Mistress walked towards me, belt in hand.

She took the diamond collar off my neck and bit the flesh lightly. The feel of her lips made me melt. It was the only tender touch I’d had since arriving. She took the buckle of the belt and pressed it roughly over my nipple, making the little nub protrude past the cool metal and right to the pinching pin that goes through the holes in the belt. I gasped, my tears flowing again. The contradictions of pain and pleasure were pushing my emotions over the edge.

She grabbed my other breast and squeezed it harshly, then let her nails trail down my chest and stomach. She cupped my pussy in her hand, like she was weighing a sack of fruit. My cunt was hungry for entrance. My clit throbbed on her palm, begging to be touched.

“My groomers did an excellent job on you,” she whispered, while inserting her middle finger inside me. “Not one hair left… perfectly fuckable.”

She raised her hand and smeared my juices on my lips, making me taste myself. I tasted delicious. I licked my lips, savoring my wetness. My Mistress leaned in and licked my lips softly. Her tongue made my entire body jolt in surprise. I wanted her to kiss me so badly. I tried to lean forward to catch her lips with mine, but she quickly withdrew.

“Please let me kiss you, Mistress?” I pleaded. “I’ve never tasted anything like your lips before.”

She came close to my face again, clamping my lower lip between her teeth. “No.” she teased. “You are a long way from earning that.”

I felt disheartened by the rejection. It made me crave her even more. I wanted my hands free so I could touch her somehow. I struggled to get loose. She took the belt and walloped my thigh, then again across my stomach. The sting was unbearable. I felt an instant flush of heat as my pussy yearned for her touch.

But she left. I felt a rush of loneliness as she walked out the door. I felt like I was alone for hours, nothing but my thoughts to keep me company. My pussy was desperate and aching to be filled by someone, anyone.

I drifted to sleep for a while. A short dream, a smoldering moment with my face buried between my Mistress’s thighs, my tongue lapping incessantly at her delicious slit with her body winding and wiggling in climax. My pussy pulsed in sympathy.

Suddenly I felt something hard and smooth enter me. My Master’s cock slowly slipped inside me, my wetness gushing out over his lap. I moaned softly, welcoming the entrance. The torches burned lower than before, only allowing me to see shadows over his shoulder. His masculine grunts warmed my ear. His smooth linen suit pressed tightly upon my breasts. My legs shivered as he fucked me harder and faster. All I could do was clench my muscles tight, taking in every sweet thrust until my pussy spasmed in climax. He felt it. He felt me come all over him! I could tell by the way his cock grew harder inside me. He took his cock out, then slowly entered me again, quivering as he came inside me, the last deep thrusts filling me to the core.

“What a good little slut you are,” he groaned. “I am going to make sure this tight wet cunt of yours is loosened properly.”

His words made me shudder. I felt like my body was suspended, floating in midair, lost in a dream. I had never felt so free. I had never felt so violated and helpless. The rush of pleasure and anguish all rolled into one, all directed into this moment when I pleased my Master by doing absolutely nothing. He indeed pleased himself, using my body to do so.

I saw a line form behind him. A row of naked men, cock in hand, ready to fuck me senseless. One came in me, then another, and another. My hungry cunt was being force-fed into climax repeatedly. The different sizes of their cocks, the widths and lengths, bursting in me until they were satisfied. I was no longer human, but a pet or plaything strapped to a wall, an orifice to be filled with hungry cocks with hungry eyes, waiting to devour me.

The last man standing was the most beautiful of them all. He had a broad chest and broad shoulders, his arms muscular; his cock could fill two fists. I had cum spilling and gushing out of me, my pussy well-lubricated for more. And I wanted more. I wanted him! He came at me like an animal. His firm hands gripped my hips and he squeezed his thick glorious cock inside me. The feeling of being filled was astounding. My hips danced in ecstasy, trying to meet his rhythm with what little leeway to move I had. My fists clenched, I moaned and groaned my pleasure out. I was trapped on the brink of orgasm as his cock hammered my G-spot over and over.

My climax came quickly and powerfully, his thick shaft fucking me right through the pulses. His groans grew louder, his thick body smashing me against the wall. When he came, I felt the seas of heaven wash over me. A fountain of lust gushed between my legs, spraying down my thighs and all over his cock. His quickened breath warmed my face.

He looked deep in my eyes. In the fiery light of the room I felt something more than a game, a connection with a complete stranger that was strong and unabashed. His eyes lingered. He leaned in and kissed me softly. He was the only one to do so.

Then, I was alone again. But only for a moment. A group of women came in and freed me from the shackles and chains, supporting me on their shoulders. They took me to the bath and washed me down. I was again scrubbed and polished. One of the ladies cupped a suction over my pussy that sucked all the semen out of me, leading to a sealed transparent jar. The soft rubber opening was also sucking my clit along with the fluids and made me climax brazenly as I was being cleaned out. What a marvelous little contraption! My body was then lulled to sleep in the warm water of the tub. They woke me shortly after and wrapped me in a thick white bathrobe, walking me to another part of the house. It was just as mysterious but brighter, and more elegant. Everything in the room was white and gold. The sheets were silk. The house crest was embroidered on the comforter.

The ladies left me on the bed, naked and clean. Was I to sleep, I wondered? Could I rest, finally? Something told me that wasn’t the case. And I was right. Not even a moment passed and my Mistress came through the door. Her gold stripped off. She was just as naked as I was, and just as clean and polished. I wanted to touch her. I wanted to earn her kiss. Was I finally free to do so?

“Your first reward…” she said with a devilish smile. She crawled on the bed and took me in her arms. The scent and feel of her skin overwhelmed my soul. I kissed her lush red lips, fervently, reverently. My drowsiness gave way to a rage of lust as she finally allowed me to kiss her and touch her.

She ran her tongue down my neck and cupped my breasts. Her touch was gentler now, more loving, except her nails that trailed across my back leaving lust-filled scrapes, marking me as hers. After all, I belonged to her. But for tonight, she was my equal. We were free to move and free to feel. She was free to let me take her to a new dimension of pleasure she had never reached.

I lay her down on her back and slowly kissed down her body. Her pussy leaked over mine as I pressed my body down to grind on her. It was just like my dream. I hoisted her thighs over my shoulders and ran my tongue up and down her soaked lips. Her sweetness was like nothing I had ever tasted. Her juices and soft opening resembled ripe mangoes from far regions of islands undiscovered. I felt nourished as I drank her down, driving my tongue as deeply inside her as I could. I sucked and slurped, lapped and licked. Her pussy quivered on my lips until it pulsed and throbbed just like the heart beneath my chest.

I saw her hands grip the sheets. I didn’t let go until she came twice more. I wanted to drown in her. I wanted her taste in my mouth forever. After her fifth orgasm, her sensitive little nub needed a break from my mouth. She pulled away, one hand in my hair, the other around my throat. She made it clear I was to submit to her command, even when I was pleasing her.

She pushed me on my back and grazed her teeth over my hip. Her tongue whirled across my pussy and up into me. My cunt was intolerably wet. I felt her gasp for breath, lapping deeply inside me. Her tongue was so soft and strong. Its gentle twists and turns drove me mad. She gripped my thighs firmly, her lips suctioned around my flesh, my clit trapped in the commotion like a surrounded captive. There was no way out. She sucked it like a cock, her head bobbing up and down. Every muscle in my stomach danced and fluttered to the sensation. I envisioned this imaginary cock of mine spurting a fountain of cum down her throat, impregnating her mind.

I was lost in her. She slowed her pace and lessened the pressure as my whole body collapsed. I moaned louder than I have ever moaned before as I came powerfully in her mouth. I was bathed in my own sweat, my eyes barely strong enough to stay open.

This was only my first night here. What would become of me with six more to go?

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