Fogged Frames

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Let’s get those glasses all steamed up…

I walk into the bedroom as you dress for work. You smooth back your hair that I have been tugging on all night. You dab foundation on the marks I left on your neck. Not one trace of naughtiness remains. We are not even making eye contact, which tells me your aim is to get ready and go.

I notice you take out these executive black frames from the drawer. I have never seen you in glasses before. Instantly, it does something to me that I can’t quite explain. I lie on the bed, completely absorbed in you. I am afraid to even blink, otherwise I might miss something. A gesture, maybe. A glimpse.

What is it about those glasses that I find so sexy? Maybe, it’s the sapiophile* in me that is attracted to your intellect. Maybe it’s how your gorgeous eyes look in them when you smile. I still haven’t quite figured it out. All I know is, I take one look at them and already envision countless fantasies, just waiting to be fulfilled. It may also be that you look so neat and pristine. The cleanliness is egging me on to get you all hot and dirty again. In my head, I am already between your legs, tongue-deep in your twat, making your glasses fog and slide down. On the outside, I am calm and collected, not giving much hint of my fiery thoughts, screaming in silence.

“Are those new?” I ask, nonchalantly.

“No,” you smile. “I wear them sometimes instead of contacts.”

“You should wear them more often… they look very sexy on you!” I smile mischievously. You look at me through the mirror and smile back sweetly, unaware of my lustful ruse.

I wait patiently until you are ready to go. Your hair and makeup are perfect. Your suit jacket is freshly pressed. Your lovely glasses, perfectly fitted to your beautiful face. You lean down to kiss me goodbye, but I don’t let you go so easily. I smudge your lipstick with my tongue, holding your wrists firmly.

“Baby, please, I have to go,” you giggle. I almost believe you, but your quickening breath and soft moans are telling me otherwise.

“You can come for me one more time, can’t you, baby?” I whisper seductively, carefully removing your pants, rolling your panties down along with them. I set you down on the edge of the bed as I drop to my knees. I kiss up your thighs gently, and spread them wide. “Don’t lie back,” I command, “or you will mess your hair up.”

“Naughty girl!” you moan as you look down at me, biting your lip in lust. I lick up and down your perfectly shaved pussy, letting my tongue drive deeper each time, reveling in your sweet taste.

I look up and see your glasses begin to fog, mouth slightly parted, your body in position for action. It’s the ultimate vision I had all along. Small beads of sweat form on your neck and face, making you glisten. You are thrusting your hips slowly, meeting the pressure of my mouth in a sensuous rhythm. I sneak my hand under my chin and ease two fingers inside you. I can feel your clit swell between my lips as soon as I curve my fingers inward. Your walls grip around them. The sweet sound of juices squelching on my hand motivates my drive. My own pussy throbs in sympathy just tasting your sweet cunt nearing combustion.

Your glasses are now completely blotted in steam. Your arms are shaking. Your soft moans have turned to a loud “fuck yes” and “please more.” I flick my tongue rapidly between your soaked lips, your clit pulsing, at the verge of explosion. Your breath hitches and your legs shiver over my shoulders. I push my fingers deeper inside you, hammering your G-spot with full force.

You tilt your head back as your sexy moans echo to the ceiling. My eyes shut tight, concentrating on your orgasm, memorizing the subtle movements that cue exactly when you are about to come. I can feel it now! I lessen the pressure and suck your clit softly. I keep my fingers still to make you rock your hips to my face. You thrust up and down, quivering and convulsing, as you reach your deep throbbing climax. I keep my tongue on your pulsing clit until you slowly come down from your orgasm, your hands pressed tightly to the back of my head, shaking it all out.

You have no time to wash up, so I lick you clean, being careful not to leave one drop of juice on your pussy or inner thighs. Then, my tongue touches your clit again. I swear it was an accident. I kiss it softly. This time, accidentally on purpose. A soft exhale of breath follows. I shut my eyes to restrain myself. I know if I keep going, you will be extremely late.

I force myself to stand, then kiss your lips softly. I take your glasses and clean them quickly, knowing you have to leave soon. I am suddenly tentative… silent.

You give me a naughty look, a sensuous smile cornered up, a kiss with your teeth softly biting my lip. Your eyes lock on mine, no longer in a hurry to leave. You push me back on the bed. Your hair comes down. You undress quickly and throw your suit in a wrinkled mess behind you. You take your frames and slowly trail the smooth glass up my thighs, then to my pussy, as you hover over my body, calculatingly… predatory. The cool, smooth glass presses my clit, the heat of my pussy fogging the lenses.

You make sure I am watching your every move as you lick my juices off the frames seductively. The mere sight of your tongue pressed against the glass is almost enough to make me come. You slide the glasses up and down my clit slowly, the bridge between the lenses adding to the sensation. It’s kind of like the grazing of parted lips without the warm breath.

Your fingers inch inside me slowly as you press the glass a little harder. I can barely stand the gentle teasing. I am overheating in passion, craving to be fucked senseless. I try to thrust my hips up and down to increase the pressure, but whenever I move too fast, you pull away. This is your way of telling me to be still, and that you alone are in control. I just can’t help it. My need to come is overtaking my sanity. I also feel a rush of danger, as your glasses could break if I thrust too hard. The need to be still is turning me on even more. I am about to burst, any second… but still, I obey. I look down at your lust-filled gaze and submit to your authority.

The steady crescendo of pleasure rises as I feel every particle of the lenses on my pussy, taking me closer to my inevitable culmination. I start shaking and gasping. My body struggles to hold still, taking the excruciatingly slow slide of the dripping wet frames. My hips and thighs shiver as you slide the glasses back down, my climax peaking at the very tip of the lens. My whole world shatters. The throbbing is intense, cataclysmic! I lie there dumbfounded, silently hoping you don’t ever wear contacts again.

*Sapiophile — one who is attracted to intelligent people. A person who finds intelligence attractive. from Latin sapio (‘wise, sensible, discerning’) and Greek -phile (‘loving’).

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