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Part twelve: A passionate lesbian threesome

Looking back on it, the only surprise about that threesome was that it took as long to happen as it did — after I had told Sue about Angela, her sexual appetite had made it inevitable, but it introduced a whole new layer of complications into my life.

Liam was asleep next to me. I admired the ripple of his muscles where the sheet fell clear of his shoulder. With each breath his deep chest expanded and contracted with the even rhythm that only the contented can achieve. I swept my hair up and settled down into the bed, stretching my legs and wriggling my pelvis as I recalled the evening when the two women who filled my dreams had climbed into bed with me for the first time.

I wrapped a strand of my hair around a finger while I enjoyed the memory of that night of wanton lust — despite all the encounters the three of us had had since, it remained very special. It had all begun with the signing of a really big contract, the negotiations for which had been so complex that I had had no time for anything else for weeks.

I caught myself absent-mindedly rearranging the straps of my nightie, a floaty delicate black tulle creation with gorgeous red floral embroidery on the décolletage, and I smiled. It was Angela’s favourite, and she had paid a small fortune to get it. I ran my fingers over my nipples and watched them tent the thin fabric as it lay over the swell of my breasts. Sheer self-indulgence? I believe not. I am worth it.

When the contract was inked, I threw a party for my employees and a few close friends, and when everyone else had gone home, Sue, Angela and I found ourselves contemplating the wreckage in the kitchen, and the certain knowledge that it wasn’t going to go away just by looking at it. They volunteered to help, so I fetched another bottle of champagne to help ease the pain, and the three of us had everything back on the shelves in no time flat. Afterwards we sat, talking of everything and nothing, and I seem to recall that that was the first time I heard that Toby was different, and that Sue was covering up for him in case Ted found out. Once that came out, she sat with her head in her hands, and Angela, because she is a sweetie, massaged her shoulders, and we worked our way through the tissues before Angela pulled herself together and said defiantly, ‘Well so what? I am sure he would be welcome around here, wouldn’t he?’

I was still trying to get my head around the idea, but I had to agree. There is so much prejudice ruining this world that I had no ambition to add any more venom to its already poisonous bite. But my head was swimming a little, and it wasn’t the time to take it on, so I changed the subject and said, ‘Sue, Angela is the best masseuse I have ever come across. Why don’t you ring Ted, tell him you are staying over, and we can all relax?’

Sue laughed, ‘Hey, why not, I have had too much to drink, anyway.’ She took Angela’s hand and moved it down so that it lay just above her breast. ‘And you need to stay too, please.’

Even Angela could not say no to Sue when she was in that kind of mood, and by then she knew everything there was to know about the pair of us. Sue’s mouth formed a sweet little O as Angela’s hand slipped beneath her blouse and she watched her fingers gently caress her nipple, half obscured by the lace of her bra. Sue settled back with an audible, ‘mmmmm…’ followed by, ‘that… is… so… nice.’ Angela responded by cupping her other breast, and Sue wriggled in appreciation.

There were a few minutes of silence, during which I thought Sue had fallen asleep, but then she opened her eyes and asked, ‘Can we go to your massage room?’

The house had a vast basement that that was almost the same size as the ground floor. It had been built as a climate controlled home for the previous owner’s collection of Lamborghinis, but when I moved in, I had divided it up into a series of rooms without any clear idea of what to do with them. That began to change when Angela entered my life. The garage was beautifully warm, even in winter, and it turned out to be the ideal setting for a sexual playground, although that idea was none of my thinking. It had taken one look at the empty rooms to leave Angela brimful of ideas, but the only parts that had been completed by the day of the party were the gym, the sauna and the massage room next to it. The other seven tenths of the space lay unused.

‘Of course, we can go down if you like,’ I said.

Sue gave a little scream of joy when she saw the new layout and clasped her hand over her mouth. I had told her everything about it, and had even shown her the plans, but the fitters had done an incredible job. ‘This is amazing!’ she said, clapping her hands together.

‘Would you like to be the first person to try it out?’ I asked, but Sue’s clothes were already in a heap on the floor. She looked utterly desirable prone on the couch, and as I scooped up her things and folded them on a chair, she caught my hand.

Angela began work on Sue’s calves while I worked on her back, enjoying the feeling of Sue’s hands working my thighs. We moved ever closer to her stunning little rump, drawing every ounce of anticipation out of the delay. When our hands met, so did Angela’s and my lips, and when we kissed, I felt Sue give a soft moan and guessed that Angie’s questing finger must have found her clit. I bent so that my nipples brushed along the entire length of Sue’s back, enjoying the sensation of them touching the tiny soft little hairs there — and then I kissed Sue’s firm buttocks as she spread her legs to make room for the pleasure that Angela was bringing. It wasn’t long before Sue had a hand inside my panties, and I was being treated to a closeup view of Angela’s fingers sliding in and out of her own gaping pussy.

I felt Sue’s breaths becoming shorter and more frequent, before she began to pant, and then her hands clutched me as she came in a series of little squeaks and gasps. She struggled into a sitting position, pulled Angela towards her and kissed her hungrily, before doing the same to me. ‘Let’s continue this upstairs,’ she announced, hopping lightly off the table and leading the way. I grabbed her clothes and we ran after her as fast as our skirts and heels allowed.

At Sue’s insistence, one of the bedrooms had an emperor sized bed in it, and it was plenty big enough for three. After they had disappeared under the duvet, I found myself sandwiched between the pair of them, with no idea whose fingers were exploring my pussy — even when I raised the bedclothes, all I could see was a tangle of blonde and brunette hair. Underneath the covers their mouths were busy with my breasts, and as their kisses and playful nips turned into a steady sucking of my impossibly erect nipples, I felt their hands join at my groin. It felt so warm and wonderful that I didn’t ever want it to stop, and when Angela glanced up to smile at me, I said, ‘As far as I am concerned, the pair of you can keep on paying attention to me like that until we fall asleep.’

At that, Sue’s face smiled up too, framed by her tousled hair, and split by a smile of utter happiness. She looked at Angela and said, ‘Tabby adores anything like this, but I am sure you don’t need me to tell you that, darling,’ and she leaned over and suckled Angela.

It wasn’t long before Angela was laughing and telling her to stop, ‘You are biting me!’ she cried in mock anger, clapping a protective hand over her nipple. That was enough of an excuse for the pair of us to pounce on Sue, and punish her by attacking her nipples with our teeth, until she was a helpless giggling heap against the bedhead with a hand over each breast, her family troubles forgotten.

‘Make me come again,’ she asked, with shining eyes. ‘Please.’

We took turns to bury our faces in her sex, until I knew she was very close. ‘Come on,’ I said, ‘let’s make this super special.’

I lay under Sue in a 69 as I had done so many times in the past, gently caressing her clit with the tip of my tongue while Angela ran hers back and forth across Sue’s anus. I felt myself being clutched tighter and tighter, until at long last Sue came with a long drawn out shudder.

‘I want to do the same to both of you,’ announced Sue, once she had recovered. We swapped positions and repeated the process. I had only just buried my nose in Angela’s sopping puss when I felt my anus being invaded by something slim and smooth — and, as it began to vibrate and to slide in and out, a deft little tongue licking the sensitive edge of my sphincter muscle. With my clitoris being sucked and massaged, and my anus relaxing more and more with every passing moment, it wasn’t long before I gave myself to the shattering orgasm.

When I had regained my composure, I was met with Angela’s sparkling eyes, and we embarked on a third round, with her sitting on Sue’s face, while I teased her nipples and massaged her gorgeous boobs. Then, as she began to rock her pelvis against Sue’s busy tongue, we hugged each other tight and kissed until she came, and we could all cuddle up and go to sleep.

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