Black Negligee, part one

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Jimi’s POV

Honey, what do you think?

I lowered the newspaper I was reading and thought I heard my jaw drop on my lap when I looked at my wife. Mya was wearing a black see-through negligee, one I hadn’t seen on her before.

“Wow,” was what escaped my mouth. “My God, you look gorgeous!”

Mya was all glee as she raised her arms above her head and did a three-sixty spin on her high heels. The negligee stopped two inches below her crotch; I could tell she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. As if to make that more obvious to me, she bent forward and presented me with her ass and pussy hiding between her legs. To say that I was aroused was an understatement.

“I ordered it from Macy’s,” she said to me. “What do you think?”

My mind was still seeing her bent over and my prick was pressing against my pants wanting to be let loose on her. Except I knew that wasn’t going to happen; not with Mya.

“I think it’s beautiful. You sure have a good eye for things.”

Mya was all chuckles and smiles when I said that.

“I wonder, do you think Royce will like it?”

Royce was her boyfriend; her Black Master, if I can use that term. He basically trained Mya into becoming the whore-wife that she is to me. He also trained me too, literally made me into the submissive husband that I am. He has only been with us going on six months now and yet it feels like we’ve known him since we got married three years ago.

“Yes, I do think he’ll like it. In fact, I think he’ll go crazy over it.”

Mya came over and sat across my lap, locking her arms around me.

“That’s exactly why I bought it,” she said. “He’s coming over today and I so much want to surprise him. I know you can’t wait for him to get here, can you?”

The whole time she talked she was busy rubbing her butt on my crotch. It was her expert way of teasing me; feeling my hardness press against her ass but knowing aside from the fabric of my pants her pussy was a no-go area for me. If Royce were here already he’d have snapped at Mya to get off my lap. Like slapping me with a court order, I’m not supposed to get within five meters of her pussy (not that he meant it like that, but… you get what I mean), or even to look at her when she’s naked. And believe me, he has trained me well enough, to the point where I often recite his numerous mantras when I’m alone, just to make sure I haven’t forgotten my place.

“What time did he say he’ll be dropping by?” I asked.

“You know, that’s the weird thing. He never likes telling me when he’s coming. But let me go upstairs and call him.”

She kissed my cheek before sliding off me. I watched her strut out of the room, watched her hips sway like a cat with that black negligee looking nice and tight over her backside as she went out of the room.

I felt deflated, along with my penis returning to its former flaccid state inside my pants. Images of Royce ripping that negligee off her while fucking her upstairs in our bedroom filled my mind. For a moment I could feel myself starting to grow hard again. It was all right for me to jerk-off — Royce says it’s good for me to enjoy myself that way.

Just when I was thinking seriously about it, I heard Mya’s footsteps racing down the stairs and then she returned to the living room. This time she was wearing jeans and a jacket over her negligee.

“I tried calling, but he didn’t pick up,” she said. “I’m going down the street to Becky’s place. I just remembered I lent her my new pair of high heels. I won’t be gone for long.”

“You sure she’ll be home?” I rose from the sofa and walked her to the door.

“That’s what I’ll have to find out. I won’t be long.”

She kissed me before opening the door and stepping out into the summer morning. I watched her cut across our lawn towards her friend Becky’s home. The street was empty; the neighbourhood quiet. I shut the door and hurried up the stairs to the bedroom.

I shoved my way through the door and — Ah-hah! — Mya hadn’t just bought a negligee but an entire collection of panties, swimsuits, corsets, stockings and girdles. They were spread all over the vanity table, including the packages they had arrived in. They were all to impress her lover, I knew.

The Mya I had married had been a somewhat conservative of girl from a strict Catholic background. But upon hooking up with Royce and inviting him into our world, everything about her previous way of life (and mine too) had been swept away. Mya had ditched her dowdy clothes and now opted for tight outfits that revealed her figure.

Since the six months of hooking up with Royce and imbibing his teachings, she had put herself on a steady diet, spending hours in the gym to tone up, even gotten seriously into yoga to improve her figure for his taste. And me being the submissive and loving husband that I was, I did my best to splurge on her and indulge her, knowing it pleased me just as much to see her sexually fulfilled and happy with her mate.

But Mya wasn’t the only one who had indulgences; mine was always brewing at the back of my mind and now, bubbling like a cauldron, seeing all these lovely panties of hers, my penis was growing back to full erection and this time I wasn’t going to neglect its desire at all. My only problem was I didn’t have much time — Mya might be back any minute; not that she would mind.

I selected two of Mya’s new pairs of panties and went into the bathroom, where I unzipped my pants and whipped out my hard-on. I wrapped her panties around my hand like a boxing glove and started jerking off. I shut my eyes and breathed through my mouth while my whole body tensed from my actions as I relieved in my head the last sex bout I had watched involving Royce fucking Mya here in our bedroom. I was gasping harder; my breathing fell in line with my wanking… Aaahhh, I could feel myself about to cum… almost fucking there…


I squawked in horror and turned to see the bathroom door open. In the doorway stood Royce Nelson, my wife’s lover and Master, glowering at me. He had a stocky build and looked feral in his t-shirt and jeans. His shaved head gave him the appearance of a charging bull. I felt my penis deflate immediately and when I looked down I realized I had ejaculated on my pants. My eyes returned to Royce who luckily remained where he was at the doorway while still staring at me meanly. I was turning pink before his eyes; I wanted to speak but my voice couldn’t find the right words to express my embarrassment.

“I… sir, I’m very…”

“Shut the fuck up and get your white ass out of here now, white boy!”

He smacked the door for emphasis before shutting it. I muttered an apology then hurried to wash the cum stains off my pants and my hands. Royce wasn’t in the bedroom when I opened the door. I dropped my wife’s panties where I’d found them, then left the room.

I heard noise coming from the living room as I went down the stairs. Royce was in there smoking a cigarette while watching TV. He turned towards me when I came in; my cheeks were flushed with embarrassment as I sidled into the room.

“Good morning, sir,” I said to him.

“Who the fuck gave you permission to go about pleasuring yourself, boy?” he snapped. “You know how long I’ve been pressing your fucking doorbell?”

“I’m so sorry, sir. I just — ”

“You just what? You gonna say that wasn’t your ass I saw jacking off, white boy? Eh?”

“No, no, sir… I mean, yes… yes, I was jacking off — ”

“You get permission from Mya before you got to doing that?”

“No, sir,” I replied sheepishly. “I’m sorry, I just couldn’t help myself.”

“Where the fuck’s Mya at, anyway? House is so fucking quiet today.”

“Oh, Mya went down the street to get something from her friend,” I was talking so fast I barely had time to think. “But she knows you’re coming. She even wants to surprise you with something.”

Royce raised an eyebrow when I mentioned that. “Oh yeah. That’s cool, I dig surprises. I’d like to see whatever she’s cooking.”

“Yes sir. But now that you’re here, would you mind me getting you something to drink or anything at all?”

“Nah, fuck that.” He crushed his cigarette in the ashtray and stood up. “I’m horny as fuck right now. If your bitch ain’t around well then you’ll have to do till she gets here. Get down on your knees, white boy.”

I did as ordered and watched him unbuckle his belt and the top button of his jeans. He whipped out his cock which was semi-hard and seeping pre-cum already.

“Go ahead, put your mouth to the microphone, sissy.”

Again I did as he ordered; my mouth came unglued and I sucked his cock. It wasn’t the first time, and as long as he had his own set of keys to our home, as long as he owned copies of my bank statements and just about everything else in our marriage, it wouldn’t be the last time.

“Yeah, you’ve been a worthless boy, haven’t you, sissy?”

“Yes, Master,” I replied before taking a mouthful of his cock down my throat. He went on jerking forward, thrusting more of his meat into my mouth. I was helpless to stop him; in fact, stopping him was never on my mind.

“What’s my second lesson for you?”

I stopped sucking his cock to address him. “Second lesson for a cuck is to always wear the proper submissive outfit, which includes a chastity lock.”

“And how come you ain’t done none of that, sissy? Or you figured I wasn’t gonna drop by?”

“No, Master Royce, I’m very sorry. Would you want me to — ”

“Too late for that, cuck. That’s gonna be $100 demerit fee from you. Go ahead, keep sucking that dick. Who the fuck told you to stop?”

I apologized and resumed choking on his foreskin. He locked his fingers on my head and kept thrusting down my throat.

“Ohhh yeah,” he murmured. “Keep sucking me, sissy. You can’t wait for me to fuck that bitch slut of your wife for you, can you, sissy? Tell me I’m lying.”

I went on sucking his cock but stopped when I heard the front door open and footsteps entered the house.

Honey, I’m back!

Mya came into living room and stopped at the doorway when she saw me on my knees with her Black Master’s cock stuck in my mouth.

Next is Mya’s POV so stay tuned. Also look out for “10 Lessons for a Cuck-boi & Slutwife”.

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