Birthday: my strip club seduction

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The night is young. My head is swimming in alcohol, beautiful women all around me. It’s my birthday and I’m here to party until I forget who I am. I feel tonight is going to be exciting and adventurous. I have the rest of the year to be cautious and responsible. Tonight, I shall embrace the unfamiliar and welcome debauchery with open arms. Strip clubs are the perfect setting for moments like this. It’s my type of scene all around; neon lights shining, music blaring, gorgeous scantily clad dancers everywhere.

I am double fisting Moet and slurring my words, one bottle pouring into my mouth while the other trickles all over this gorgeous dancer’s breasts. I have no idea who these people are. I scurried away from my own party hours ago, hoping to avoid everyone I know. I have so much more fun by myself. A group of strangers want to buy me shots and sing happy birthday to me. I applaud and gulp down the rounds, thanking them with hugs and kisses as if we are well acquainted.

A row of honey-skinned goddesses leads me to the stage. They set up a chair for me right in the middle of the platform, tie my hands above my head, and fix them to the pole. One by one, the entertainers line up to dance on me, each with their own unique sexy gestures to turn me on. It seems like each girl is more beautiful than the last. They surround me from all directions. I have so many girls on me, I can no longer tell whose hands are on my body.

My blouse is open, my breasts out for all to see. Arms embrace me from behind, long nails grazing my chest. I am so aroused at this point; my pussy throbs and my nipples harden. One dancer kneels, spreads my legs, and smooths her soft hands up my thighs. She hovers over my lap, the sweet scent of her hair in my face. She starts purring on my stomach and ghosts her lips over my pussy. I can feel every sensation through my thin black tights. My mouth drops open, my legs start shaking. I don’t think I will last much longer. If she keeps purring on me, I will come right in her face.

I catch the salacious gaze of a gorgeous brunette with enticing green eyes, my connection with her more powerful than the rest. She runs her fingers through my hair and grabs a handful from my nape, a sensitive spot that throws me over the edge. The entire club surrounds the stage, cheering and throwing fistfuls of cash at us. She leans down and nips my bottom lip. Then, we kiss. Her lips taste like wine and candy. I am already drunk, but getting more intoxicated by her mouth.

The girls finally let me go and lead me to the back room for a lap dance. Three stay with me and the rest make their way back to the dance floor. I am thrown on a long black couch, my blouse now completely gone. They all take off their bikinis and heels as they strip me down. I am so overwhelmed by desire. My hands roam all over their bodies. The music blares in the room, masking the moaning and giggling from the rest of the world.

This beautiful blonde licks my breasts and kisses my neck. She wraps my legs around her waist and grinds her pussy on mine. Her rhythm meets mine, the sweet friction building between us. I am so close to climax, I grip her ass with both hands, pulling her closer. I lean back and thrust my hips on hers until I come hard all over her pussy. The green-eyed brunette pulls the blonde off me and runs her tongue up my thighs. My legs cross over her back while she licks my pussy up and down. Another beauty hovers her pussy in my face. I grab under her thighs and kiss her pussy. My body is trembling with excitement. The girl doesn’t stop licking me until I come again. My pussy is pulsing and convulsing while I suck the clit in my face to the same tremendous peak. She collapses on me and leans down to kiss the come off my lips.

The girls gather their clothes and depart, but after a moment the green-eyed brunette comes back to me. She straddles my lap and kisses me softly. Her firm, supple body presses on mine. She dances on me, her pussy grinding slowly on mine. My drive comes back just feeling her wetness spread on my thighs. I want to taste her. I push her back on the couch and spread her legs over the cushions. I lap my tongue up and down her pussy as she plays with my hair, gripping it in her hands as I suck her clit. Her hips thrust against my face as she draws closer to climax. I suck and lick her pussy harder and faster until she comes all over my face, her taste and scent now embedded on my skin. I would bathe in it if I could. It’s so inebriating!

The club is now quiet, except for distant clanks and doors slamming. The noise makes me realize how long we have been in here. The girl looks at me, and laughs.

“Well, you are officially locked in with us,” she says.

“Should I be worried?” I ask.

She leans in to kiss me. “No. You’ll be fine.”

“So… do you want to grab some breakfast?”

“Sure,” she replies, wrapping her arms around my neck. “You can have me for breakfast.”

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