25 Stories by Junkman

Morning Fuck Doll

Her fuck doll has been trained to keep his distance in bed. She likes to stretch out during the night. And each year her...
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The Rogue Housewife

I can’t say the guys in the neighborhood didn’t warn me about the “rogue” housewife. It wasn’t just that Stacy had a tuft of...
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The Seven-minute Squirt

The seven-minute squirt The last rep is the wettest one At first, Shelly was skeptical about the idea of a seven-minute workout. “The quickie,” as...
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The Networked Wife

Third and fourth connections make great lovers The corner in the master bedroom used to look lonely. Now it’s got a love seat that makes...
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DIY Sex Toys

“What are you looking for?” Sonia asked. “Ummm, an orgasm,” Ann said. Sonia made the frequent trips to The Home Depot easier. Ann always struggled...
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