Anna loves a party

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Anna slapped the last bit of tape on the last gift and sat back, sighing happily. She was surrounded by bright metallic wrapping paper — gold, green, red and purple. Ribbon in metallic pearl and gold curled crazily over the paper and remaining boxes. Her friend Sally’s birthday was going to be an event.

A knock on the door brought her upright, her small hands reaching to smooth her hair.

“Happy birthday to me!” Sally grinned as she burst through the door without waiting for Anna to open it. They had that kind of friendship.

“And it’s a wrap!” Anna held her arms wide at the wild array of packages tumbled around her.

“Everything’s so pretty, Anna!” Sally bent to pick up a large box wrapped in gold with ribbon in fat curls around a red bow. “Just like you.”

Anna smiled and started gathering the wrapping paper scraps, smoothing them to put in her art bin. She used lots of discards in her art, and birthdays produced a rich array of color and texture. Like our lives, she thought.

“David’s coming tonight,” Sally said casually as she picked up ribbons and tossed them into the bin.

“And?” Anna replied, her heart already speeding up.

“He asked about you.” Sally stopped, watching Anna.

“Goodness, are we in the third grade? Did he give you a note to give me?” Anna snapped a lid on the bin and began arranging packages around the table.

“He’s acting like he’s in third grade, I’ll give you that. I haven’t seen him get this silly… ever. He’s a good-looking guy, Anna. He’s usually the ones girls are asking me about.”

“OK, there you go, Sal. Girls. I’m not a girl. None of us are, not anymore.”

“Hhmph. Speak for yourself.” Sally went to the couch and crossed her legs. Clad in denim cut-offs and a tight top, she looked casually sexy.

“And you have been doing… what?” Anna stopped, and really looked at her longtime friend. Sally’s hair was shiny, and floated around her face in natural curls. Her cheeks were flushed and she wore almost no makeup. Clear green eyes and a nose Anna referred to as “high school cheerleader perky” made her look younger than her 40 years.

“Well, it’s not David, if that’s what you’re thinking.” Sally flushed and Anna sat on the floor.

“OK. I want all the details. Juicy and otherwise. Unless you’re too embarrassed to repeat them, in which case I really want to hear about it.” Anna smiled and leaned back against the sofa.

“He’s a barista at the new coffee shop. I stop in occasionally on my way to work. I’ve been walking, you know.”

“And it shows. Good for you.” Anna encouraged her to go on.

“He started having my coffee ready when I walked in. I didn’t know what to think at first. I mean, Anna, I get the cheapest cup they have and I don’t stop every morning. I had it figured out so I wouldn’t be spending more than if I made it at home, so I only stopped on Mondays and…”

“Sally, enough with the budget, get on with the hunky barista. By the way, how come they get to be baristas and when you and I did it we were waitresses?”

“I don’t know and I don’t care. Anyway, Mark, that’s his name, asked me one morning if I wanted to try the new house blend no extra charge. I said sure and I started digging in my purse, you know how I like to be ready instead of being one of those old ladies who starts digging for money and making everyone else in line wait…”

“Goodness, Sally, how did you and Mark the Hunk ever get it on?”

“I’m talking because I’m nervous, Anna. He’s coming tonight.” Sally giggled and muttered, “At least I’m planning on him coming!”

“Oohh. Is he really gorgeous? When did it happen?” Anna hugged her knees to her chest and grinned even wider, her heart beginning to beat faster. Hearing about Sally’s many entanglements gave Anna brilliant fantasy material. Her thighs had already begun to throb.

“He is gorgeous. A little young, so that’s why I didn’t understand at first that he was coming on to me. When he brought me that coffee, he touched my hand and said, ‘No charge if you’ll come by for lunch.’ I said OK, and went to work, thinking oh my god, he just asked me out. I think…” Sally shook her head. “Of course, I showed up at lunch, all nervous and self-conscious. He came out from behind the counter and said, “We’re going to lunch somewhere else. A real restaurant.”

“He left work?”

“He said he had taken the rest of the day off and he hoped I could do the same because he had somewhere special he wanted to take me. Anna, I don’t ‘take the day off.’ You know that.”

“Please tell me you did this once!”

“Oh, yeah. I don’t know why. I called work and said I had car trouble and I’d be in the next morning. Nobody said anything but good luck. I doubt they noticed I was gone.”

“And where was this special place?”

“Well, we went to the Lighthouse for lunch…”

“Wow, he must really want to impress you! I’ve been there like… once.”

“Anna, we had a whole bottle of wine with lunch! Of course, a whole bottle is only a little over two glasses each but still…”

“Do you ever stop measuring? You’re an accountant at work; let it go once you leave the building, Sally. So then?”

“I know, anyway, he took me to the park and we rode the carousel, and then we walked by the lake and watched the swans, and then we went to some of the galleries on Fourth, you know, near the downtown park? Then he stopped in front of that downtown bed and breakfast, the historic one? I forget the name…”

“It’s the same name as our town. Man, he has rattled your cage.”

“More than that. He’d made a reservation for us. He told me he was afraid I wouldn’t go with him but he did it on faith because of how he’d been thinking of me so much the last few weeks. And I was oblivious all this time! I actually told him that. Well, I used nicer words, but he said that’s what he liked about me. I was unassuming, not self-conscious, I didn’t wear tons of make up, I wasn’t always flirting, that I seemed like my own woman and that was what he found so attractive.” Sally leaned forward, “Think of all the time I wasted in high school and college trying to get guys to notice me! I should have been ignoring them all this time. Think of the work I could have gotten done.”

“Sally, continue with the hot sex all afternoon part. Please.”

“Well, the thing is we DID have hot sex all afternoon. When we got into the room, which was really charming and even had a fireplace. You know how I am about fire, but of course we couldn’t have a fire… anyway, he kissed me. That was the first time. There was also a bottle of champagne in a bucket with strawberries. We had a glass and kissed some more. We kissed over the glass, then we kissed and he started taking off my clothes. It was pretty dark by that time so we lit the one candle by the bed. Oh, he was even more handsome in the candlelight! His eyes are dark and they just glistened, and his skin was so warm… then he made me lie on the bed, naked, and he took off his clothes while I watched. He is magnificent, Anna, muscles and hair, anyway, he filled the glass and told me to open my mouth and he slowly poured while I gulped. The he poured a little on my breasts and he licked it off. Sucked it off, then he dribbled it on my stomach, let it run down my thighs and oh god, cold bubbly all over my pussy.” Sally had closed her eyes and was blushing.

“Sally, keep going, keep going.” Anna’s hands were resting in her lap, feeling the heat beginning in her belly and thighs. She closed her eyes.

“He licked all the champagne off me, and kissed me over and over. I tried to sit up, but he pushed me down. He said he wanted to have me, buffet style.” Sally giggled again. “Then he poured champagne in his hand and rubbed it over his dick. His dick. Oh god, Anna, hard as a brick and big enough to ride to town… anyway, he rubbed the champagne onto his dick and whispered for me to sit up, lick it off.” Sally leaned forward a little and moaned softly. Anna’s hand cupped her pussy through her jeans, the heat rising. “He tasted so good, Anna. Hard and fizzy and I could feel the blood pumping. He put his hand on the back of my head and started whispering the most erotic things…”

“Yeah,” Anna whispered, the scene alive in her mind, as if she were in the room, unnoticed.

“Oh god, Anna, he finally pushed me back on the bed and started kissing me all over again. He said I was so beautiful, so sexy. That he’d been watching me for weeks, imagining me just like this, with his dick in my mouth, his tongue on my breasts.” Sally leaned back on the couch, her eyes closed. She began massaging her breasts. “He loved my breasts, Anna. He said they were perfect. He sucked my nipples until they were like pebbles. He finally moved down to my pussy and said I was so wet, that I tasted so good. So good.”

Anna squirmed, her own pussy juicing and throbbing. Sally moved her hands from her breasts to her thighs. She whispered, “Anna, he could have made me come that way, but I was too hot. I wanted him in me. I wanted to feel that cock. I wanted to squeeze his balls; I wanted to make him scream. You know how you can make a man whimper and cry he feels so good, he wants you so bad?”

“Oh, yeah. They lick us and kiss us and squeeze our tits and all the time they’re screaming inside already, their dicks are bulging against their clothes and the anticipation, having to wait for permission, oh that gets ’em hard and crazy. They explode when they finally come. Explode and then just die.”

“He finally slid inside. Anna, he was hard and big and he filled me up! He felt so good, so… good. He started pumping and I just wanted more, faster. He pumped and thrust and I had my hands on his ass, then I wrapped my legs around his back. I ground against him because it felt so good I couldn’t get enough. I bit his chest, I scratched his back, and I wanted him in me, fucking me. He fucked me faster and faster and I loved it.” Sally had moved her hands under her top and was massaging her breasts as she spoke.

Anna opened her eyes slightly and saw Sally’s hands working her breasts; Anna sat up and pulled the top off. She bent her mouth to Sally’s breasts and sucked the hard nipples.

“Oh, yeah, take my shorts off, fuck me, Anna,” Sally whispered, as she had so many times before.

Anna quickly pulled off her own top and stood up to slide out of her jeans. Sally wriggled out of her own clothes and slid onto the floor. Anna leaned over, sucking Sally’s beautiful breasts. Sally pulled Anna close, Anna’s hips fitting snugly against her own. Anna moved and thrust her breasts into Sally’s open mouth. “Suck them; suck them like Mark sucked you.”

Sally sucked as Anna ground her pussy against her. Moaning, they pushed against each other, sucking breasts and raking fingernails against each other as the fury rose in them. The pleasure, so sweet, so urgent, shot from their pussies straight down their legs and ass. Anna moved wildly against Sally’s wet, swollen pussy. They both screamed with the sharp sweetness. Finally, they crashed into each other. Sweating, they held on as their climax abated. Slowly, slowly.

Anna kissed her friend on the cheek. Sally kissed her back, their tongues finding another kind of sweet and salty taste. “Mmmmm, nobody makes me come like you do,” Anna whispered, and Sally traced her hands on the outline of Anna’s breasts, the nipples still hard.

“And you. God, I love what we do.” Sally sighed and they lay still a while. Anna sat up and asked if Sally wanted a beer.

“No, I really do have to finish getting ready for the party. He is still coming.” They both giggled then and Anna asked, “So this David, you think we could…?”

“Well, I know Mark’s up for anything. Let’s see what happens.”

Sally kissed Anna goodbye and Anna went into the bathroom to get ready for the party. She hummed in the shower, imagining the night to come. It had always been good with Sally, but with Sally and whatever man she was seeing, it could be indescribable. A foursome! She could barely contain her own fantasy.

Out of the shower, she let the water dry naturally on her moist, silky skin as she looked through her closet. She knew she needed to choose her party outfit carefully, wrapping her body like a present to herself. She loved parties.

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