Along for the Ride

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Part one: Meeting Leanni

The man holding the sign at the airport took a good look at the tiny Asian woman walking next to me and knew in an instant she was a special person. Once we settled into the limousine her new publicist went over her agenda for the next two days. Leanni would take a meeting with a production company interested in two feature length movies. And, she had a video interview right after the meeting.

As I watched Leanni listening to her publicist, I felt myself getting more and more turned on. This energetic performer produced a tingling sensation every time she looked across the car at me. I always found my wife’s cunt irresistible. As much as she loves getting licked she is always trying to include a silent observer as part of our fun.

It would be another half hour before we arrived at the hotel. The publicist put down his notebook and PDA as he watched my hand resting on my wife’s knee. The gesture was meant to let her know how I was feeling. I knew Leanni was getting my message when she leaned across to the guy and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Her smile said it all. Soon her slender hand was tracing along my thigh. The publicist must have known Leanni was responding to my advances. Five minutes later Leanni’s jeans were off, her legs were spread apart and I was nibbling and licking her pussy. The guy was loving every minute.

By the time we got to the hotel, Leanni had come and her publicist was pleased with himself for watching me give his new client such pleasure. Leanni was instantly dressed and stepping out of the limousine barely in time for the publicist to tell us a car, with her agent, would pick us up for the meeting and interview. The door closed and the experience was over.

Leanni followed her luggage up in the elevator to our room. The guy helping us was really well built and lovely to look at. His hair was perfect and his smile was bright and cheerful. He didn’t seem to recognize Leanni. She was just another Asian tourist. He responded to her bubbly personality right away. She stimulated me with her laughter and my cock tingled as we rode up the elevator together.

Once we were in the room I was sure she was making more eye contact with the bellhop than usual. The way her ass moved just made me want to reach out and take her in my arms. While I paid the tip Leanni got on her knees at the end of the bed. The guy looked back at my wife getting down on the floor while tugging her top over her lovely hair. He must have wondered what she was doing, judging by the look on his face. A minute later he was gone but my erection was not.

In seconds Leanni had my cock in her hand and was licking and slurping the end of it. I found myself gasping for breath as the sensation of her tongue and lips made me even more excited than I was in the car. The feeling of her mouth on the end of my long straight erection sent my heart racing. But just a blow job was not what she had planned.

Once she was out of her clothes I joined her on the bed. She gripped my cock and aimed it toward her pussy. I lowered myself into her as she moaned her appreciation. My long cock descended steadily through her slick pussy lips each time my ass went up and down. Before long I rolled us over to settle her lovely wet pussy down over my towering length. She was still wet from enjoying my tongue in the car.

I was in heaven as Leanni rode up and down. Every time we fucked I had to remind myself how lucky I was. We fucked for what felt like half an hour before her giggling signaled her orgasm. I knew that laugh. It always reminded me of the first film I had shot with her where she gave out this unrestrained giggle. She was an actress on the way up and had appeared in a few films. We dated for a month or so before I became her boyfriend. I was the camera operator for her next eight films.

Even after she came we still fucked until something deep inside me built up. I was powerless to stop it. Leanni must have felt my cock pulsing inside her because she leapt off my cock to pump it until I shot gobs of come into the air. I couldn’t believe how good it felt to know I had just fucked my porn star wife again. She left me on the bed to take a shower.

Once out of the shower, Leanni felt like taking a nap. I was already enjoying this trip. The rest of our evening would be spent relaxing. She fell asleep on the bed. I read a little news and watched some baseball on TV. By evening I decided to have a couple of things sent up for dinner.

The knock at the door woke up Leanni. In came the cart along with a good looking black man. He went around expertly setting up a table for us to eat from. I could tell Leanni was wanting to play with the guy by the way she looked across at me. He asked if there would be anything else she wanted.

He was a little shocked when she stepped toward me letting her robe drop as she went. Her slender body was lovely to look at and he might have wondered what she would do. Not two minutes later my cock was going through her lips while he stared down at her lovely wide eyes looking up at him. I held on to a chair by the table when she started sucking in earnest. Her body was bent forward in front of the guy and we both enjoyed the shape of her firm round ass moving slightly as she worked on my hard erection. He was stunned and amazed, but he was loving every minute of it.

She kept sucking my cock and working her hands around my length as her hair waved around my calves. She would pull away for a short moment to gather some air before plunging forward again. She had my heart racing with excitement. I always appreciated her enthusiasm and skill. She loved to put on a show. Our latest audience was just a guy making a living. This woman had chosen me. Of all the men in the world she had decided I was the one.

Our room service waiter had probably never witnessed a blow job before. He might have seen plenty of guests in various stages of undress. But I was willing to bet he had never watched a guy get a blow job from a very lovely Asian woman like Leanni. By the time I came I was starting to lose my balance. My whole body had become strained and tight from the intensity of my orgasm. The release made me feel like I might topple over. But I managed to stay standing as Leanni wiped her pretty face with her bathrobe. Even after paying the waiter his tip and closing the door I was still feeling the wonderful effects of having my lovely wife suck my cock in front of a stranger.

Before I met Leanni I always thought of myself as a pretty good lover. But I rarely had a chance to really show a woman what I could do. Most of the women I met were only interested in making love all slow and smooth. But I was more interested in licking pussy and fucking hard. Once I met Leanni I knew I had to lick her pussy until she came and that’s just what I intended to do. On our second date she asked me if I wanted to go somewhere.

The moment my wet tongue made contact with the folds of her cunt I realized Leanni was one eager partner. I spent the next twenty minutes licking and slurping and drilling my tongue in and out of her pussy. My fingers peeled back the lips and my tongue rooted around while she thrashed and tried to keep from screaming. There was nothing else for Leanni to do but lay back and let me go. I was so intent on doing this, so determined to give her my best, that I devoted myself to licking her cunt longer than I expected. I actually managed to make her come with my tongue and fingers like I always dreamed. Leanni loves having orgasms but she is more turned on by getting fucked than from being licked. Afterward she lay panting while my cock got harder and harder. Perhaps it was the fulfilment of a deep fantasy to fuck a film star but my cock stuck out like a bar of steel as her hands quickly aimed me right into her pussy.

That night she held my arms and stared up at me as I fucked her. She was so petite it seemed she was just a little doll under me. My cock looked a mile long going in and out of her greasy wet pussy. Eventually I started driving harder. Her body would shake each time my cock went in to the hilt. She groaned and gasped with excitement each time I did this. It only made me want to fuck harder and faster.

Her cunt was able to fit tightly around my cock for a firm smooth fuck. Then she told me to pick her up. At first I didn’t know what she meant. She pulled on my neck until her face was next to my ear telling me again to pick her up. I stopped thrusting into her pussy and thought for a second. Then we changed into a secure standing posture so she could climb into my arms and expertly settle her wet cunt back over my slick shaft. I never imagined trying this with anyone, but with this tiny Asian woman it seemed simple and easy. She was really light and so small. I held her ass in both hands as we fucked with a lot of energy. Over and over she rode up and down on me. Eventually I could not contain myself. I started howling I was about to come. Leanni shouted back for me to fuck harder. Seconds later my cock flexed and started shooting come into her. This went on until I was spent. Leanni held onto me while the two of us stayed glued to each other as we caught our breath.

After that amazing night, Leanni and I spent all her spare time doing fun things together and making furious love to each other. Even after I finished shooting the movie we kept going out together. I couldn’t believe, at first, she was even interested in “the camera guy.” But, after some months, she asked if we should get married and I told her it would make me the happiest man if we could. That was a year ago.

To be continued…

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