Unexpected, episode two: sharing both my sexy girlfriends

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It was the middle of the night. Jessa and I were lying in bed, sound asleep. I was suddenly awoken by lights and the rumbling of tires coming from outside. I slunk lethargically out of the bedroom, walked down the hallway, and peeped through the living room window. There was a small car parked out front. I heard the faint clacking of heels stepping up my porch steps, then a knock at the door. I already knew who it was before I opened it.

“Surprise!” she smiled.

“What the fuck are you doing here, Ivy?” I snapped. Her smile drooped as I continued, “it’s one o’clock in the goddamn morning… have you ever heard of this invention called a phone?”

“I miss you,” she said, softly. She stepped closer, pinning me against the doorway. “Don’t you miss me?”

My anger subsided as she leaned in and kissed me softly. Suddenly, the lights in the hallway came on. All the commotion had woken Jessa.

“Who the fuck are you?” she said brusquely, walking swiftly to separate us.

“Wow,” Ivy sneered. “Only four months and you go blonde on me?”

Jessa lost her cool and reached over, smacking Ivy right on the mouth. Ivy fought back. The next thing I knew, they were at each other’s throats. I tried to get between them to stop the brawl, but one pounced on the other as soon as I let go. They started rolling over on top of each other like they were wrestling. Ivy was down to just one heel and the left strap of her tiny dress was ripped. Jessa’s bathrobe lay open, exposing her body from the navel up.

I stood back and watched the girls fight a little longer, getting strangely aroused by the sight. I didn’t know what else to do. My heart raced watching both my lovers professing their feelings for me, each blurting out their claims on my affection.

“Stop!” I yelled. The loud roar of my voice halted them both.

I explained to Jessa that I had always allowed Ivy to come over whenever she wanted, although I knew I risked the chance of her walking out. I also explained to Ivy that Jessa and I had been dating exclusively most of the year. She had to have known the day would come when another woman would be in my life.

I walked over and helped Jessa up, smoothing her golden hair and re-tying her robe.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you,” I said softly. “I wasn’t expecting her to come back like this. If you want to leave, I understand. I know this is embarrassing.”

“No,” she sighed, “I’m not going anywhere.” She kissed me softly, her lips plump and bruised.

Suddenly, I smelled smoke. Ivy got up quickly to check on her car, which was still running. I went to see what was happening.

“You didn’t turn your engine off?” I asked.

“I don’t know how to turn it off,” she replied. “I just bought it yesterday and I forgot how.”

I shook my head and smiled. It was so typical of Ivy. She bought cars like most people buy shoes. I looked inside and tried to fix the problem. The inside of Ivy’s car looked like a space ship. It was a complicated mess. It didn’t help that she was so chaotic. Although I thought it was amusing, I started scolding her about the issue.

Jessa came and joined us in the driveway.

“Here, let me help,” Jessa said. “If this is the model I think it is, there should be a button right here.” She pressed the clutch and break, meddled with a lever and found the disengage button right behind it. The engine finally turned off. I was so relieved.

“Thank you so much, baby!” I smiled. “I was just about to call the fire department.”

I went around and gave her a kiss. I could feel Ivy watching. Her usual imperious attitude was drastically humbled.

“Thank you,” Ivy said sweetly. “You didn’t have to do that… especially after the way I barged in on you two like this.”

“It’s fine,” Jessa replied. “It’s what I do. Please, come back inside. It looks like it’s about to rain.”

I was impressed and surprised that Jessa would invite Ivy inside. It was quite a change to see two women who were at each other’s throats just a few moments ago now talking and laughing. I gathered my first aid kit, a bowl of ice, and some clean washcloths. I sat both the girls down on the sofa and knelt between them. I turned to Jessa and soothed her lip with an ice cube. Then, I turned to Ivy and gently wiped the trail of blood from her brow. As soon as I dabbed her cut, she flinched.

“Hold your head still,” Jessa said, pressing her hands firmly against Ivy’s cheeks so she wouldn’t move. I dabbed the washcloth on her wound, then Jessa leaned in and softly blew on it. Suddenly, Ivy leaned over and kissed Jessa tentatively. My eyes widened at the sight. Their hands touched, then Jessa caressed Ivy’s neck. Her slender fingers wrapped around the bruises she had made. I sat back and admired them, realizing at that moment why they were both in my life.

I leaned over and kissed Jessa’s face, while caressing Ivy’s thighs. I untied the knot on Jessa’s robe, letting it fall open to reveal her plump, gorgeous breasts. I grazed the back of my hand between her breasts and smoothed my fingers down her stomach. Ivy pulled my face to hers and kissed me softly, then directed me back towards Jessa again. They worked together to pull my shirt off, and tossed it aside, next to the broken vase that had toppled over as they fought.

I led them both to the bedroom and sat on the bed, leaning back against the headboard. Ivy climbed on the bed and crawled towards me, kissing her way up my body. Jessa followed, wrapping her arms around Ivy, fondling her breasts from behind, and kissing her neck. I kissed Ivy again and felt Jessa’s hands sliding up my thighs from behind her. The sight of them entwined like that resembled a four-armed goddess from Indian mythology, before they separated and undressed themselves completely.

Jessa turned towards me and rolled my panties down and off. She lay on her stomach and hoisted my right leg over her shoulder. She pulled Ivy down next to her and guided my left leg around Ivy’s neck. They teased my inner thighs, hands moving together to massage my pussy. Ivy kissed Jessa’s hand and started sucking on her fingers. Jessa pulled Ivy’s head down to my pussy, and Ivy licked me up and down. Then, Ivy pulled Jessa’s head next to hers. They took turns kissing and licking my clit as their tongues whirled next to each other. Both of their mouths on me at the same time was almost too much to bear.

These passionate sensations coursed through me, making my temperature rise to boiling point. Suddenly, both their fingers entered me at the same time. They pinned my clit between their tongues, their fingers going in and out, stretching me open from each side. My blasphemous moans echoed through the room. I gripped the headboard with one hand, the other grabbing the sheets. They took turns sucking my clit and whirling their tongues around rapidly. I could no longer distinguish whose soft lips were on my flesh. I thrust my hips up and held my position, then exploded into orgasm on their tender tongues. Ivy suctioned her lips longer on me, sucking every last beat from my trembling cunt.

Jessa straddled my face. Her soaked slot dripped juices into my mouth as my tongue licked her lips apart. I grasped her hips firmly, grinding her back and forth over my face with my tongue deep inside her. I felt Ivy straddle my lap, her pussy soaking my thighs as she pressed against my flesh. She lifted Jessa towards her, momentarily letting me breathe. Jessa started moaning loudly as Ivy thrust her fingers inside her pussy from behind. I held Jessa’s thighs firmly, making sure Ivy’s aim was precise. Ivy pushed her forward, her fingers now thrusting from behind. I caught Jessa’s pussy in my mouth and waved the tip of my tongue from side to side.

Ivy’s fingers went in and out faster, her hand touching my chin. I sucked Jessa’s clit harder, her whole body trembling. Suddenly, she screamed in ecstasy as I felt her clit throb powerfully on my tongue. Ivy let her fingers slide out slowly, then cupped Jessa’s breasts from behind, smearing her juices all over her chest. She tilted Jessa’s head to the side and kissed her neck. I leaned up and sucked Jessa’s nipples, tasting her wetness off her breasts.

Jessa turned around and held Ivy close, grabbing fistfuls of her hair as she kissed her passionately. I positioned myself behind Ivy, pinning her arms behind her with one hand, the other at her neck tipping her face back. I sucked a bruise on the side of her neck while Jessa squeezed her fingers inside her juicy slit. Then I wrapped my arms around Ivy. I could hear her pussy squelching as she moaned in delight. Jessa fucked her harder and faster. Ivy trembled in my arms as I held her tight from behind, my mouth still sucking ravenously at her neck. She moaned louder as her body stiffened. Jessa thrust her fingers deeply inside her, hammering her G-spot until a rush of juice sprayed out from her cunt. She came so hard, I felt her breathing hitch before she screamed out. Then she collapsed forward on top of Jessa. I leaned over and softly kissed Ivy’s back. Her body was soaked with sweat.

Ivy kissed Jessa sweetly, then rolled over on her back to pull me on top of her. I licked up her neck to her lips and kissed her deeply. Jessa leaned in close and took turns kissing us both. Our kisses slowed, as each of our exhausted bodies succumbed to slumber.

I woke up in the same position I’d slept in, face on my drenched pillow. Jessa was lying on her back next to me. Her bruises were faded, except for faint red marks on her neck and shoulders. The house was tidy; every broken object on the floor had been picked up and bagged in the corner. I looked out the window and saw Ivy’s car still outside. Of course, Ivy was gone.

I found a letter on the kitchen table next to her car keys. The letter read:

“Dear Kat,

I am truly sorry for coming in and out of your life all these years and breaking your heart every single time. You finally have a good woman who deserves you… more than me. Please keep the car as a token of my affection. I have said this many times before, but this time, I truly am not coming back. It’s only fair to you. I should let you live your life and I must move on with mine.

Forever yours,


I closed the paper and took a deep breath… then I cried.

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