Thinking Off

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Just when you think you know your own body, spontaneous orgasms happen…

This all started as a freak occurrence from an extra arduous afternoon. On top of my many physically strenuous activities, today I definitely put my endurance to the test. I am renovating my home and had to start a bonfire to get rid of some cardboard boxes and a broken dresser. I don’t like paying for services I can do myself and I hate asking for help.

I regretted my pride a little later as I started getting very dirty, lifting and pushing massive amounts of wood down the steps, then out to the back yard. I drizzled some gasoline on the wood and lit a match. I stepped back to keep a safe distance. Then, I stood there awhile, watching the flames rise. I was dazzled by the fire. Something about it excited me. I was spellbound. I stared at it until it simmered down to low-lying embers. I added a few more splashes of gasoline to re-ignite it and burned the rest of the drawers I had stacked beside me.

As the flames rose again, it started raining. I love the feeling of rain on my skin. It took me back to a very exciting welcome home from a long trip away. I stood there getting drenched. Water dripped down my face and arms, my T-shirt soaked. I pictured that moment again and started getting really horny.

I went inside and peeled off my clothes, took a long hot shower, and lay around naked awhile. The heavy lifting had my abs and arms hot and tight, along with my pussy. I thought it appropriate to cool myself off with my new favorite podcast, “Ice.” I put my phone down next to my ear and closed my eyes. I lay still, listening intently to the sexy voice reading this racy story. I imagined it was me being tied up and dicked down by a smooth ice dildo. I was living it out in my mind and my body responded instantly. I felt my cheeks flush. My heart was racing. My legs were tense, my pussy throbbing.

I probably could have rubbed one off right then and there, but I refused to touch myself. I wanted to know how “bad” it would get. I wanted to be teased by the words and seduced by the story until I couldn’t take it any more. Suddenly, my body was reacting for me. I could feel my walls tighten, as if I was being penetrated slowly. I was breathless and suddenly powerless. The sensation got so strong, the soft air from the ceiling fan was enough to tip me over the edge. Then, it happened. I climaxed! It literally came out of nowhere! My clit was pulsating ferociously, my wetness leaking beneath me.

I gasped, looking down at my pussy in disbelief. I felt my overheated lips and stretched strings of juice all the way up my stomach. I was amazed! It was like my imagination made the orgasm happen spontaneously.

I was so excited, I listened to the other podcast on MyErotica, called “Body Worship.” This time, I brought out my trusty vibrator to ease the tension. I couldn’t stand the teasing any more. I fucked myself silly, listening to Jaiden’s sultry voice. This time, I envisioned the story as a spectator, watching for the wetness I love to see, listening for the arousing connotations of each sizzling syllable.

I began to wonder what kind of sexual style I have. I realized I may be multi-sensory sexual, if there is such a thing. Maybe everyone is, in a way. I’m sure many people get off on the pleasurable sounds of powerful orgasms. I know a lot of us are visually aroused by a firm ass and tight abs. The power of thought is also a wonder. Now I know I can literally think off during a podcast as my imagination stimulates my body; then, mimic the feeling of stimulation with my own hands. It’s riveting! It’s also exciting to find out new things my body can do. My pussy is my best friend, after all. Getting to know her more each day is an adventure in itself.

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