The Intern

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Connor, a lithe, blue-eyed, blond-haired sophomore at the local community college, had somehow managed to land the internship of a lifetime. He was assisting the head of accounting at the biggest tech company in town, and though the work was actually pretty grueling, it would make for a huge opportunity on his resume. Plus, he was actually learning a lot.

An unexpected perk was being able to catch glimpses of the CEO, William King, strutting around in his well-tailored suits, showing off his broad shoulders and impeccably styled jet-black hair. His bright green eyes were piercing, his voice was impossibly deep and smooth, and the man radiated confidence and vitality. The few times Connor got close enough to smell his expensive cologne, he felt his cock twitch in his pants.

Finally finished with his work for the day, Connor closed the book of accounts he had been reviewing for his manager and slid it into the lockable drawer beneath his desk. It was late, and the office was dark but for the glow of the screen of his computer. He’d review his work with the head of accounting the next morning. Maybe Mr. King will drop by again. The thought excited him, and he felt the familiar stirring in his pants that always plagued him when thoughts of the CEO filled his head.

Clicking open the browser on his computer, he pulled up the cover image of a magazine that recently featured Mr. King in the top 40-under-40 to watch in the coming year. In it, he was staring into the camera, his eyebrows drawn in a serious, calculating gaze that made Connor feel like the man was staring at him directly. Gaze fixed on the picture, he opened the fly of his pants and pulled his cock out, beginning to stroke.

Pull down your pants, Connor.

Yes, Mr. King.

Bend over, Connor.

Whatever you say, Mr. King.

Soon he was deeply enthralled within his own fantasy with Mr. King at the center of it. Pumping slowly at first, he savored the feeling, pretending it was his CEO that had him in hand. Connor, you will be punished for being late this morning.

“Oh, Mr. King,” he whispered.


Connor jumped a mile high and turned to see, in horror, Mr. King himself, watching him. He had his bag slung over one shoulder and his coat was folded neatly over his opposite arm. He must’ve been working late and stumbled upon Connor on his way out.

Connor felt his cheeks pinken and shame settled heavy in his chest. Here he stood, caught, dick hanging out of his pants and a picture of Mr. King on his desktop. Not to mention he had been whispering the man’s name into the dark, thinking he was alone.

“Connor this is…certainly unexpected,” Mr. King said, looking down at the younger man’s crotch and then at the picture of himself on the computer screen.

Suddenly, Connor had the good sense to tuck his exposed member away and zip himself up. “Mr. King, I’m so incredibly sorry.” You idiot, now you’re going to lose this opportunity and have no recommendations on your resume. “Mr. King, I know this is incredibly inappropriate and indecent of me, but I…really hope somehow we can move past it and allow me to finish my internship. I do really good work,” he offered hopefully. He was telling the truth.

“Hush, Connor,” Mr. King said, dropping his bag on the ground and tossing his coat over the top of the cubicle that surrounded them. “What you are doing doesn’t bother me at all. Continue.” There was a greedy glimmer in his eyes.

Connor hesitated for only a moment, head swirling at the sudden turn of events. His boss wanted him to continue? “Ah…” he gulped. “Y-yes sir, Mr. King.”

“So polite,” Mr. King murmured, watching the intern resume stroking his cock, this time the young man’s eyes fixed directly on the genuine article instead of a picture on a screen. “And so obedient.”

The praise only excited Connor more for some reason, and he stroked faster, his pleasure driven to new heights to see Mr. King watching him appreciatively. All sense of shame abandoned, he began to groan as he masturbated under that arresting stare. He had never been this turned on in his life. He looked down and saw that Mr. King was also getting hard, and that excited him too. Anything for you, Mr. King. Please watch me stroke my cock for you.

“On your knees,” Mr. King suddenly said in that calm, commanding tone he used on employees. Connor scrambled to obey, hand still on his dick, and watched as Mr. King freed himself and walked forward until his own member was in the younger man’s face. “Suck.”

“Yes, sir,” Connor practically whimpered, and eagerly took the thick cock into his mouth, sucking and stroking himself for all he was worth. Mr.King fisted one possessive hand in the boy’s soft blond hair, closed his eyes, and lifted his chin in the air to fully enjoy the sensations. Minutes ticked by, and the only sounds echoing through the empty office were the hungry little moans Connor made when his boss’s cock hit the back of his throat, the sloppy wet smacking of his lips on Mr. King’s dick, and the occasional deep groan of pleasure from the CEO himself.

“Good boy — I’m coming soon,” Mr. King panted. “Drink it all down, Connor.”

And then it was happening. With a final, desperate groan, Mr. King started pumping harder and faster, making Connor gag as he began shooting a huge load into the boy’s mouth. Connor swallowed it all eagerly, wanting to please more than anything and enjoying the feeling of being so thoroughly used.

Just then, Connor also came in his hand, nearly blacking out from the intense pleasure of Mr. King fucking his mouth while he spurted all over his own shirt and pants. Mr. King stepped away, pulling his dick free from Connor’s hungry mouth with a wet pop, and stepped back to admire the visual. Come dribbled down the boy’s chin and stained his shirt and pants. His eyes were glossy and unfocused from the power of his orgasm. The sight was fucking erotic.

Mr. King zipped himself up and began to gather his things. He tossed a key and his business card at the intern’s knees. “When you’re able to gather yourself up enough to walk, there is a shower and extra clothing in the private bathroom of my office. Clean yourself up before you begin the journey home.”

“Yes, Mr. King,” Connor mumbled, still in a daze.

“Tomorrow I expect you in my office a full hour earlier than the start of the workday. Lock the door behind you when you enter. When I walk in, I expect your pants to be down and you to be bent over my desk.”

Connor’s eyes widened and he felt his cock begin to harden again. “Yes, Mr. King.”

“Good boy.” He ran his fingers through Connor’s silky blond hair, eyes softening. “I’m going to take care of you, Connor. Call me if you need anything.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“No, thank you,” Mr. King said. And with that, he turned to leave, striding out of the office as if nothing had happened.

Connor gripped the key and the business card with Mr. King’s personal cell in the hand that wasn’t sticky with semen. “Best job ever,” he whispered, and began to gather himself up.

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