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I expect my Master soon
and knowing His pleasures, I must
prepare myself for His arrival.

I see myself reflected,
corsetted tight and waist nipped in
black, the way He wants me.

I look to check that
seams are straight and too high heels that
thrust my body into provocation.

I scent the room and
light soft candles, making shadows play upon
the body that will be His to use.

I find His ballgag and
part my lips to take it deep, and tighten the strap
so my cheeks bulge with violation.

I ensure His whip is hanging
where He may reach it when need arouses
and mark me in ways He pleases.

I caress the steel of cuffs
between my fingers, wanting to see them
glittering against yielding skin.

I feel compulsion in His iron bed
that will welcome my spread-eagled body
each shackle open with invitation.

I reach down to encircle ankles
to hear the sound of metal closing
moistening me wide for surrender.

I strain above my head to reach the bars
stretched tight is the way He wants me, I must
tighten steel upon my wrists.

I am here for Him now
knowing not when He will come, only that desire
will grow with the waiting.

I can only stare upwards
knowing that when He comes,
I will be only His.

BDSM Verse: The Poetry and Beauty of Bondage

101 Poems for kinky lovers, by Francesca Anderssen is available in paperback and on the Amazon kindle marketplace.

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