Voracious: a threeway to banish the blues

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My breasts are pressed to hers, hands pinning her wrists to the rough wall above her head, as his rigid cock surges into me from behind. He thrusts once, twice, making me gasp against her neck, my teeth sinking into her tender flesh reflexively, her titian hair in my face. He pulls out slowly, making me moan, and I lift my leg higher against her hip and circle my fingers around the base of his shaft, guiding him into her wet slit. He glides in a little way and then slams all the way home, making her squeal. Sandwiched between them, I can feel each thrust as if it’s me he’s fucking, each hitch in her breathing, each jerk of his pistoning hips making my wet cunt spasm with desire to be filled. And then he’s pulling out of her and driving into me again, my sugar walls tightening and fluttering around his girth, pleasure rushing up and flooding out in cries of bliss I can’t contain.

No wonder this city is famous for its hospitality…

I’ve been staying in the Twilight Zone for the past couple of weeks, but things are looking up and I’ll be on my way home in a day or two. How to celebrate in a city full of strangers? Well, you know me…

I’m sitting in a coffee shop pondering my next move when a pretty girl with vibrant red hair and a gorgeous smile catches my eye. She’s talking on her phone, but she keeps glancing over at me. I remind myself I’m not in swinging London right now and maybe she’s just being friendly, but there’s something about the way she holds my gaze for a moment, looks away, then looks back, that is unmistakably flirtatious.

A man comes in and joins her, and they both stare at me openly as they talk. He’s just my type. They seem to be conferring about something, and then she comes over and invites me to join them. How can I resist?

They introduce themselves; Adela is Romanian, a student in the city, giggly and sexy and cute as can be. Michael is a six-foot, athletic built half-Italian, half-Puerto Rican. He tells me what he does, but I don’t really take it in — I’m too mesmerized by his full lips, dark eyes and golden-brown skin. It doesn’t take him long to get to the point, explaining that Adela thinks I look like I’d be fun to hang out with and maybe try some new things if I’m interested.

“What about you, Michael?” I ask with a smile. “Don’t you think I’d be fun to hang out with too?”

“Hell yeah!” he grins. “I didn’t want to presume…”

I like this guy.

The three of us go to Michael’s place, which is surrounded by a lush, green garden that reminds me of the Florida Keys, a far cry from the greyness of the city that has brought me low over the past few days. Adela’s playfulness is a real tonic too. I sense she’s a little nervous, but she’s brave enough to take my hand as we walk up the path to the front door. I push her against the wall to kiss her and she practically melts in my arms.

I’m usually quite submissive with female partners, but I can tell I need to take the lead with this sweetie, besides which, the enforced disruption to my usual routine — sex in the morning, sex in the afternoon, sex in the evening, sex whenever I damn well please — has left me absolutely voracious.

I take the cutie’s wrists and lift them above her head, pinning her easily with one hand around her wrists as I kiss her. She responds eagerly, a little clumsily; I’ll bet she didn’t realize how different a girl’s soft lips would feel against her own. With my other hand I deftly unbutton her cut offs and slide a hand inside, going straight for her pussy. She’s all creamed up, and my fingers enter her hot slot with ease, thumb skating over her clit, making her quiver.

Michael kneels to tug Adela’s shorts and panties down to her ankles and she parts her legs as far as she can, making room for my hand to work. I glance down to see his eyes fixed on Adela’s pussy, her juice drenching my hand as I finger-fuck her. She’s so excited I soon have her bucking against my fist as I bring her to the edge of orgasm over and over, not quite letting her get there, wanting her to lose herself completely.

Michael stands and moves behind me, hands fumbling with my clothes, thick erection pressing against my ass.

“May I?” he asks, breath hot against my ear. I nod urgently, not enough words to say, yes, oh, yes please! With difficulty he peels down my skintight, butt-hugging Daisy Dukes and helps me step out of them and then — ohmygod — then he’s lifting my leg high and the head of his cock is pressing against my wet cunt, pressing inside, forcing me open and filling me inch by perfect inch.

It’s everything I wanted, everything I needed, and as the beautiful friction of his cock against my G-spot sets off a chain-reaction of blissful sensation sparking throughout my whole body, I frig Adela’s clit more vigorously, making her release a string of high-pitched yelps and moans. She’s so close, and when I guide Michael’s dick out of my pussy and into hers, it only takes a few thrusts from him, my fingers strumming her clit, to having her cumming noisily, shaking and convulsing against me.

Michael’s buried in me again, up to the hilt, when we hear the rapid tap-tap-tap of steps coming up the path. In a flurry of panic he manages to fish his keys from his pocket and open the front door, and we tumble inside in a tangle of limbs, laughing.

Now we go to the bedroom and take our time to undress each other, exploring with licks and kisses and strokes, savoring each new touch and taste. I straddle Adela’s slender body in a sixty-nine, lapping at her flame-haired pussy with delicate strokes, coaxing her to the peak of pleasure slowly and gently this time. Michael fucks me from behind to a steady rhythm, pulling out to swipe his wet cock over Adela’s lips every so often, letting her taste me from his turgid flesh. Her courage builds and she cranes her head up to lick my clit, trying to mirror what I’m doing to her, although she finds it harder and harder to focus as my tongue steers her towards an intense, slow-burning climax. As for me, I’m practically incandescent with rapture, a succession of orgasmic tremors building towards the big one. And when it hits, it explodes through me like a volcano erupting, every second of frustration from the enforced celibacy of this trip released in a huge outpouring of ecstasy.

When I’ve caught my breath, I can’t wait another second to have Michael’s beautiful cock in my mouth. Again, Adela and I pass it back and forth between us, but this time it’s our fingers and tongues and lips working it over from root to tip, licking each other’s cream off it as we suck and jerk it. Adela’s on familiar territory now, and proves to be a spirited cocksucker, tonguing Michael’s balls and slobbering over his shaft as I suck the head and sink my lips down on it. Michael holds out manfully, groaning with each fresh sensation, his cock flexing and twitching and pulsing. Eventually he succumbs, hot semen spurting up like a jet spray. We let it splash over our faces and then lick it from each other’s skin, sweet kisses turning heated again…

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