Teacher’s Pet

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“Ass kisser… Teacher’s pet!” she taunts me, grabbing one of my blonde pigtails and pulling it, hard. I would protest, but with her fingers crammed in my pussy, working their magic, what comes out of my mouth is a string of gasped expletives, rising to a crescendo as she grinds her thumb over my clit.

“Language, Rose!” my teacher rebukes me sharply. “Another outburst like that and you’ll be in detention for the rest of the week.”

Jodie tugs my hair again and simultaneously adds a third finger, raking her knuckles cruelly over my G-spot. My knees buckle and she pushes me forward over the desk, kicking my feet apart so she can finger-fuck me deeper. The wet squishy sound of her fingers penetrating me is loud in the quiet classroom. She leans into me harder, pinning me with one hand grabbing my ass, spreading me open, as the other seems to rub against every tender spot inside my sensitive pussy at once.

I’m aware of my teacher’s eyes on my face, studying my reaction, as the heat rises in my cheeks and the tension between my thighs builds to bursting point. Jodie suddenly kneels, keeping up the hammering pressure of her fingers as she swipes her tongue along my ass crack and then pushes the tip into my puckered asshole. That tips me over the edge, and I buck back against her face, convulsing crazily as I orgasm.

As the hot waves of pleasure start to subside I sag down over the desk, legs weak, but I’m not about to get any respite. Jodie pulls her fingers out of my drenched pussy, making me gasp; but she immediately replaces them with her tongue, making me gasp even louder. Her hand slides around to pinch at my clit as she licks my slick slit. The contrast of sensation, her soft, supple tongue exploring where her bony, probing fingers have just been, sets off a fresh cascade of tremors inside me. I feel like my whole body is pliant, melting beneath her touch. Then she jams a spit-wet finger into my ass…

My teacher’s stiff cock looming over my face is the last thing I see before my vision whites out in another explosive climax.

How did we get here? It started with Jodie and I at her place, getting dressed up for a ‘school disco’ night at our favorite club. She looked damn hot in her outfit, the tight white shirt tied beneath her big breasts, plaid skirt barely skimming her thighs.

I asked her to take a few upskirt pics of me to send to my college professor fuckbuddy — I knew the sight of me flashing my tiny white panties would drive him wild. Sure enough, he immediately texted back a picture of his erection. Jodie grabbed my phone, snapped a shot of us together, her free hand inside my shirt, and sent it with the caption: naughty girls need teaching a lesson?

Five minutes later, we were on our way to school.

So here we are, the three of us in a classroom in the otherwise deserted college. I’m no stranger to sex in forbidden places and it’s not even the first time Simon and I have fucked here — you can read about that in Classroom Blowjob Binge— but I’m fairly sure having two half-naked girls eating pussy over the desk while he watches would get him fired.

He’s thinking with his dick and not his brain though, eyes drinking in the sight of Jodie flipping up my short skirt and shoving her hand in my panties, pulling it back out to lick my wetness from her fingers. She notes the effect this has on Simon and teases us both for a while, tugging my panties aside to flash my pussy, opening my shirt and pinching my nipples to make me squirm. When she pulls my hair and calls me teacher’s pet, Simon’s hand slides down under the desk. It doesn’t go unnoticed, and Jodie warms to her bad girl role, handling me a little roughly, peeling off my panties and making me lick my own creaminess from the crotch, then stuffing them in my mouth to shut me up as she starts to finger my cunt. I love it, of course, slipping just as naturally into the submissive role as Jodie teases and taunts me, and Simon adds the occasional stern admonition.

Jodie’s slick fingers sliding over my clit drive me crazy, but what really gets me fired up is when she pulls the wet panties from my mouth and starts cramming them into my pussy, the friction maddening me in just the right way. I never would have guessed she was such a kinky, pussy-hungry bitch — we finger-banged each other in the bathroom at a party once, but I just put that down to tipsy horniness on her part — but it seems she has me figured out and knows precisely which buttons to push. She twists the panties around and forces more of them inside me, making me squeal. By the time she drags them out again I’m aching to be fucked, and the fingers that thrust into me are a blissful release. I ride them hard, chasing my climax, getting louder and louder as I lose control. I wouldn’t be able to hold it back even if the whole faculty were watching.

After my second orgasm, with Jodie’s finger in my ass and her tongue jammed in my cunt, I’m a quivering wreck. I’m instantly revived by the sight of Simon’s hard cock, though. He manfully resisted the urge to jerk off until Jodie started to eat me out, but now he offers his erection to my lips as I’m bent across the desk, and I accept it gladly. Jodie stands, fingers still inside me, so she can watch Simon’s dick gliding in and out between my lips. I’m so relaxed from my intense orgasm that I stay still and let him fuck my mouth, savoring the taste of pre-cum on my palate. I don’t suck hard, not wanting to finish him off too quickly. But Jodie grabs my hair and pulls my head away before I can get too lost in the rapturous trance of sucking cock.

“Enough, teacher’s pet!” she says. “I didn’t get mine yet.”

Jodie has a boyfriend, so I guess she’s not going to fuck Simon, but it seems she really gets off on having him watch. She’s soaked, her panties practically transparent where her juice has soaked through them and glued them to her crotch. I peel them away, licking up the creamy wetness that spills out from between her puffed up, lust-swollen lips. She’s so turned on it doesn’t take me long to get her twitching and moaning, but I have a special treat for her. I’m wearing a silver bullet necklace given to me by my darling gay boyfriend that contains a secret; a quick twist of the base turns it into a tiny vibrator. I touch it to Jodie’s clit as I push a couple of fingers into her, and it’s like an electric shock, making her shudder and cry out. She’s full of surprises tonight though.

“Cock,” she announces, a declaration of intent rather than a request. I guess she’s just too horny — or too immersed in her bad girl role — to behave herself. Perching on the edge of the desk with her legs spread, glistening pussy bared, she beckons Simon toward her. He has the upper hand now though, and he knows it.

“Rose, it seems you need to teach your classmate some manners,” he says.

“Yes, Sir,” I respond immediately. “What Jodie meant to say was, please Sir, may she have some cock?” I have to bite my lip and turn away so as not to start giggling, but I have to admit it sounds pretty hot when Jodie repeats the words, blushing a little bit.

“Very well,” Simon says as he moves towards her, trying to sound stern and not too eager, even though I know the sight of Jodie’s juicy pink snatch all spread open and ready for him to fuck is irresistible.

“Would you like a condom, Sir?” I suggest, reaching across to my jacket to pull one out of the pocket.

“I might have guessed the class slut would carry condoms,” Jodie sneers, but still she snatches it greedily from my hand and rolls it over Simon’s erection. She leans back on her hands on the desk as Simon feeds his sheathed dick into her, which allows me space to stand behind her, untie her shirt and play with her beautiful big tits. Her nipples are dark brown and diamond-cutter hard, and she wriggles every time my fingers brush over them, making her tits jiggle delightfully*.

This position also gives me the perfect view of Simon’s rigid cock powering into Jodie’s pussy, rock hard and streaked with her cream. I know he probably won’t last too long after the show we’ve given him, so I hasten Jodie’s orgasm along by holding the vibrating bullet against her clit as he fucks into her, and sure enough, she’s soon clinging on to me, yelling loud enough to wake the dead as her climax thunders through her.

Simon is ready to cum now, and rather than waste it, he pulls off the condom and says, “On your knees, girl.” Naturally I obey at once, kneeling and jerking him off into my mouth. I don’t waste time with subtlety, but give him strong, steady, firm strokes that soon have him spurting jets of delicious hot cum between my lips.

I barely have time to swallow before Jodie tosses my panties at me, saying, “Get dressed, slut, let’s go.” Orgasmic glow dissipating, she’s eager to move on to the club, and whatever debauchery the night ahead brings.

“Are we dismissed, Sir?” I ask Simon politely.

He nods weakly, a dazed expression on his face, and we head off into the night.

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