Submissive Kitten’s Day, part four: A little game…

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On the drive home from the spa, I hatched my plan. I could tell from Raul’s reaction that I was looking my best in my little blue dress, but another thought struck me. My entire wardrobe had been chosen for me by Master F, right down to my shoes. Looking down, I realized that none of my shoes actually concealed my feet. Every pair he had picked exposed them. Hell, even when I’m in my uniform shirt, all I am allowed is thong sandals with a single strap between the toes. Could Master have a fetish for feet, I wondered?

When we arrived back at the house, I was so excited I wasn’t thinking. I took my little box of cigars and stepped into Master’s office unannounced. Oops! He was with a client. I made my apologies and stepped back out but Master called me in. For the first time, he introduced me to one of his clients. But what he said threw me for a loop. As far as I knew, I was just his submissive, Kitten. But now he introduced me as Kay, his new archivist. I had absolutely no idea what an archivist was, but I managed to stutter out a greeting. Master escorted his client out and told me to wait in his office. Had I just committed another sin?

When Master returned, he noticed the box of cigars, and smiled. Inspecting the new collar and cuffs I was wearing, he asked if I liked them.

“Yes, Master. I love them, and now I have your mark on me for all to see,” I said. “I got you these, to say thank you.”

I handed him the box of cigars, his favorite kind. Taking my hand, he twirled me around, the hem of my dress fanning out prettily. Master stepped closer and wrapped his arms around me, kissing me hard, his tongue snaking into my mouth. I felt so happy to have pleased him.

Master fixed two drinks at the wet bar, and them brought them over to the couch, with the cigar box.

“Let’s see what you have learned,” he said, handing it to me. I prepared his smoke for him exactly as I had been taught to do, placing it between my lips and handing him the lighter. Master lit the end and laughed as I coughed and spluttered, blushing.

“Well, at least you tried,” he said as he patted my thigh and handed me my drink. He asked about my day at the spa, and I told him what fun it had been. As I spoke, I kicked off my shoes, turned towards him, and placed one cuffed ankle on his lap. He ran his hand over my ankle and foot, gently stroking, then reached over and took another cigar from the box.

“Lie back,” he said. The calm order gave me a rush of anticipation. I repositioned myself, spreading back on the couch with my feet either side of Master. He smiled as he leaned forward, pushing up my dress, and stroked the tip of the cigar along the groove of my pussy. He raised it to his mouth to lick it, tasting my cream, then pushed it just a little way into my honey-drenched hole. I was still wet from my fun with Celine at the spa.

Twisting it slowly, Master eased the cigar deeper inside me. It was so arousing. I was turned on as much by the thought of Master smoking my pussy-soaked cigar later as I was from the sensation of it sliding in and out. Before long I was begging for him to go harder and deeper. I wanted to come, but I wanted to do something special for Master too. I decided to be brave and put my plan into effect.

“Master, would you please take off your pants?” I asked. He looked at me, puzzled, so I rubbed my foot against his crotch. His eyes lit up.

“Kitten, you are full of surprises today,” he said. He stood up and took off his pants and silk boxers, then went to the bar to fix us another drink. By the time he returned to the couch I was naked except for my collar and cuffs.

We sat facing each other, close enough that my feet could reach his stiffening dick and his hands could reach my pussy. I had never given anyone a foot job before, but Master showed me how. He placed my feet either side of his cock and I pressed them together, feeling his shaft swell between my soles. As I stroked up and down, he slid the damp cigar back inside me.

Celine had taught me all about Kegel exercises during our massage sessions, and I could feel my pussy tightening up around the cigar as my climax drew closer. I didn’t want to break it before Master could smoke it, so I tried to relax my muscles, but the waves of orgasm were building up, ready to sweep through me. But I got distracted when Master lifted my left foot to his mouth. His tongue explored every inch, caressing the sensitive skin.

And damn, it was working on me! I’d never thought of my toes as an erogenous zone before, but as Master’s tongue wrapped around them, I started to come. Hard. The contractions were so strong my pussy seemed to be swallowing the cigar, almost pulling the end out of Master’s grip. When he came on my right foot a moment later, I was overwhelmed by the blissful sensations. I lifted my foot to my mouth to lick up the warm salty sweetness.

Then the phone rang. Master took the call. I didn’t know who he was speaking to, but his attitude seemed to change a little. He said we had to wrap things up, as we were expecting a guest for dinner.

As I was leaving the room, Master asked, “By the way, anything about the spa trip you forgot to tell me?”

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