Spanked and screwed: my kind of party…

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Someone needs to spank that ass, I think to myself as I pull Kathryn’s ballgown up over her silky smooth rear and start to hook it up. She’s styling herself on Marie Antoinette for the party, all creamy skin and blonde curls; and she’s adopted the imperious attitude to match.

I can’t deny she looks stunning, the corset top of the dress showing off plenty of cleavage, skirt billowing out in a froth of silk and lace. Angela’s costume parties are legendary for their glamor and debauchery, and Kathryn certainly looks the part, a haughty queen ready to trample all over her abject servant.

By which I mean me. I lost a bet with Angela, and as my penalty she’s given me to Kathryn as her slave for the night. Under Angela’s impassive demeanor I detected malicious glee and sexual excitement as she watched me put on the outfit she’d selected: a sheer white blouse that barely skims my ass cheeks, waspie, garterbelt, black stockings and ankle-strap heels. I wouldn’t usually go in for such an overtly slutty display, but I can’t deny it makes me look like a walking wet dream. At least she let me wear a G-string. Angela knows she can only push my boundaries so far before I rebel.

“Carry my fan,” Kathryn says, admiring her gorgeous reflection in the mirror one last time before we join the party, and I nod obediently, thinking: Oh, I’d enjoy teaching you to say please…

But that’s not what’s going to happen, of course, because she’s the mistress and I’m the slave, and tonight I have to do as I’m told or there will be hell to pay with Angela later. So I keep my eyes lowered demurely as we mingle with the throng, and I don’t say a word as Kathryn lets the other partygoers pet me and fondle my ass and tweak my nipples through my sheer top. A lot of the revellers are wearing masks, and the illusion of anonymity lets everyone’s devilish side come out to play; there’s already a fair amount of rustling under silk skirts and groping through tight breeches going on.

Underdressed as I am, there are plenty of eyes on me, and I feel exposed, humiliated… and aroused. Angela knows exactly how to push my buttons, and while I draw the line at public sex, this kind of indiscreet display gets my nipples stiff in an instant — as everyone can see, of course, since my blouse leaves very little to the imagination.

Before long, I’m enjoying myself immensely. By Kathryn’s side, I play the perfect little submissive, silent and compliant as she encourages frisky men — and a few women — to stroke my ass, pinch and squeeze, murmur dirty words in my ear. And each time she sends me off to fetch her a drink, I take a little detour to catch up with one of my regular playmates for a quick kiss and cuddle. I feel perfectly safe, pampered by the attention, and with the delicious sense that it’s going to be a pleasurable night.

One of Kathryn’s friends, Kane, has been lingering near us for some time. With his words, he’s paying court to her, but with his eyes, he’s eating me up. His behavior is perfectly gentlemanly, but the way his gaze rakes over my body is wolfish, in the most thrilling way.

“Kathryn, darling, your slave looks hungry,” he suddenly says. “How would you feel about me thrusting my cock into that pretty little mouth?”

“You may do as you wish,” Kathryn says, looking slightly put out; I think she wanted his attention for herself. “Angela gave her to me so I dare say she’s a hot little slut.”

“Very well,” he grins. “On your knees please, slave…”

“I will not!” I say indignantly. “I may be a slut, but I’m not the evening’s entertainment. Let this stuck-up bitch put on a show if she likes having an audience so much!”

Kathryn shrieks in outrage; whoever heard of a slave daring to talk back like this? Kane grins, a dangerous glint in his eyes.

“Your slave’s pretty sassy, Kathryn. I should send her back to Angela. But first, I think a good spanking would teach her a lesson…” And with that he grabs my wrist, spins me around, and aims a sharp slap at my behind.

I stare at him mutinously, trying not to look like I enjoyed it. Damn, I love a good spanking! But I’m not ready to submit to this cocky player just yet — and certainly not in front of all these people. Eyes around the room are turning towards us, intrigued, hoping for some drama. Kane’s hand tightens around my wrist as he spanks me again, on the other cheek this time, and I start to struggle, refusing to play by the rules.

Naturally, Angela has been keeping a discreet eye on proceedings, and now she sweeps in with her customary hauteur and tells Kane to bring me to the private room where Kathryn and I dressed earlier. “Rose is best disciplined in more intimate surroundings,” she proclaims, making it sound like an invitation rather than the instruction we all know it to be.

I have my own stipulations though, and as Kane picks me up and tosses me over his shoulder, one hand stroking my stinging ass cheek just to remind me what’s coming, my eyes scan the room and find Tony, my best friend and faithful fuckbuddy, and signal him to follow.

Kane hesitates for a moment when Tony joins us at the door, but Angela — like everyone else — is charmed by his urbane manner and ushers him inside. The room is done up like a lady’s boudoir, all plush upholstered furniture and gilt mirrors, the perfect place for some decadent play. Tony takes a seat off to the side, indicating that he’s happy just to watch, for now at least. Angela sits regally in the most elegant armchair; she will never join in when there’s a man present, but I feel her eyes burning into my skin, committing each moment to memory.

Kathryn has been deposed as queen of the night’s proceedings, but I’m still hers to command, and she sets about reasserting her authority.

“Bend over, slut,” she says, pushing me toward the dressing table. It’s the perfect height for me to assume the position, and the mirrors are strategically placed so I can see the blonde beauty as she stands behind me, flips up my flimsy blouse to bare my cheeks, takes aim, and delivers a stinging slap to my left ass cheek. She meets my eyes in the mirror, her expression gloating as she slaps me again, heat and pain immediately blossoming through my tender flesh. Again she spanks me, and again, switching from cheek to cheek, raining blows on me until I feel my legs start to shake. I don’t cry out though, not until she tugs my panties down roughly, exposing me shamelessly to my small, enthralled audience.

“Look how wet the little slut’s getting,” she says, trying to sound disgusted, although I can hear the unmistakeable tremor of arousal in her voice as she prises my feet further apart so I’m spread open to the gaze of everyone in the room. And it’s true, I can feel wetness gathering at the opening to my hot cunt, ready to spill over at the slightest touch.

And now I do cry out as Kathryn spanks me harder, faster, her fingers lingering on my cheeks after each stroke, teasing me as they inch closer to my pussy. It feels incredible, and I think I’ve got the measure of her, I can predict how this will play out; but she has a surprise in store that makes me respect her inventiveness — and her determination to humiliate me.

Abruptly, she stops spanking me for long enough to take off her spike heeled shoes. As she approaches me, brandishing them menacingly, Tony intervenes — not to stop her, but to direct her to clean them off with wet wipes before using them on me. He grins when I glower at him in the mirror.

I try to stay perfectly still and passive as I feel the cold metal tip of Kathryn’s heel press against the hot groove of my cunt, but of course I buck involuntarily, the sensation sending sparks through my body, my nipples so stiff they’re almost painful. She slides the shiny metal back and forth between my lips, lubing it up with my cream, then slips it inside me. It’s the first thing that’s touched my pussy since the evening began, and of course the spindly metal heel is not enough to fill me, just to torment me. Now I understand her intention, as she takes the other heel and thrusts it into me too, moving them apart to spread me wide open, then rubbing and twisting them together inside me. I can’t believe I’m getting fucked by a pair of vintage Louboutins, I think, my composure shattered as it starts to feel humiliatingly good, yet frustratingly insufficient to get me off…

“Lick them clean, slut,” Kathryn says now, shoving the shoes in my face. I don’t protest because Kane picks that moment to move behind me, pushing the bunched up fingers of one hand into my pussy as he spanks me with the other. He doesn’t hold back at all, making me squirm and cry and thrust back on his fingers, chasing the pain, and the stretch, and the hard friction that will make me cum. But every time I get close, he pulls back, making me wait, keeping me teetering on the edge. When I’m about ready to beg, he picks me up and tosses me onto the bed.

Angela excuses herself to return to the party at this point; I have no doubt she’ll stop off at the ladies room to frig herself stupid over what she just witnessed. I don’t have time to speculate how she’ll punish me for my rebellious behavior. Tony watches with interest as Kane arranges me on the bed, using his tie to lash my wrist to the headboard, and even offers his own tie for my other wrist. Bastard! I’m left restrained and helpless as Kane starts to lick and suck and nip his way over my body, exploring my lips, my neck, my breasts, my thighs, winding me up until I’m ready to scream when he finally slides his tongue into my pussy. He’s good with his mouth, sucking my clit between his lips, hooking his fingers inside me as he licks, but pulling me back from the brink each time. I’m so overwrought by the time he finally unzips his pants and unceremoniously plunges his cock inside me that I cum instantly, the sudden stretch and fullness making my sugar walls convulse around his shaft.

My blissful cries are smothered as Kathryn hitches up her voluminous silk skirt, tugs aside her panties and straddles my face. With my arms tethered above my head I can’t give her the benefit of my talented fingers, but I lick and suck her sweet, succulent slit until she’s moaning and rocking her hips, bucking wildly as she cums on my mouth, slathering my skin with her juice. She tips forward, tongue fluttering ineffectively over my pussy mound, which is bulging around Kane’s big dick.

This delicious visual galvanizes Tony into action, and he unties my wrists and arranges Kathryn and I on our sides in a sixty-nine. Not only is this an ideal position in which to eat pussy, but it also allows Kane to fuck me from behind while Tony does Kathryn. I rub his balls and lick his shaft each time it slides out of Kathryn’s sloppy-wet snatch, suck her clit each time he plunges in, and she soon picks up the rhythm and does the same as Kane bangs me.

I cum hard like that, Kane slamming into me, Kathryn’s tongue swiping my clit, her taste mingled with Tony’s on my tongue; but they don’t allow me to catch my breath before they’re throwing me around like a ragdoll, Kane pushing his sticky cock into my mouth as I ride Tony, Kathryn pinching my nipples hard enough to make me squeal around my mouthful of dick. I cum until I think I can’t cum anymore, fingers digging into Kane’s ass cheeks to press him deeper down my throat as I shudder and clench around Tony’s shaft, buried in me to the hilt.

Kathryn grabs my hair and holds me still as Kane pulls out of my mouth and shoots his load over my face, just to remind me that I’m still slave for the night. When she sees how hot it looks, she starts to lick it off; that sight gives Tony further inspiration, and he lifts me off his dick so Kathryn and I can kiss around the head, just in time for him to anoint us both with his cum and have us lap it up.

We’re all sticky and dishevelled now, but the room is well appointed, and I’m so blissed out as I set to work fixing Kathryn’s makeup, wiping her soaked pussy and hooking her back into her dress. Seeing me acting like such a submissive little slave proves to be quite a turn on for Kane though, and he doesn’t let me put my G-string back on as I work. Instead he wraps it around his hand and jerks off with it as he watches me dress Kathryn, then makes me bend over the arm of the couch holding my ass cheeks apart as he stuffs the skimpy panties into my cunt and pulls them out again, over and over. When the fabric’s slimy with my cream and the friction is making me shake and beg for mercy, he wraps it around his cock, thrusts in roughly, and cums over the whole sticky mess.

Now I’m dripping with cum and pussy cream all over again, and I have no panties to wear. Kathryn’s are see-though, so I refuse them, but luckily Kane is wearing black silk boxers; they look kind of cute with my outfit, and also have the advantage of hiding the vivid red handprints his spanking has left on my ass cheeks.

“I’d like you to return them, in person, please,” he says, giving me his business card. “Call me.”

I glance at the card as I slide it into Tony’s pocket for safe keeping, since I’m not even wearing a bra where I can stash it. Under his name, it simply says, Catalyst.

Sounds promising, I think, as I pick up Kathryn’s fan and we head back out into the throng.

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