Naked book club: licking my velvet girls…

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“Yeah, fuck her with your big cock, baby!” Leila moans, tipping forward so she can rub my clit erratically. She’s straddling my face, her wet pussy grinding down on my mouth, as Daniella grips my hips and thrusts her rubber cock into me.

The dong is more rigid and unyielding than a real dick, forcing me open in a way I find very stimulating when contrasted with the silky skin and delicate taste of my playmates. It’s big too, my pussy gripping it tightly, not yet habituated to the size of it, as Dani pushes in, finding her rhythm.

It’s nothing like being fucked by a real man, which makes it all the more deliciously perverse. And to think it started innocently enough, reading the weekend newspaper with my girlfriends…

My artist friend Daniella came over to show me her latest work on Saturday afternoon. We’ve been close ever since she used me as a model for an erotic multimedia project, and incidentally shared her boyfriend with me (you can read about that unforgettable threeway here). Dani and I were just cuddling up on the couch when my girlfriend Leila showed up too.

They’ve never met before, but I know them both intimately, and have a feeling they’ll hit it off. I leave them sprawled on the couch together, squabbling over the newspaper and the remote, while I go to make more coffee. When I return, they are huddled over a piece in the Guardian about the twentieth anniversary of the publication of Tipping the Velvet*. Dani is asking Leila about the title**, but in her sexy Italian accent even the most innocent phrase sounds filthy, and so to hear her saying an expression with such decadent and luscious connotations is simply too much for Leila.

“But what does it mean?” Dani keeps asking, and I have to suppress my giggles as Leila tries to explain it without using the words pussy, lick or eat.

“It’s okay Leila — Dani likes pussy as much as the next girl,” I tell her. “Especially when the next girl is you…”

I’m scandalized to learn neither of them has actually read the book though, and grab my copy from the bookshelf. Leila leafs through it, and then starts reading with interest; and then all is quiet for a while, and I notice Dani stealing glances at Leila’s pretty face, bent over the book.

Keeley Hawes and Rachael Stirling as Kitty and Nan

When Leila reaches the part in chapter two about Kitty’s stage costume, she starts to describe it to Dani, and I put aside my newspaper to listen. Dani is intrigued by the idea of male impersonators and female to male crossdressing, and says she wants to incorporate it in her next photographic exhibition. I find some clips of the TV adaptation on YouTube and we watch curiously, trying to picture ourselves in top hat and tails, playing the proper Victorian gent. We are teasing each other but there is a powerful undercurrent of sexual tension as we all agree I am much too girly to do the outfit justice, Leila too regal, with her afro and fierce cheekbones; but Dani might make a very handsome man in tight trousers that hug her curvy ass, a corset nipping in her waist under her starched shirt.

That’s how we find ourselves raiding my closet for the most masculine clothes we can find. A too-tight bandeau top stifles the curves of Dani’s breasts, under a white dress shirt. Black trousers and boots, a tie that belongs to one of my boyfriends and has been used as an impromptu restraint at some point, a waistcoat; it isn’t really all that manly, but it serves the purpose.

I send Leila out of the room while I add the finishing touches, raiding Tony’s gym bag for hair gel and aftershave. His tighty-whities are a little big for Dani, but fit much better once I add the final flourish — a huge strap-on cock. With this nestled snugly inside her briefs, Dani looks like she’s sporting an impressive erection; and with her black pants on and her hair slicked back, the effect is strangely arousing.

“I think I might find you even more attractive as a man than as a woman,” I tell her, kissing her, grinding against her crotch to feel the hard cock in her pants.

I call Leila back into the bedroom, still clutching the book. Her eyes widen at the sight of Dani — Danny, I think to myself — and her voice trembles slightly as she starts to read: “…she seized my wrist again, and moved it lower. Here she was wet, and smooth as velvet. I had never, of course, touched anyone like this before — except, sometimes, myself; but it was as if I touched myself now, for the slippery hand which stroked her seemed to stroke me: I felt my drawers grow damp and warm…”

“That’s really hot,” Dani says, running her hand over her bulging crotch. “Keep reading.”

I guide Leila over to the bed, squeezing her curvy ass on the way. Her voice is low, husky; a sure sign of her arousal. She keeps reading for as long as she can, eyes darting from the page to the sight of me straddling Dani’s lap, my dress hiked up so my bare pussy smears wetness on the crotch of her black pants as I grind over her cock bulge. Leila loses her place in the text; her voice falters, and finally tails off.

“Suck her cock,” she demands, and I unzip the pants and tug them and Dani’s briefs down just far enough to let the cock spring out. I’m immersed in the fantasy that it’s a real dick as I get on my hands and knees to spit on the head and start inching it into my mouth, Leila getting behind me and pushing my dress up to my waist so she can finger my pussy from behind. I’m dripping wet; sucking the rubber dick triggers the same blissed-out state that a real one would, although not as intensely, and Dani’s soft moans of pleasure add to the illusion. The bunched up fabric around her crotch and the pressure of the dick against her pussy mound every time I take it deep in my mouth are giving her enough pleasure that she’s certainly not faking her excitement. When she grabs my hair and pushes my head deeper onto her cock I forget it’s not a real one and really go to town, rocking forward and back between the thick shaft impaling me at one end and Leila’s wriggling fingers at the other.

I could easily cum just from sucking cock (have I ever told you how much I LOVE doing that?) but I want Dani to fuck me. I lie back and she kneels between my spread thighs, positions the fat head of the cock at the slick entrance to my pussy, and drives it into me. Wet as I am, it’s a very tight fit. A fake cock doesn’t adapt to the shape of my pussy like a real one does — and it’s also harder for the owner to steer. We shift around a bit until it stops feeling too big and Dani is able to thrust experimentally, her brown eyes gazing into my blue-grey ones as she learns what makes me feel good. When she finds the angle that hits my G-spot just right, it unleashes a flood of wetness, and I wrap my legs around her so she can pound into me to a steady, hard rhythm.

Leila has taken off her shorts and panties by now and is masturbating as she watches Dani fuck me. It’s the sight of her, beautiful ebony skin glistening with a sheen of perspiration, that gets me off as much as the heat and pressure spiralling up and out from my pussy to make my whole body shake with pleasure.

“Let me taste that juicy cunt,” I tell her, and she sits astride my face. I take a long look at her vivid pink slit, so wet and succulent, before pulling her down onto my mouth. She’s so hot and sweet, juice pouring from her as I press my tongue between the folds of her slippery snatch and lick her until she shivers and screams. She leans forward, rubbing my clit with fingers that are wet from diddling herself. Then Dani speeds up her thrusts and I’m moaning into Leila’s hot flesh as I cum and cum.

Gingerly, Dani eases the cock out of me. I’m so swollen and tender from its unyielding hardness, and from cumming so intensely, but she and Leila lick me gently until the throbbing subsides into a sweet tingle of well-fucked afterglow. Now I want to see Dani use her cock on Leila. Her pants and briefs are soaked with my juice — and hers, as I discover when I peel them away from her drenched slit. She’s desperate to be touched, but I make her wait. A gentleman should always make his lady cum first, after all…

They start with Leila sitting astride Dani, her beautiful booty rippling as she rides, tits bouncing. She wants it harder though, so they roll over, Dani on top and slamming into her. It’s hot to watch her fucking Leila vigorously, making her wail each time she pumps her hips and the strap-on cock plows into her. Leila bends double and hooks her legs over Dani’s shoulders, taking the dick really deep, cumming so hard her eyes roll back.

Dani deserves one hell of an orgasm after proving herself to be a cockswoman with such stamina. Leila holds her legs high and wide while I wrap one hand around the shaft of Dani’s dick, jacking it slowly as I lick her pussy. I plan to draw it out a while but she’s so aroused I’ve barely touched her clit with my tongue before her first climax has her bucking and spasming. I know I can coax plenty more out though, so I spread her snatch open and lick deeper and harder, making her squeal. Leila soon recovers enough to sit on Dani’s cock in reverse cowgirl, riding it as I finger-fuck Dani. It’s so kinky to see her using her cock to fuck Leila at the same time as getting her creamy pussy fingered. I think she needs to be properly filled though, so I get a big dildo from the nightstand and push it into her cunt. Now she really goes wild, her hips jerking so crazily Leila can barely stay astride her. She’s a sticky, shaking mess by the time I let her stop cumming. And then Leila decides she wants to know what it feels like to be the man

* Tipping the Velvet by Sarah Walters was published in 1998, and tells the story of Nancy Astley, who falls for Kitty Butler, a male impersonator in the 1890’s. When the girls become lovers, Nan takes to the stage too; but Kitty’s shame over her sexuality sends Nan on a journey of self-discovery. A coming-of-age and coming-out novel that reads as historical fiction and yet feels fresh and modern, it’s widely regarded as a lesbian classic — funny, moving, engaging, and very sexy.

* The phrase ‘tipping the velvet’ is Victorian slang for cunnilingus.

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