Late night good vibrations

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It feels like I’m being penetrated in every cell of my body at once, the vibrations traveling from my clit, up his thrusting cock to my very core, electrical impulses surging through me. I’m drenched, his immense dick sliding in and out easily despite the tight stretch as I ride him, the flutters and flashes of bliss sparking through me seemingly endlessly, a chain reaction of orgasmic explosions.

What else would I be doing at 3:45am on a weekday morning?

My phone rings just after 3am, waking me. It’s Victor, my personal trainer and virile fuckbuddy.

“I’m outside, are you alone?” he asks as soon as I pick up.

“Sure,” I say, barely conscious as I pull on my silk robe and go down to open the door, the floor cold under my bare feet.

He looks rough in the artificial light from the street, a scrape under his eye, a grim expression. He got talked into helping out as door security for a friend’s club tonight; I’m guessing it hasn’t gone well. I take his hand to lead him inside. His knuckles are bruised and bloodied.

“Bad night?”


“Want to tell me about it?”


Vic is a man of few words at the best of times. Now I can feel the tension coiled within him like a spring. Best place for him right now is in my bed. It’s lucky I sent my friend Anton home after an evening of Netflix and chill, wanting to catch up on my sleep after a wild weekend.

Sleep will have to wait.

I take Vic to my bed, undress him, admiring his ripped, muscular body as I remove each item of clothing. His cock is already stiffening as I pull down his pants, rigid as I tug his shorts to his ankles. Physical conflict will do that to some guys. I can feel the adrenaline surging through him, making his muscles taut. I know just the thing to relax him.

I drop my robe and kneel between his thighs, so he can watch me as I run my tongue over the head of his thick cock, making it twitch. I hold it steady as I lick it up and down, more because I want to feel the thick shaft pulsing between my fingers than anything else. I spit on it, soak it with saliva, circle my fingers around the root and corkscrew them up and down. He loves to watch me working his cock, and I love to do it; it’s a monster, and the groans my tongue elicits as it teases each vein, each smooth fraction of skin, are so gratifying.

He reaches for a hairband on the nightstand, hands it to me so I can pin up my long hair, making sure nothing obscures his view. I look up at him as I wrap my lips around the head of his cock and start to suck it down, slowly, with deliberate dragging intensity. There it is at last, the hint of a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth. I reward him by taking his dick all the way in, hands-free. Not an easy task, with a cock this enormous, but I love the sensation of him filling my mouth, easing into my throat, saturating my senses with his taste and smell, his heat and power. He stays still, letting me bob my head to slide my lips and tongue up and down on his pole, increasing the pace and pressure as I warm up.

I’m so aroused. Sucking cock is my biggest turn-on, and I’d happily keep going until he floods my mouth with hot cum. He wants more tonight though, pulling out of my mouth with a groan, his shaft shiny with saliva. I’m expecting him to move on top of me and pound me into the mattress, or even to slap my ass hard as he fucks me roughly from behind; our hook-ups tend towards the athletic, his brute physicality exciting me.

But no, he rummages in the toy drawer of the nightstand — which houses just my favorite trinkets out of the many I’ve been given — and pulls out a cock ring with a vibrating bullet. It’s a tight squeeze to ease it down over his fat erection, but he manages it, stifling a gasp as he switches on the vibration.

Now I move astride him, bathing the head of his cock in my wetness as I line it up with my slick pussy opening, stirring my hips to ease the way as I sink down slowly. It’s always a shocking stretch at first, accommodating his girth, but it feels amazing. I hadn’t realized how much I’d wanted it; sucking cock is always something of a transcendent experience when I’m immersed in it, but now every particle of me is shimmering with need.

I pause when his cock’s about halfway in, adjusting to the fullness. I’m trembling around him already. We look into each other’s eyes, and I see all the tension has drained out of his face, leaving uncomplicated lust in its place. Perfect.

He holds me in place with one hand squeezing my ass cheek as the other fiddles with the bullet, increasing the power of the vibrations. Then, forcefully, he grabs my hips and pushes me down on him as he slams up to meet me.

Chaotic sensation cascades through me as he impales me to the hilt, the vibrating bullet meeting my clit with a jolt, the tremors traveling up his dick like a lightning rod. For a moment it’s too much, my tender walls prised open by this solid slab of granite-hard maleness, the vibrations sending my synapses haywire. I’m shaken to my core, a riot of sensation assaulting me; heat and pressure pool at my G-spot immediately, my clit swollen and over-sensitive, his cock seeming to conduct the oscillation through my quivering cunt in asynchronous waves.

Vic knows exactly when to pause and when to power through, though; he humps up into me steadily, fucking me through the shrieks and shudders of my first orgasmic quakes, knowing they are just the prelude to a seismic blast.

Each shockwave of excruciating bliss is more intense than the last, sweeping me to an all-encompassing peak of pleasure, a climax that has me bucking and spasming wildly as his cock holds me skewered there. I collapse down onto him, the bullet grinding into my clit to prolong my shaking, wetness soaking my thighs and his crotch.

Vic’s not done. When I’ve recovered enough to move, he spins me around into reverse cowgirl on top of him, sitting up with his back against the headboard so he can squeeze my tits as he holds me tight against his body. He’s only halfway inside me again now, and it amazes me that I still crave more. He swivels the cock ring around too, so the bullet’s hitting my clit when he allows me to sink down all the way. The vibration against his balls must be driving him crazy. My clit is throbbing, and I rise up again and rock my hips, stirring his dick inside me, teasing out every drop of pleasure. I’m not generally a squirter, but the sensation is so intense I’m not even surprised when my next orgasm is accompanied by a gush of wetness, an eruption of liquid rapture.

Now Vic pushes me forward into doggie, pistoning into me viciously, then plunging deep so the bullet triggers a final explosion within me as he fills me with scalding hot jizz.

Gingerly, he eases the cock ring from his slick shaft, and turns it off. The silence after that relentless buzzing is deafening. After a moment I go and turn on the faucet to fill the bathtub. Usually I prefer to shower, but sore, sticky and exhausted as we both are, I think a soak in the tub will be just right. I light scented candles and fetch warm towels, and when the tub is full we doze in the water in each other’s arms.

We finally make it to bed just as dawn breaks.

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