Karaoke Queen: hitting the high notes

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I’ve watched Isla eat pussy, and been on the receiving end too, so I know what a hot fuck she is; but even I am surprised by the vehemence with which she sucks dick. I have to sit back for a moment just to admire the view, as her lips stretch around the fat shaft, sink down rapidly until they meet her fingers where they cup his balls, then pull off with an audible pop. She turns to give me a sloppy kiss, then directs his cock towards my mouth as if it were a microphone…

This is turning out to be the best karaoke night ever.

I have a love-hate relationship with karaoke. It’s cool when it’s good, it’s funny when it’s bad, and it can be really moving when everyone joins in for an Almost Famous style Tiny Dancer singalong.

My karaoke party-piece is Like A Virgin, obviously, but I’m not in the mood right now; in fact I’m feeling excruciatingly uncomfortable on behalf of my gorgeous friend Isla, who is up on stage destroying The Wind Beneath My Wings.

Isla is here with her dominant Mistress, Angela — the last person I’d ever expect to see in a karaoke bar — and Angela has ordered her to perform in front of all these people, many of whom are strangers. Isla is really shy except when it comes to sex, and as she mumbles her way tunelessly through the song, gazing at the floor, conversation stops and everyone stares at the stage, horrified.

I know Angela has deliberately made this happen to humiliate Isla, and she’s probably done much worse to her, but my toes are curling with embarrassment. You know when Julia Roberts makes Cameron Diaz sing in My Best Friend’s Wedding and it turns out cute and funny and really endearing? It’s nothing like that.

I know I will catch hell from Angela for interfering, but I don’t care; in any case, being punished by Angela is often its own reward.

Walking up to the small stage confidently, as if I have every right to do this, I take the microphone from Isla, say, “Well done, that was lovely,” and hand it to my friend Mikey, who is sitting at the nearest table. Mikey is an actor, a very flamboyant character, and he catches on immediately, springing up onto the stage and finishing the song with enough vocal flourishes to distract everyone from what just happened. I take Isla’s shaking hand and lead her away from the stage.

Angela is looking daggers at me as we leave the room.

In the corridor leading to the restrooms, Isla falls into my arms tearfully, and I hug her until she calms down. Isla being Isla, she cuddles me for longer than is strictly necessary… and me being me, I don’t fight it when she starts nuzzling my neck, kissing her way up to my earlobe, and then my lips. She’s such a great kisser, and I’m lost in the moment as she presses me against the wall and slides her knee between mine, grinding her thigh against my pussy. Damn, this girl knows how to turn me on.

We pull apart reluctantly as someone enters the corridor, and Isla gives me her sweetest, sexiest smile.

“I guess I’d better go back and… face the music,” she says, and with another quick, affectionate kiss to my lips, she’s gone.

So, I’m in the ladies room, applying lipgloss and trying to cool down — Isla really is a great kisser, she’s got me all riled up — when the door swings open and a figure stands in the doorway.

Glancing up, I see it’s a man, and as I say, “Wrong bathroom,” I realize it’s this guy who’s been eye-fucking me all night. Mitchell plays soccer with my best friend and fuckbuddy Tony on Sundays, so I’ve seen him around.

“Oh, I know,” he grins. “I just wanted to say… I saw what you did back there. It was really sweet of you to intervene and put us all out of our misery.”

“Oh, well Isla’s a close friend…” I start.

“Yeah, I saw that too. Are you that nice to all your friends?” Now he’s got me laughing and blushing. He’s a charmer. “Sing a duet with me.”

“Well I don’t know… I’m picky about who I sing with. What song did you have in mind?”

“Bruce Springsteen’s Fire, how about it?”

Oh, this guy knows his seduction songs.

Singing with someone you’re attracted to is excellent foreplay. Mitch is good, looking at me with the promise of fun to come as he puts emphasis on all the right words, the ones that send a message straight to my pussy. I think the applause we get is as much for the palpable sexual tension as for our singing.

As we finish, he murmurs in my ear, “Love how you sound. Now I wanna hear how you sound when you’re moaning my name…” He grins, acknowledging how corny the line is, then continues, “Do you want to get out of here?”

I make eye contact with Tony, and raise an eyebrow questioningly — you know this guy, he’s cool right? He nods and gives me the thumbs up.

It takes us a while to leave — there are other singers to watch, drinks to be drunk, people to say goodbye to — but we’ve just made it to the exit when Isla comes storming over.

“Angela left without me,” she says, clearly furious. “She said if I couldn’t do as I was told, I’d have to walk home.”

I know Angela is strict, but this is ridiculous. They live miles away. Since I created this little rebellion, I feel duty bound to take care of the situation.

“Sorry,” I begin, turning to Mitch. “Raincheck? I need to get Isla home safely.”

“Or I could just come home with you,” Isla interjects. She gives Mitch her most winning smile. “We could have fun, if you’re up for it. Rose likes to share…”

I’m shocked; Angela doesn’t let Isla play with men. I’m certainly not averse to the idea though. I can see Mitch is rapidly recalibrating his plans for the night ahead. We exchange a look, he nods, grins… “Let’s go, ladies,” he says.

So, that’s how I’ve unexpectedly found myself sharing a man with my gorgeous cock-starved girlfriend, who is making up for lost time by wringing orgasm after body-wracking orgasm from the encounter. Mitch was eager to watch me make out with Isla first — show me a red-blooded hetero guy who doesn’t have that on his wish list — so we undressed each other, kissing all the while, tongues and fingers exploring; but Mitch wasn’t able to hold out too long before jumping into the mix.

Now, he’s on his back with Isla riding him — I figured she needed it more than me. His cock isn’t particularly long but it’s thick, and her pussy looks so pretty sliding up and down around it. From where I’m sitting, which is on Mitch’s face as he licks me, I can reach forward to pinch Isla’s nipples and stroke her clit, feeling the tremors rippling through her. Wetness is seeping out to soak the wiry curls around the root of Mitch’s cock, and I dip my fingertips in it and bring them to my mouth for a taste. That makes Isla moan and ride faster, her hips circling to stir Mitch’s cock around inside her. I can see she’s close to orgasm, and as the first shockwaves hit her, she clings to me, gasping and shuddering.

When she’s calmed down enough to dismount, we switch ends. There’s something particularly filthy about sinking down onto a cock that’s slippery with another girl’s pussy juice, and as it thrusts up into me I’m already halfway to cumming. It feels big, hot and very wet. I let Mitch set the pace, grinding down onto him with each stroke, pulses of sweet sensation radiating from my G-spot. Isla is squirming on Mitch’s face, moaning to the rhythm of his tongue lapping at her wet slit. She folds forward on top of him so she can lick at the hot juncture where Mitch’s cock is spreading me open. A powerful surge of heat and pleasure sweeps through me, my cunt tightening around Mitch’s driving shaft. Isla’s tongue strumming my clit, licking my cream from the base of Mitch’s shaft, toying with his balls — it’s enough to drive us both crazy, and she holds me steady as Mitch starts to slam up into me, fucking me to an intense orgasm.

His stamina deserves to be rewarded, so Isla and I team up to give him a double blowjob that he will regard as the gold standard for the rest of his days. In unison, we each lick a stripe up the side of his diamond-hard cock, our mouths meeting at the head to kiss around it, then back down, again and again. When his groans of agonized pleasure are reaching a crescendo, we take turns to suck it deep, switching it between us. It’s a long time since Isla sucked cock but she hasn’t lost any of her technique, using her lips and tongue and fingers to great effect. Together we smother Mitch’s cock with kisses and licks, spread his legs to tease his perineum and fondle his balls, suck and stroke until with a great yell of release, his cum fountains up to splatter us both. Isla manages to catch a few spurts in her mouth and passes it to me in a sticky, open-mouthed kiss.

“That was totally worth whatever punishment Angela decides to give me,” Isla muses. “How about we eat each other’s pussy while Mitch catches his breath ready to fuck us again?”

“I’d like to watch that very much,” Mitch grins. “And then let’s pick a song we can all perform together at the next karaoke night.”

“Oh, somehow I doubt Angela will make me sing again, when she hears about this,” Isla says. Her expression suggests the memories of tonight will add a delicious frisson to her punishment…

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