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Part 35: Full Circle

It took me a while to mull over what Elaine had revealed to me, and a great deal of reassurance was needed while I adjusted to the idea that there was a side to my personality that I had never indulged. I was brushing my hair one morning when Toby came in — I was naked apart from my knicks and hold ups, and when I turned my head, he looked embarrassed.

‘I’m sorry,’ he said, blushing, and made to leave.

My heart melted, and I turned to face him. ‘Please stay.’

He sat on the bed, every part of him radiating the questions that I had never given him the space to ask.

‘I know that you aren’t always comfortable with me dressing like this,’ he murmured, breaking the silence.

Every bit of me wanted to take him to bed that instant, but I was determined to sort this out once and for all. I offered him my hairbrush, and he came over and began to work his way from the ends back to the roots. In the end I couldn’t take it any more, and I reached a hand up, pulled his face down to mine, and we kissed.

‘How would you like a job?’ I asked.

‘But I already have one!’

‘You don’t have a proper one with a contract. Between the pair of you, you and Angela run every part of my life, so that I can take the decisions I need to run the business; and since I can’t do without you, I am going to pay you exactly the same as she gets. You have stopped brushing.’

‘I don’t know what to say, Tabby, I… I never expected anything like this.’

‘How about, yes, Tabby?’

He smiled broadly, ‘Yes, Tabby.’

‘Can you do a French braid like you did for Angie the other day?’

‘What, you mean a circlet?’

‘That’s right, but with that hanging plait?’

He went to work, and I admired him in the mirror. ‘Toby, I have never been able to say this before, but you make me feel really good.’

He grinned. ‘You don’t mind me dressing up as a woman all the time?’

‘If Angie and Elaine and I can do it, I don’t see why the rules should be any different for you.’

He let me admire the circlet plaits before working down. There was a long silence before he said, ‘Elaine said that you had taken some decisions. I was worried that they were going to work out badly for me.’

I sighed. ‘Toby, will you stop for a second?’

He did.

‘Hold my boobs.’

My nipples came erect and I wriggled my back against him as I felt my skin tingle. Toby kissed my neck and I became almost instantly wet.

‘That feels very nice.’

‘Nowhere near as nice as it feels for me, Toby. I love you touching me, but much more important than that, I need to have you around.’

He kissed me again, and went back to plaiting. When he was done, I turned to him and said, ‘Angie gets a clothes allowance, and so will you.’

‘What do you want me to get?’

‘How about some pencil skirts to show off your bottom, and some business suits?’


‘Yeah, really.’

‘You would like that?’

‘I would love that. What should I wear today?’

‘You look gorgeous just the way you are.’

In response, I led him to the bed. ‘Love me, please.’

He got in beside me, and we kissed deeply, before he moved down to my neck. He had one hand on my boob, his long red nails catching the morning light as he stroked my nipple with extraordinary gentleness. Before long, I became aware of something I recognised as having felt with him before, which was a feeling of fullness deep in my pelvis. As Toby moved down and began to kiss my breasts, the feeling grew stronger and stronger. When I felt his hand on my clit, I reached down and pulled it back to my breast.

Toby looked at me enquiringly.

‘Keep doing what you are doing, please,’ I begged, ‘I think I am going to come.’

His hand instinctively went back to my clit.

‘No, no, just keep doing what you are doing right now — keep kissing my neck and sucking my nipples.’

The feeling grew stronger and stronger, the strengthening morning light revealing that my chest had become a mass of blotches. I wrapped my legs around him and pulled his head onto my breasts, so that his face disappeared in a sea of boob and hair, and then I had the most almighty orgasm. I couldn’t stop myself letting out a gasp loud enough to wake up everybody else in the house, and by the time the muscles in my pelvis had stopped contracting, and my anus had stopped following suit, and I had gotten control of my legs back again, I realised that Elaine had been right all along.

Toby looked awestruck. ‘But I never even touched your clit,’ he said, when I had recovered enough to stop hanging onto him.

I held him tight, and locked my ankles behind his back. ‘Can you do me a big favour?’ I asked, as an idea occurred to me.

Toby kissed my nipples in turn, before looking up. ‘Anything.’

I relaxed my thighs so he could sit up. ‘In one of the drawers over there are some short babydolls. Can you be a love and fetch a couple over?’

He found the correct drawer and held one up.

‘No, I don’t want anything that makes it difficult to get to my boobs, I don’t think a balconette will work.’ In the end I went over and helped him out.

‘I had no idea that you had so many!’

‘You should know me well enough by now.’ I held one up against him. ‘Take off your dress.’

He complied, and I stole a glance at his cock, the tip of which was three inches clear of the top of his panties.

‘I will take care of that in a moment,’ I said, putting a finger against his lips. ‘Just take care of me and do what you just did again, please.’

This time, the feeling of the sheer material between our bellies was enough to accelerate me towards the edge, and as I reached it, I whispered, ‘I am really close to coming, Toby, please slow down what you are doing and look at me.’

Our eyes locked, and I held his gaze as the steadily increasing sensitivity of my nipples magnified every rotation of his tongue around my areolae. As the tip passed over each and every little bump and tiny wrinkle, the sensation grew stronger and stronger, the warmth in my pelvis became more overwhelming, and I had to resist the urge to arch my back. Eventually, I could stand the wait no longer, and somehow, Toby intuited that I was ready. One flick of his tongue was all it took to catapult me into a chaotic orgasm that went on and on, leaving me writhing on the bed while I hung onto him for dear life.

It was thirty seconds before I could even think of speaking, and then the only thing I could say was, ‘Wow!’

‘What is happening, Tabby? I don’t understand why you keep coming. I haven’t done anything to make it happen, have I?’

‘Oh yes you have,’ I replied. ‘Did you think I was faking that?’

He shook his head.

‘We are going to have to practise this some more, a lot more,’ I murmured, stroking his hair. ‘But now it is your turn, and you can take me absolutely any way you like, my darling. You have earned it.’

‘I want to come inside you, but I don’t think I will last very long,’ he said, sounding dubious.

In response, I pulled off my string, took gentle hold of his erection, and mounted him. I was so wet that he slid inside without any resistance at all, making me give a little gasp, and have a couple of beats of orgasm. For a few seconds I sat there, neither of us moving, as I enjoyed the feeling of the width of his cock stretching me.

‘I am very near,’ breathed Toby.

‘I know.’ I arranged the babydoll he was wearing and adjusted my thighs so I was absolutely comfortable. ‘Hold my boobs again.’

We stayed frozen, like a tableau, until I began to feel little contractions beginning in my pelvis.

‘I am going to come,’ said Toby, with a look of disbelief.

‘I think I am going to give you a lingerie budget too…’ but the rest of the sentence was lost as I felt his cock swell — once… twice… There may have been a third, but I came too.

I woke about an hour later to find Toby tidying the room up. He had changed and was quite the efficient housekeeper. I admired him for a while as I enjoyed the sticky feeling in my groin.

‘I think we may have to change the sheets, Toby, we seem to have made a bit of a mess.’

‘Are you serious about giving me a contract? I love living here.’

I burst into laughter. ‘And I love you living here too, but it is all about respect, and sending the right signals.’ I threw off the sheet, sat up and admired the clots of come on my sex.

Some signals take longer to deliver than others, but that’s because you need to understand yourself well enough to be able to send them.

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