Cherry on top: the redhead takes control

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Breast to breast, she grinds her body on mine, pinning me to the leather couch, all soft curves and luscious lips. Her copper hair falls around my face as she leans in to kiss me, and I taste her sweet cherry lipgloss. She has me naked already, and the silky glide of her stockings against my tender inner thighs, the scratch of her lace lingerie against my sensitive nipples, is most stimulating.

I wrap my legs around her waist and pull her closer, so my bare pussy rubs against her satin panties, smearing them with my wetness. Her hands slide around to grab my ass and she grinds on me harder, so I feel the heat from her crotch. I wonder if I can make her squirt, make her soak that shiny satin with her cum? I’m not the one in charge today, though…

Ever since Cherry and I first hooked up, almost a year ago, she’s become more and more fiery and dominant. I like to think I helped unleash her inner tigress. She can be a little jealous and possessive too; and while I find this a turn-off in a guy I have to admit it amuses me when Cherry feels the sudden need to mark me as hers.

Today I’m supposed to be helping her get her studio straight; like many artistic types, she’s hopelessly disorganized, and I offered to sort out her paperwork as a thank you to her for making me a dress for a special party. It was all very professional at first. I was enjoying sneaking glances at her long legs in her sexy stockings and heels (I do enjoy a bit of office naughtiness) but otherwise I was behaving impeccably, and making great inroads into her filing system. But then she got it into her head that I was flirting with a cute girl from one of the other studios in the building, who came by to collect some mail.

Okay, so I was flirting — but in my defence she was really cute.

It’s funny, Cherry is fine with watching me fuck guys right in front of her but if she thinks I’m so much as looking at another girl, the green-eyed monster is unleashed. They are very pretty green eyes though…

I let her rant and rave and work herself up into a rage for a few minutes. She looks even sexier when she’s angry, freckled cheeks flushed, breasts heaving in her tight shirt. Better yet, I know the theatrics make her horny. Sure enough, she goes from yelling in my face to pressing me up against the wall, kissing me furiously, in a split second. I just go with the flow. Honestly I couldn’t care less about her imaginary relationship dramas, but she has passion and intensity enough for the two of us and I let myself get swept up in her fervid embrace.

I’m wearing a dress that zips up the front and she tugs it open roughly — later we’ll discover she’s damaged the zipper; good thing she’s a talented seamstress — and squeezes my breast. Her fingers flicking and pinching my nipple draw a gasp of pleasure-pain from me.

“I’ll bet that little slut wouldn’t know how to make your pussy wet the way I do,” she hisses in my ear as she crowds me against the wall and thrusts her hand into my panties.

We’ll see about that, I think, but she certainly has made me very wet, very quickly. If you follow my adventures you’ll know I get off on being manhandled like this; especially when it’s by a tempestuous woman who eats pussy as ravenously as Cherry does.

I’m hoping she’ll spank me for my bad behavior as that’s the kind of discipline I adore, but she just tugs my damp panties down to my ankles. I kick them off, along with my sandals. Now I’m totally naked and she’s still fully dressed, towering over me in her heels. She’s Amazonian in her arousal, and I like being overpowered.

She pushes me back onto the couch, looming over me, kissing me harder. Her juicy lips slide down to my neck and suck a hickey there, branding me as her possession, if only temporarily. Quickly, she sheds her blouse and skirt, and presses her body fully against mine. I can feel her nipples poking through their lace confines, and I pull her bra down, her puffy pink areolae delighting me as always. Her breasts are big, squashing heavily against mine, our nipples brushing together in a way that sends a pulse of excitement straight to my pussy. Legs wrapped around her, I hump against her plump panty-clad mound, craving pressure, craving friction.

She knows what I need, of course, climbing onto the couch and moving one thigh between mine so we can scissor our pussies together, only the scrap of wet fabric between them. I can feel her plump lips mashing against mine as she ruts frantically, both of us creaming over the flimsy satin until we’re sliding together with a sticky, sucking noise. Her cries ascend to shrieks, and when I reach out to tweak her nipple she cums with a burst of wetness that soaks us both. I love how easy it is to make her squirt.

I want mine now, though. She pulls me on top so I’m straddling her lap, cramming two fingers into me unceremoniously. I’m so wet — with my juice and hers — that they slide into me easily. I lean in so she can suck my nipples, but she wants to watch me ride, grabbing my long hair and pulling my head back as she thrusts her soaked fingers into me. The telltale tingling and throbbing at my G-spot is already building; her fingertips seek out the sweet spot and rub it harder, watching my face, proud that she can read my body so well. I slide a hand down to strum my clit, and the pressure from both sides, inside and out, explodes into a shuddering, shaking orgasm.

She’s not done with me yet, barely letting me catch my breath before she pushes me onto my back and moves astride my face, the aroma of creamed-up cunt strong and heady. I lick her through the wet panties first, sucking her wetness from them, running my tongue up and down the hot channel between her lips. When I have her moaning and rocking her hips, I peel the drenched fabric aside to bare her pussy, shiny pink folds glistening, droplets of moisture caught in the flame-red hair that frames her slit. I grip her hips to pull her down onto my face, sweeping my tongue up and down, pressing it against her clit, swirling it at the entrance to her steamy hole.

I need penetration for an intense orgasm, but for Cherry it’s all about focusing on her sensitive clit, and I flick, lap and suck at it until she’s going wild. I want to induce a full-on squirt, and she can do this even without G-spot stimulation. I press my thumbs down into her fluffy red bush, jamming her down onto my mouth, and lick rapidly, her sweet nectar pouring out. When her cries all blend together into one long wail of ecstasy I know I have her. I latch on and suck the hot, throbbing nub of flesh hard, and sure enough the floodgates open, her whole body going rigid as girl-cum squirts down over my face and neck.

It takes a while for her to stop gasping and convulsing on top of me, but by the time she does, the storm has passed and she’s all sunny smiles again. I’m soaked and reeking of sex, so I let her take me into the shower and test out her new toy, a big dildo with a suction end that fixes to the shower wall. Licking my clit while I fuck myself on the mock cock is the least she can do after acting so crazy…

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