La Belle Dame Sans Merci — Frank Dicksee Now tell me such a tale sirwhile I am tightly boundof captive maidens held sirwhere evil knights abound. How they’re...
Francesca Anderssen
1 min read

The gift of self: a lesson in self bondage

How often have you fantasized about having your lover come home to find you beautifully bound and helpless, waiting to be taken? Yet been frustrated...
Francesca Anderssen
2 min read

Rose takes requests (but only if they are kinky…

Now you all know by now that I write from the heart — or maybe a little further south — but I often get asked to interpret other...
Rose MyErotica
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Dear MyErotica Readers

We are looking for aspiring and accomplished erotic storytellers to submit their stories for publication, email
Rose MyErotica
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