Take Me I’m Yours

I’m lying on my back; legs over my head in plow position. He loves me this way, because he has access to both my...
The Voice of Erotica
7 min read

A Night of Excitement

I’ve always had a thing about watching women and undressing them in my mind. I get aroused by the way their clothing...
Furious Skuggs
5 min read

Pin-Up Doll

I swear, this girl is Marilyn Monroe come back to life. Tight blonde waves, dazzling blue eyes, lush pink lips, and curvy...
5 min read

I Feel Like a Woman

Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets… Almost an hour had passed and Lola was still in the shower. I had heard her climax twice...
Lola Down
2 min read

Broken Bed

It was a slow yet fun night at work. I was in a horny, playful mood. There were a handful of single...
6 min read

Beginner’s Luck

My first threesome blew all of our minds One of my partners is pansexual and genderfluid so they present anywhere from feminine to...
Reese Harper
2 min read

Reading Aloud

When fact meets fiction… “What are you writing?” she asks. It’s the first time in an age that she’s shown even the slightest...
C. J. Labrousse
10 min read


photo: VivThomas “Don’t shower.” Her voice was firm and low, a husky whisper. It was not a request she was making. It was an...
London Eyes
5 min read

Morning Glory

Quickie sex to jump-start the day. Podcast written by Rose MyErotica, read by Lora Vestaloyne I’m pinning up my hair, about...
Rose MyErotica
1 min read

Valentine’s Breakfast

You forgot it was Valentine’s Day? Time to make it up to her… I come down for breakfast and she’s perched on a...
C. J. Labrousse
4 min read