My Affair

With my cheek pressed against the hood of the car, the first thought that went through my mind was about getting my...
4 min read

A Lovely Morning in New York

I woke up to a delightful view. She was standing on the balcony in one of my tee shirts looking 26 floors...
Guy New York
2 min read

She Cheats With His Best Friend

A cuckold tale from three points of view JERRY: I went to college with Dan. He got me a job out here in...
Colt Stevens
14 min read


I see her passing by in this big white pickup truck. She parks and walks in a panther like motion, swinging her...
5 min read

Play Me Rough

 You bind me with invisible rope. But it’s real; you still restrain me. You hold me in exactly the place you...
The Voice of Erotica
4 min read

The Artist’s Model

She kisses me again and traces a finger down her stomach, leaving a trail of sweat and cum. How could I possibly mind?...
C. J. Labrousse
10 min read

Milf in Waiting

Where the fuck is my lover? He should have been here already. It’s been almost an hour since he called to say he was on...
Damien Dsoul
2 min read

The Sexy Detour

 Master stops by to give me some pain and pleasure I saw a car park through the semi-closed blinds of my living...
Alma Awakened
4 min read

The Mistress of the House

Shy, curious maid Crissy is propositioned by her rich, powerful employer, Veronica Grand. Every other Saturday, Crissy cleaned the home of Veronica Grand,...
Helena Sigh
8 min read

Wanking Through Winter

Polar storms bring out our inner perv As a wicked winter storm made for some unbearably cold winter weather and wind chills brought...
Allison Leigh
1 min read