Chapter three: Breaking down Miranda’s walls It could have gone on forever. I could have lived, right there, in that contact. The...
The Wind-Up Boy
10 min read

The Leather Man — Part Two

 The Leather Man — Part Two He makes her squirt I woke up on the couch back at the Cranberry Lake house. Lexy told me...
Colt Stevens
7 min read

My Nipples

The Erogenous Zone If only he would. Wait for it. I am getting desperate. “Please take me,” my thoughts begged. It was our...
JJ Loverling
4 min read

A Short Dress On Our Anniversary

I bought you a black dress that was almost perfect. It had no sleeves, zipped up the front, and was tight and sleek....
3 min read

Whatever My Wife Wants

Part two: How it happened It was another Saturday. I ought to have taken my clubs and gone golfing, but instead I’d opted to stay...
Damien Dsoul
5 min read

Video Vixens

photo: Stan Shillingburg The first time I met Kristy, I was making a music video for my song at a beach house off the...
3 min read

Morning Meditation

Before the day begins,before there are chores and clatter.Before my attention is demanded,I want to give you all of me.Offer you all...
Bernadette Joy
19 sec read

The Leather Man

 We were spending the summer in a quaint New England town, because we were sick of LA. Our summer house was...
Colt Stevens
9 min read

Watching From a Distance

Watching from a Distance On the job training was never like this before. She was already on the elevator when I entered. A stunningly...
Violet Debut
12 min read

Cheek to Cheek, Pussy to Pussy

photo: VivThomas Her hips move with mine, so close I feel the plump pressure of her pussy like a kiss against my own. Each...
Rose MyErotica
4 min read