I yearn for this. Sometimes, when the light is lowwhen a certain mood, like a play of glow and shadowfills the room.Then, each...
Bernadette Joy
1 min read

Have You Ever Just Wanted…

 Have you ever just wanted to fuck someone’s mouth?Like, no talking, no kissing, no foreplay.None of that.Just something warm, and soft,...
The Wind-Up Boy
1 min read

My Affair

With my cheek pressed against the hood of the car, the first thought that went through my mind was about getting my...
4 min read

She Cheats With His Best Friend

A cuckold tale from three points of view JERRY: I went to college with Dan. He got me a job out here in...
Colt Stevens
14 min read

Play Me Rough

 You bind me with invisible rope. But it’s real; you still restrain me. You hold me in exactly the place you...
The Voice of Erotica
4 min read


Do you know what the word desire means? Would you think it wrong of me to say I want, I need to be inside...
Francis David
1 min read

My Wife Gets Fucked While I Watch on FaceTime

My phone rings, it’s Christina. I hope there’s nothing wrong. She has been out on her first date with a new bull, Rudy....
Colt Stevens
12 min read

All Hands On Deck

Heating things up on a cold day I walked around to James’ side of the bed and got a pump of lube from...
Elle Beau
2 min read

Let Me Ride You Like A Cowgirl

I want you to lie back and enjoy my show My hips roll like I’m riding a bucking bronco. We love to find...
4 min read


It was the little things I noticed first. Holding the door open for me. Making sure I drank enough water after the...
Aqua of Verse50
3 min read