Those men knew mermaids. Days and nights and days again, Rocking and shifting, The silence of no silence. Necessary wind That slaps and whips. Sun turning skin to...
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Carnal Addiction

Today I wanted to kiss you so very badly I could actually feel the pain of my needs being manifested in the tightening of...
Anthony Cloe Huie
18 sec read

Who do you love? “I love you, Daddy.”

A confession for Father’s Day. I Love You, Daddy “No!” she said firmly, “I’m not calling him.” “OK,” I said, not putting up any argument to her...
Lola Down
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I felt your eyes, even after I looked away,your gaze like the slip of fingersdowna touch as aching as the echo of passion’s whispersfilling...
Bernadette Joy
33 sec read

The First Time

I had a window seat on the flight back and watched the mountains rise up out of the long, grey-brown desert below. I thought...
Bernadette Joy
5 min read

Sext: A modern poem of devotion and desire

6:35 AM Good morning gorgeous, hope your day is off to a good start.Cool and cloudy here and just getting light.Woke with the almost...
Bernadette Joy
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I am a demon renewed; vanquished, exiled into this place I do not know. My armor is broken, each plate shattered and coiled. I...
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Tell me a story

“Can u talk?” I thought of her at her desk in the dingy back room of the tool hire shop. A thousand Ks away in...
Bernadette Joy
3 min read

My poly Valentine: What it means when I say…

I love YOU. And I like you, too. You are basically an awesome human being. I think about you sometimes when I touch myself. You make me smile....
Rose MyErotica
2 min read

My Tortured Valentine

The day of Valentine again draws nighwhat better way think Ibut to give my love a book of verse,to reveal my deepest thoughts perversewhere...
Francesca Anderssen
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